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func GetAccountId

func GetAccountId(ctx *pulumi.Context) string

Configure API client to always use that account

func GetApiClientLogging

func GetApiClientLogging(ctx *pulumi.Context) bool

Whether to print logs from the API client (using the default log library logger)

func GetApiKey

func GetApiKey(ctx *pulumi.Context) string

The API key for operations.

func GetApiToken

func GetApiToken(ctx *pulumi.Context) string

The API Token for operations.

func GetApiUserServiceKey

func GetApiUserServiceKey(ctx *pulumi.Context) string

A special Cloudflare API key good for a restricted set of endpoints

func GetEmail

func GetEmail(ctx *pulumi.Context) string

A registered Cloudflare email address

func GetMaxBackoff

func GetMaxBackoff(ctx *pulumi.Context) int

Maximum backoff period in seconds after failed API calls

func GetMinBackoff

func GetMinBackoff(ctx *pulumi.Context) int

Minimum backoff period in seconds after failed API calls

func GetRetries

func GetRetries(ctx *pulumi.Context) int

Maximum number of retries to perform when an API request fails

func GetRps

func GetRps(ctx *pulumi.Context) int

RPS limit to apply when making calls to the API

func PkgVersion

func PkgVersion() (semver.Version, error)

PkgVersion uses reflection to determine the version of the current package.


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