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var Package = ""

Package is the overall, canonical project import path under which the package was built.

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var Version = "v2.0.0+unknown"

Version indicates which version of the binary is running. This is set to the latest release tag by hand, always suffixed by "+unknown". During build, it will be replaced by the actual version. The value here will be used if the registry is run after a go get based install.


func FprintVersion

func FprintVersion(w io.Writer)

FprintVersion outputs the version string to the writer, in the following format, followed by a newline:

<cmd> <project> <version>

For example, a binary "registry" built from with version "v2.0" would print the following:

registry v2.0

func PrintVersion

func PrintVersion()

PrintVersion outputs the version information, from Fprint, to stdout.


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