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var (
	PrimitiveULong  = Primitive{"unsigned long", "C.ulong(%s)"}
	PrimitiveLong   = Primitive{"long", "C.long(%s)"}
	PrimitiveUShort = Primitive{"unsigned short", "C.ushort(%s)"}
	PrimitiveDouble = Primitive{"double", "C.double(%s)"}


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type Arg

type Arg struct {
	Name string
	Type string

type CGoMsgSend

type CGoMsgSend struct {
	Name     string
	Class    string
	Selector []SelectorPart
	Return   string

func (CGoMsgSend) HasReturn

func (m CGoMsgSend) HasReturn() bool

type CGoWrapperArg

type CGoWrapperArg struct {
	Name     string
	Type     string
	ToCGoFmt string

type CGoWrapperFunc

type CGoWrapperFunc struct {
	Name    string
	Args    []CGoWrapperArg
	Returns []CGoWrapperReturn

func (CGoWrapperFunc) HasReturn

func (f CGoWrapperFunc) HasReturn() bool

type CGoWrapperReturn

type CGoWrapperReturn struct {
	Type       string
	FromCGoFmt string

type ClassDef

type ClassDef struct {
	Name            string
	Base            string
	ClassMethods    []MethodDef
	InstanceMethods []MethodDef

type GoPackage

type GoPackage struct {
	Imports              []Import
	ClassMsgSendWrappers []CGoMsgSend
	MsgSendWrappers      []CGoMsgSend
	CGoWrapperFuncs      []MethodDef
	Classes              []ClassDef

func Convert

func Convert(desc PackageDescription, imports []PackageContents, schemas ...*schema.Schema) GoPackage

func (*GoPackage) Generate

func (p *GoPackage) Generate(w io.Writer) error

type Import

type Import struct {
	Path  string
	Alias string

type MethodDef

type MethodDef struct {
	Name        string
	WrappedFunc CGoWrapperFunc

type PackageContents

type PackageContents struct {
	// Import can be `nil` if this is representing the contents of the package
	// currently being generated, which don't need to be "imported".
	Import     *Import
	Classes    map[string]bool
	Primitives map[string]Primitive

PackageContents describes the Objective-C wrapper types found in a Go wrapper package. It's used to locate where to import a type name in the Go code, as well as whether it's a class, or another C type.

type PackageDescription

type PackageDescription struct {
	Name           string
	LinkFrameworks []string
	CIncludes      []string

type Primitive

type Primitive struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type SelectorPart

type SelectorPart struct {
	Key string
	Arg *Arg


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