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Package grpc provides a GRPC access to the underlying persistence layer for files metadata



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type EventsSubscriber

type EventsSubscriber struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

EventsSubscriber definition

func (*EventsSubscriber) Handle

Handle the events received and send them to the subscriber

type MetaServer

type MetaServer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MetaServer definition

func NewMetaServer added in v1.2.0

func NewMetaServer() *MetaServer

func (*MetaServer) CreateNode

func (s *MetaServer) CreateNode(ctx context.Context, req *tree.CreateNodeRequest, resp *tree.CreateNodeResponse) (err error)

CreateNode metadata

func (*MetaServer) CreateNodeChangeSubscriber

func (s *MetaServer) CreateNodeChangeSubscriber(parentContext context.Context) *EventsSubscriber

CreateNodeChangeSubscriber that will treat events for the meta server

func (*MetaServer) DeleteNode

func (s *MetaServer) DeleteNode(ctx context.Context, request *tree.DeleteNodeRequest, result *tree.DeleteNodeResponse) (err error)

DeleteNode metadata (Not implemented)

func (*MetaServer) ListNodes

ListNodes information from the meta server (Not implemented)

func (*MetaServer) ReadNode

func (s *MetaServer) ReadNode(ctx context.Context, req *tree.ReadNodeRequest, resp *tree.ReadNodeResponse) (err error)

ReadNode information off the meta server

func (*MetaServer) ReadNodeStream

ReadNodeStream implements ReadNode as a bidirectional stream

func (*MetaServer) Search

func (s *MetaServer) Search(ctx context.Context, request *tree.SearchRequest, result tree.Searcher_SearchStream) error

Search a stream of nodes based on its metadata

func (*MetaServer) Stop added in v1.4.1

func (s *MetaServer) Stop()

func (*MetaServer) UpdateNode

func (s *MetaServer) UpdateNode(ctx context.Context, req *tree.UpdateNodeRequest, resp *tree.UpdateNodeResponse) (err error)

UpdateNode metadata

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