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const CONSTANT_HASH_VALUE = "contour"


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func ClusterLoadAssignmentName

func ClusterLoadAssignmentName(service types.NamespacedName, portName string) string

    ClusterLoadAssignmentName generates the name used for an EDS ClusterLoadAssignment, given a fully qualified Service name and port. This name is a contract between the producer of a cluster (i.e. the EDS service) and the consumer of a cluster (most likely a HTTP Route Action).

    func NewServer

    func NewServer(registry *prometheus.Registry, opts ...grpc.ServerOption) *grpc.Server

      NewServer If registry is non-nil gRPC server metrics will be automatically configured and enabled.


      type ConstantHashV3

      type ConstantHashV3 struct{}

        ConstantHashV3 is a specialized node ID hasher used to allow any instance of Envoy to connect to Contour regardless of the service-node flag configured on Envoy.

        func (ConstantHashV3) ID

        func (ConstantHashV3) String

        func (c ConstantHashV3) String() string

        type Counter

        type Counter uint64

          Counter holds an atomically incrementing counter.

          func (*Counter) Next

          func (c *Counter) Next() uint64

          type Resource

          type Resource interface {
          	// Contents returns the contents of this resource.
          	Contents() []proto.Message
          	// Query returns an entry for each resource name supplied.
          	Query(names []string) []proto.Message
          	// Register registers ch to receive a value when Notify is called.
          	Register(chan int, int, ...string)
          	// TypeURL returns the typeURL of messages returned from Values.
          	TypeURL() string

            Resource represents a source of proto.Messages that can be registered for interest.


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