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const ExemplarMaxLabelSetLength = 128

The combined length of the label names and values of an Exemplar's LabelSet MUST NOT exceed 128 UTF-8 characters https://github.com/OpenObservability/OpenMetrics/blob/main/specification/OpenMetrics.md#exemplars


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type Exemplar

type Exemplar struct {
	Labels labels.Labels `json:"labels"`
	Value  float64       `json:"value"`
	Ts     int64         `json:"timestamp"`
	HasTs  bool

Exemplar is additional information associated with a time series.

func (Exemplar) Equals

func (e Exemplar) Equals(e2 Exemplar) bool

Equals compares if the exemplar e is the same as e2. Note that if HasTs is false for both exemplars then the timestamps will be ignored for the comparison. This can come up when an exemplar is exported without it's own timestamp, in which case the scrape timestamp is assigned to the Ts field. However we still want to treat the same exemplar, scraped without an exported timestamp, as a duplicate of itself for each subsequent scrape.

type QueryResult

type QueryResult struct {
	SeriesLabels labels.Labels `json:"seriesLabels"`
	Exemplars    []Exemplar    `json:"exemplars"`

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