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type Handler

type Handler func(req *request.HTTP) response.HTTP

Handler represents a route handler.

type Middleware

type Middleware func(next Handler) Handler

Middleware represents a route middleware.

type Options

type Options struct {
	Prefix     string
	Middleware Middleware

Options represents the route options.

type Route

type Route struct {
	URI     string
	Method  request.Type
	Handler Handler

Route is the definition of a route.

type Router

type Router struct {
	Routes []Route

	Childs []*Router
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Router determines how a route is.

var Routes Router

Routes representrs the global application routes.

func (*Router) Delete

func (r *Router) Delete(uri string, handler Handler) *Router

Delete creates a DELETE route.

func (*Router) Get

func (r *Router) Get(uri string, handler Handler) *Router

Get creates a GET route.

func (*Router) Group

func (r *Router) Group(options *Options, routes func(r *Router)) *Router

Group certain routes uner certain options.

func (*Router) Head

func (r *Router) Head(uri string, handler Handler) *Router

Head creates a HEAD route.

func (*Router) Patch

func (r *Router) Patch(uri string, handler Handler) *Router

Patch creates a PATCH route.

func (*Router) Post

func (r *Router) Post(uri string, handler Handler) *Router

Post creates a POST route.

func (*Router) Put

func (r *Router) Put(uri string, handler Handler) *Router

Put creates a PUT route.

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