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type ArtifactRepository

type ArtifactRepository struct {
	S3 *S3ArtifactRepository `json:"s3,omitempty"`

ArtifactRepository represents a artifact repository in which a controller will store its artifacts

type S3ArtifactRepository

type S3ArtifactRepository struct {
	wfv1.S3Bucket `json:",inline,squash"`

	// KeyPrefix is prefix used as part of the bucket key in which the controller will store artifacts.
	KeyPrefix string `json:"keyPrefix,omitempty"`

type WorkflowController

type WorkflowController struct {
	// ConfigMap is the name of the config map in which to derive configuration of the controller from
	ConfigMap string
	//WorkflowClient *workflowclient.WorkflowClient
	Config WorkflowControllerConfig
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewWorkflowController

func NewWorkflowController(config *rest.Config, configMap string) *WorkflowController

NewWorkflowController instantiates a new WorkflowController

func (*WorkflowController) ResyncConfig

func (wfc *WorkflowController) ResyncConfig() error

ResyncConfig reloads the controller config from the configmap

func (*WorkflowController) Run

func (wfc *WorkflowController) Run(ctx context.Context) error

Run starts an Workflow resource controller

type WorkflowControllerConfig

type WorkflowControllerConfig struct {
	ExecutorImage      string             `json:"executorImage,omitempty"`
	ArtifactRepository ArtifactRepository `json:"artifactRepository,omitempty"`
	Namespace          string             `json:"namespace,omitempty"`
	MatchLabels        map[string]string  `json:"matchLabels,omitempty"`

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