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func DefaultCluster

func DefaultCluster(clusters ...*envoy_cluster_v3.Cluster) *envoy_cluster_v3.Cluster

    DefaultCluster returns a copy of the default Cluster, with each Cluster given in the parameter slice merged on top. This makes it relatively fluent to compose Clusters by tweaking a few fields.


    type Contour

    type Contour struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    func (*Contour) NoStatus

    func (c *Contour) NoStatus(obj interface{}) *Contour

      NoStatus asserts that the given object did not get any status set.

      func (*Contour) Request

      func (c *Contour) Request(typeurl string, names ...string) *Response

      func (*Contour) Status

      func (c *Contour) Status(obj interface{}) *statusResult

        Status returns a statusResult object that can be used to assert on object status fields.

        type Response

        type Response struct {

        func (*Response) Equals

          Equals tests that the response retrieved from Contour is equal to the supplied value. TODO(youngnick) This function really should be copied to an `EqualResources` function.