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func NewCmdBuildChain

func NewCmdBuildChain(f *clientcmd.Factory, parentName, name string) *cobra.Command

NewCmdBuildChain implements the OpenShift experimental build-chain command

func RunBuildChain added in v0.4.3

func RunBuildChain(f *clientcmd.Factory, cmd *cobra.Command, args []string) error

RunBuildChain contains all the necessary functionality for the OpenShift experimental build-chain command


type Edge

type Edge struct {
	FullName string `json:"fullname"`
	To       string `json:"to"`

Edge represents a build configuration relationship between two nodes

Note that this type has no relation with the dot.Edge type

func NewEdge

func NewEdge(fullname, to string) *Edge

NewEdge adds a new edge on a parent node

Note that this function has no relation with the dot.Edge type

type Node added in v0.5.1

type Node struct {
	FullName string   `json:"fullname"`
	Tags     []string `json:"tags,omitempty"`
	Edges    []*Edge  `json:"edges,omitempty"`
	Children []*Node  `json:"children,omitempty"`

Node is a representation of an image stream inside a tree

func (*Node) String added in v0.5.1

func (root *Node) String() string

String helps in dumping a tree in AST format

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