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type CGroups

type CGroups struct {
	Path string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewCGroup

func NewCGroup() *CGroups

    NewCGroup creates an empty CGroups

    func (*CGroups) GetPids

    func (cg *CGroups) GetPids() ([]int, error)

      GetPids returns slice of pids running on CGroups.

      func (*CGroups) Load

      func (cg *CGroups) Load() error

        Load affects CGroups.

        func (*CGroups) Remove

        func (cg *CGroups) Remove() error

          Remove removes CGroups.

          It will only works if there is no process running in the CGroups

          func (*CGroups) SetCPULimit

          func (cg *CGroups) SetCPULimit(quota float64) *CGroups

            SetCPULimit sets number of CPU for the CGroups.

            func (*CGroups) SetMemorySwapLimit

            func (cg *CGroups) SetMemorySwapLimit(memory, swap int) *CGroups

              SetMemorySwapLimit sets memory and swap limit for CGroups.

              Zero or lower values consider as MAX.

              func (*CGroups) SetPath

              func (cg *CGroups) SetPath(path string) *CGroups

                SetPath sets Path for CGroups.

                NOTE: it does not require CGroup base path (/sys/fs/cgroup)

                func (*CGroups) SetProcessLimit

                func (cg *CGroups) SetProcessLimit(number int) *CGroups

                  SetProcessLimit sets maximum processes than can be created simultaneously in CGroups.

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