Package status holds pieces for handling status updates propagated from the DAG back to Kubernetes



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    type Cache

    type Cache struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      Cache holds status updates from the DAG back towards Kubernetes. It holds a per-Kind cache, and is intended to be accessed with a KindAccessor.

      func NewCache

      func NewCache() Cache

        NewCache creates a new Cache for holding status updates.

        func (*Cache) Get

        func (c *Cache) Get(obj metav1.Object) CacheEntry

          Get returns a pointer to a the cache entry if it exists, nil otherwise. The return value is shared between all callers, who should take care to cooperate.

          func (*Cache) GetProxyUpdates

          func (c *Cache) GetProxyUpdates() []*ProxyUpdate

            GetProxyUpdates gets the underlying ProxyUpdate objects from the cache, used by various things (`internal/contour/metrics.go` and `internal/dag/status_test.go`) to retrieve info they need. TODO(youngnick)#2969: This could conceivably be replaced with a Walk pattern.

            func (*Cache) GetStatusUpdates

            func (c *Cache) GetStatusUpdates() []k8s.StatusUpdate

              GetStatusUpdates returns a slice of StatusUpdates, ready to be sent off to the StatusUpdater by the event handler. As more kinds are handled by Cache, we'll update this method.

              func (*Cache) ProxyAccessor

              func (c *Cache) ProxyAccessor(proxy *contour_api_v1.HTTPProxy) (*ProxyUpdate, func())

                ProxyAccessor returns a ProxyUpdate that allows a client to build up a list of errors and warnings to go onto the proxy as conditions, and a function to commit the change back to the cache when everything is done. The commit function pattern is used so that the ProxyUpdate does not need to know anything the cache internals.

                func (*Cache) Put

                func (c *Cache) Put(obj metav1.Object, e CacheEntry)

                  Put returns an entry to the cache.

                  type CacheEntry

                  type CacheEntry interface {
                  	AsStatusUpdate() k8s.StatusUpdate
                  	ConditionFor(ConditionType) *contour_api_v1.DetailedCondition

                  type ConditionCache

                  type ConditionCache struct {
                  	Conditions map[ConditionType]*contour_api_v1.DetailedCondition

                    ConditionCache holds all the DetailedConditions to add to the object keyed by the Type (since that's what the API server will end up doing).

                    func (*ConditionCache) ConditionFor

                    func (c *ConditionCache) ConditionFor(condType ConditionType) *contour_api_v1.DetailedCondition

                      ConditionFor returns the cached DetailedCondition of the given type. If no such condition exists, a new one is created.

                      type ConditionType

                      type ConditionType string

                        ConditionType is used to ensure we only use a limited set of possible values for DetailedCondition types. It's cast back to a string before sending off to HTTPProxy structs, as those use upstream types which we can't alias easily.

                        const ValidCondition ConditionType = "Valid"

                          ValidCondition is the ConditionType for Valid.

                          type ExtensionCacheEntry

                          type ExtensionCacheEntry struct {
                          	Name           types.NamespacedName
                          	Generation     int64
                          	TransitionTime v1.Time

                            ExtensionCacheEntry holds status updates for a particular ExtensionService

                            func ExtensionAccessor

                            func ExtensionAccessor(c *Cache, ext *contour_api_v1alpha1.ExtensionService) (*ExtensionCacheEntry, func())

                              ExtensionAccessor returns a pointer to a shared status cache entry for the given ExtensionStatus object. If no such entry exists, a new entry is added. When the caller finishes with the cache entry, it must call the returned function to release the entry back to the cache.

                              func (*ExtensionCacheEntry) AsStatusUpdate

                              func (e *ExtensionCacheEntry) AsStatusUpdate() k8s.StatusUpdate

                              type ProxyStatus

                              type ProxyStatus string
                              const (
                              	ProxyStatusValid    ProxyStatus = "valid"
                              	ProxyStatusInvalid  ProxyStatus = "invalid"
                              	ProxyStatusOrphaned ProxyStatus = "orphaned"

                              type ProxyUpdate

                              type ProxyUpdate struct {
                              	Fullname       types.NamespacedName
                              	Generation     int64
                              	TransitionTime v1.Time
                              	Vhost          string
                              	// Conditions holds all the DetailedConditions to add to the object
                              	// keyed by the Type (since that's what the apiserver will end up
                              	// doing.)
                              	Conditions map[ConditionType]*projectcontour.DetailedCondition

                                ProxyUpdate holds status updates for a particular HTTPProxy object

                                func (*ProxyUpdate) ConditionFor

                                  ConditionFor returns a DetailedCondition for a given ConditionType. Currently only "Valid" is used.

                                  func (*ProxyUpdate) Mutate

                                  func (pu *ProxyUpdate) Mutate(obj interface{}) interface{}