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func IntrospectError

func IntrospectError(err error, script string)


type Domino

type Domino struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewDomino

func NewDomino(
	html string,
	xhr func(req *http.Request) (resp *http.Response, err error),
	query func(sel, prop string) (val string, err error),
) (d *Domino)

func (*Domino) CloseDoc

func (d *Domino) CloseDoc() (err error)

CloseDoc fires DOMContentLoaded to trigger $(document).ready(..)

func (*Domino) Exec

func (d *Domino) Exec(script string, initial bool) (res string, err error)

func (*Domino) Exec6

func (d *Domino) Exec6(script string, initial bool) (res string, err error)

func (*Domino) PutAttr

func (d *Domino) PutAttr(selector, attr, val string) (ok bool, err error)

Put change into html (e.g. from input field mutation)

func (*Domino) Start

func (d *Domino) Start()

func (*Domino) Stop

func (d *Domino) Stop()

func (*Domino) TrackChanges

func (d *Domino) TrackChanges() (html string, changed bool, err error)

func (*Domino) TriggerClick

func (d *Domino) TriggerClick(selector string) (newHTML string, ok bool, err error)

TriggerClick, and return the result html ...then HTML5 parse it, diff the node tree (probably faster and cleaner than anything else)

type Mutation

type Mutation struct {
	Type int
	Sel  string

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