Package ipam is a very simple IPAM it administers a single CIDR range, e.g "1000::/124".

    The functions are NOT thread safe.



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    func IPExists

    func IPExists(ip net.IP) (bool, error)

    func LinkAddAddr

    func LinkAddAddr(linkName, IP string) error

    func LinkAddGateway

    func LinkAddGateway(linkName, gatewayIP string) error

    func LinkRename

    func LinkRename(old, new string) error

    func LinkSetMaster

    func LinkSetMaster(linkName, masterName string) error

    func LinkSetNsByFile

    func LinkSetNsByFile(filename, linkName string) error

    func LinkSetup

    func LinkSetup(linkName string) error

    func MountNewNetworkNamespace

    func MountNewNetworkNamespace(nsTarget string) (filesystem.Unmounter, error)

    func SetupBridge

    func SetupBridge(name string) error

    func SetupVirtualEthernet

    func SetupVirtualEthernet(name, peer string) error


    type IPAM

    type IPAM struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      IPAM holds the ipam state

      func NewIPAM

      func NewIPAM(fn, cidr string) (*IPAM, error)

        New creates a new IPAM for the passed CIDR. Error if the passed CIDR is invalid.

        func (*IPAM) Allocate

        func (i *IPAM) Allocate() (net.IP, error)

          Allocate allocates a new address. An error is returned if there is no addresses left.

          func (*IPAM) Free

          func (i *IPAM) Free(a net.IP)

            Free frees an allocated address. To free a non-allocated address is a no-op.

            func (*IPAM) MarshalJSON

            func (i *IPAM) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

            func (*IPAM) Reserve

            func (i *IPAM) Reserve(a net.IP) error

              Reserve reserves an address. Error if the address is outside the CIDR or if the address is allocated already.

              func (*IPAM) ReserveFirstAndLast

              func (i *IPAM) ReserveFirstAndLast()

                ReserveFirstAndLast reserves the first and last address. These are valid addresses but some programs may refuse to use them. Note that the number of Unallocated addresses may become zero.

                func (*IPAM) Unallocated

                func (i *IPAM) Unallocated() uint32

                  Unallocated returns the number of unallocated addresses.

                  func (*IPAM) UnmarshalJSON

                  func (i *IPAM) UnmarshalJSON(bs []byte) error

                  type Releaser

                  type Releaser func() error

                  type Unsetter

                  type Unsetter func() error

                  func SetNetNSByFile

                  func SetNetNSByFile(filename string) (Unsetter, error)