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func GetAccount

func GetAccount(ctx *pulumi.Context) string

func GetBrowserAuth

func GetBrowserAuth(ctx *pulumi.Context) bool

func GetHost added in v0.7.0

func GetHost(ctx *pulumi.Context) string

Supports passing in a custom host value to the snowflake go driver for use with privatelink

func GetOauthAccessToken

func GetOauthAccessToken(ctx *pulumi.Context) string

func GetOauthClientId

func GetOauthClientId(ctx *pulumi.Context) string

func GetOauthClientSecret

func GetOauthClientSecret(ctx *pulumi.Context) string

func GetOauthEndpoint

func GetOauthEndpoint(ctx *pulumi.Context) string

func GetOauthRedirectUrl

func GetOauthRedirectUrl(ctx *pulumi.Context) string

func GetOauthRefreshToken

func GetOauthRefreshToken(ctx *pulumi.Context) string

func GetPassword

func GetPassword(ctx *pulumi.Context) string

func GetPrivateKey

func GetPrivateKey(ctx *pulumi.Context) string

func GetPrivateKeyPassphrase added in v0.1.3

func GetPrivateKeyPassphrase(ctx *pulumi.Context) string

Supports the encryption ciphers aes-128-cbc, aes-128-gcm, aes-192-cbc, aes-192-gcm, aes-256-cbc, aes-256-gcm, and des-ede3-cbc

func GetPrivateKeyPath

func GetPrivateKeyPath(ctx *pulumi.Context) string

func GetRegion

func GetRegion(ctx *pulumi.Context) string

func GetRole

func GetRole(ctx *pulumi.Context) string

func GetUsername

func GetUsername(ctx *pulumi.Context) string


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