Package envoy contains APIs for translating between Contour objects and Envoy configuration APIs and types.



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    const (
    	HCTimeout            = 2 * time.Second
    	HCInterval           = 10 * time.Second
    	HCUnhealthyThreshold = 3
    	HCHealthyThreshold   = 2
    	HCHost               = "contour-envoy-healthcheck"

      Default healthcheck / lb algorithm values

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      const (
      	TCP_KEEPIDLE  = 0x4 // Linux syscall.TCP_KEEPIDLE
      	TCP_KEEPINTVL = 0x5 // Linux syscall.TCP_KEEPINTVL
      	TCP_KEEPCNT   = 0x6 // Linux syscall.TCP_KEEPCNT
      	// The following are Linux syscall constants for all
      	// architectures except MIPS.
      	SOL_SOCKET   = 0x1
      	SO_KEEPALIVE = 0x9
      	// IPPROTO_TCP has the same value across Go platforms, but
      	// is defined here for consistency.
      	IPPROTO_TCP = syscall.IPPROTO_TCP

        We only support Envoy on Linux so always configure Linux TCP keep-alive socket options regardless of the platform that Contour is running on.

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        const SDSResourcesSubdirectory = "sds"

          SDSResourcesSubdirectory stores the subdirectory name where SDS path resources are stored to.

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          const SDSTLSCertificateFile = "xds-tls-certificate.json"

            SDSTLSCertificateFile stores the path to the SDS resource with Envoy's client certificate and key for XDS gRPC connection.

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            const SDSValidationContextFile = "xds-validation-context.json"

              SDSValidationContextFile stores the path to the SDS resource with CA certificates for Envoy to use for the XDS gRPC connection.


              This section is empty.


              func AltStatName

              func AltStatName(service *dag.Service) string

                AltStatName generates an alternative stat name for the service using format ns_name_port

                func AnyPositive

                func AnyPositive(first uint32, rest ...uint32) bool

                  AnyPositive indicates if any of the values provided are greater than zero.

                  func Clustername

                  func Clustername(cluster *dag.Cluster) string

                    Clustername returns the name of the CDS cluster for this service.

                    func Hashname

                    func Hashname(l int, s ...string) string

                      Hashname takes a length l and a varargs of strings s and returns a string whose length which does not exceed l. Internally s is joined with strings.Join(s, "/"). If the combined length exceeds l then hashname truncates each element in s, starting from the end using a hash derived from the contents of s (not the current element). This process continues until the length of s does not exceed l, or all elements have been truncated. In which case, the entire string is replaced with a hash not exceeding the length of l.

                      func HostReplaceHeader

                      func HostReplaceHeader(hp *dag.HeadersPolicy) string

                      func Secretname

                      func Secretname(s *dag.Secret) string

                        Secretname returns the name of the SDS secret for this secret.

                        func SingleSimpleCluster

                        func SingleSimpleCluster(clusters []*dag.Cluster) bool

                          SingleSimpleCluster determines whether we can use a RouteAction_Cluster or must use a RouteAction_WeighedCluster to encode additional routing data.

                          func Timeout

                          func Timeout(d timeout.Setting) *duration.Duration

                            Timeout converts a timeout.Setting to a protobuf.Duration that's appropriate for Envoy. In general (though there are exceptions), Envoy uses the following semantics:

                            - not passing a value means "use Envoy default"
                            - explicitly passing a 0 means "disable this timeout"
                            - passing a positive value uses that value

                            func WriteConfig

                            func WriteConfig(filename string, config proto.Message) (err error)


                            type BootstrapConfig

                            type BootstrapConfig struct {
                            	// AdminAccessLogPath is the path to write the access log for the administration server.
                            	// Defaults to /dev/null.
                            	AdminAccessLogPath string
                            	// AdminAddress is the TCP address that the administration server will listen on.
                            	// Defaults to
                            	AdminAddress string
                            	// AdminPort is the port that the administration server will listen on.
                            	// Defaults to 9001.
                            	AdminPort int
                            	// XDSAddress is the TCP address of the gRPC XDS management server.
                            	// Defaults to
                            	XDSAddress string
                            	// XDSGRPCPort is the management server port that provides the v3 gRPC API.
                            	// Defaults to 8001.
                            	XDSGRPCPort int
                            	// XDSResourceVersion defines the XDS Server Version to use.
                            	// Defaults to "v3"
                            	XDSResourceVersion config.ResourceVersion
                            	// Namespace is the namespace where Contour is running
                            	Namespace string
                            	// GrpcCABundle is the filename that contains a CA certificate chain that can
                            	// verify the client cert.
                            	GrpcCABundle string
                            	// GrpcClientCert is the filename that contains a client certificate. May contain a full bundle if you
                            	// don't want to pass a CA Bundle.
                            	GrpcClientCert string
                            	// GrpcClientKey is the filename that contains a client key for secure gRPC with TLS.
                            	GrpcClientKey string
                            	// Path is the filename for the bootstrap configuration file to be created.
                            	Path string
                            	// ResourcesDir is the directory where out of line Envoy resources can be placed.
                            	ResourcesDir string
                            	// SkipFilePathCheck specifies whether to skip checking whether files
                            	// referenced in the configuration actually exist. This option is for
                            	// testing only.
                            	SkipFilePathCheck bool
                            	// DNSLookupFamily specifies DNS Resolution Policy to use for Envoy -> Contour cluster name lookup.
                            	// Either v4, v6 or auto.
                            	DNSLookupFamily string

                              BootstrapConfig holds configuration values for a Bootstrap configuration.

                              func (*BootstrapConfig) GetAdminAccessLogPath

                              func (c *BootstrapConfig) GetAdminAccessLogPath() string

                              func (*BootstrapConfig) GetAdminAddress

                              func (c *BootstrapConfig) GetAdminAddress() string

                              func (*BootstrapConfig) GetAdminPort

                              func (c *BootstrapConfig) GetAdminPort() int

                              func (*BootstrapConfig) GetDNSLookupFamily

                              func (c *BootstrapConfig) GetDNSLookupFamily() string

                              func (*BootstrapConfig) GetXdsAddress

                              func (c *BootstrapConfig) GetXdsAddress() string

                              func (*BootstrapConfig) GetXdsGRPCPort

                              func (c *BootstrapConfig) GetXdsGRPCPort() int


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