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Published: May 19, 2020 License: MIT



Virtual Business Application for MEF LSO Framework.



MEF Sonata API client and models.


Orchestra is responsible for making a series of MEF calls to the partner:

  • to determine that the address provided is valid and provide an interface to handle invalid addresses
  • to get a site at the customer address, or allow selection of a new site
  • to determine if the requested service is feasible
  • to get a quote for the requested service
  • to create ProductOrder request
  • to check for ProductOrder updates

Orchestra is responsible for managing the responses and update status to chain.


Contract is responsible for make a series interactions to blockchain smart contract.

RPC Server

RPC Server is responsible for providing APIs to Front Web UI.

Process Flows

UNI & E-Line Order

Uploading order to chain:

User -> Front Web UI -> Virtual-LSOBUS -> QLC Chain.

Sending order to partner:

User -> Front Web UI -> Virtual-LSOBUS -> Sonata Server.


Uploading order to chain:

RPC -> Contract -> QLC Chain.

Sending order to partner:

RPC -> Orchestra -> Sonata Client -> Sonata Server.

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