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var DefaultFuncs = FuncMap{
	"toUpper": strings.ToUpper,
	"toLower": strings.ToLower,
	"title":   strings.Title,

	"join": func(sep string, s []string) string {
		return strings.Join(s, sep)
	"match": regexp.MatchString,
	"safeHtml": func(text string) tmplhtml.HTML {
		return tmplhtml.HTML(text)
	"reReplaceAll": func(pattern, repl, text string) string {
		re := regexp.MustCompile(pattern)
		return re.ReplaceAllString(text, repl)
	"stringSlice": func(s ...string) []string {
		return s


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type Alert

type Alert struct {
	Status       string    `json:"status"`
	Labels       KV        `json:"labels"`
	Annotations  KV        `json:"annotations"`
	StartsAt     time.Time `json:"startsAt"`
	EndsAt       time.Time `json:"endsAt"`
	GeneratorURL string    `json:"generatorURL"`
	Fingerprint  string    `json:"fingerprint"`

    Alert holds one alert for notification templates.

    type Alerts

    type Alerts []Alert

      Alerts is a list of Alert objects.

      func (Alerts) Firing

      func (as Alerts) Firing() []Alert

        Firing returns the subset of alerts that are firing.

        func (Alerts) Resolved

        func (as Alerts) Resolved() []Alert

          Resolved returns the subset of alerts that are resolved.

          type Data

          type Data struct {
          	Receiver string `json:"receiver"`
          	Status   string `json:"status"`
          	Alerts   Alerts `json:"alerts"`
          	GroupLabels       KV `json:"groupLabels"`
          	CommonLabels      KV `json:"commonLabels"`
          	CommonAnnotations KV `json:"commonAnnotations"`
          	ExternalURL string `json:"externalURL"`

            Data is the data passed to notification templates and webhook pushes.

            End-users should not be exposed to Go's type system, as this will confuse them and prevent simple things like simple equality checks to fail. Map everything to float64/string.

            type FuncMap

            type FuncMap map[string]interface{}

            type KV

            type KV map[string]string

              KV is a set of key/value string pairs.

              func (KV) Names

              func (kv KV) Names() []string

                Names returns the names of the label names in the LabelSet.

                func (KV) Remove

                func (kv KV) Remove(keys []string) KV

                  Remove returns a copy of the key/value set without the given keys.

                  func (KV) SortedPairs

                  func (kv KV) SortedPairs() Pairs

                    SortedPairs returns a sorted list of key/value pairs.

                    func (KV) Values

                    func (kv KV) Values() []string

                      Values returns a list of the values in the LabelSet.

                      type Pair

                      type Pair struct {
                      	Name, Value string

                        Pair is a key/value string pair.

                        type Pairs

                        type Pairs []Pair

                          Pairs is a list of key/value string pairs.

                          func (Pairs) Names

                          func (ps Pairs) Names() []string

                            Names returns a list of names of the pairs.

                            func (Pairs) Values

                            func (ps Pairs) Values() []string

                              Values returns a list of values of the pairs.

                              type Template

                              type Template struct {
                              	ExternalURL *url.URL
                              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                Template bundles a text and a html template instance.

                                func FromGlobs

                                func FromGlobs(paths ...string) (*Template, error)

                                  FromGlobs calls ParseGlob on all path globs provided and returns the resulting Template.

                                  func (*Template) Data

                                  func (t *Template) Data(recv string, groupLabels model.LabelSet, alerts ...*types.Alert) *Data

                                    Data assembles data for template expansion.

                                    func (*Template) ExecuteHTMLString

                                    func (t *Template) ExecuteHTMLString(html string, data interface{}) (string, error)

                                      ExecuteHTMLString needs a meaningful doc comment (TODO(fabxc)).

                                      func (*Template) ExecuteTextString

                                      func (t *Template) ExecuteTextString(text string, data interface{}) (string, error)

                                        ExecuteTextString needs a meaningful doc comment (TODO(fabxc)).

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