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const (
	MEFAPIVersionSite  = "3"
	MEFAPIVersionPOQ   = "3"
	MEFAPIVersionQuote = "2"
	MEFAPIVersionOrder = "3"
	MEFAPIVersionInv   = "3"

	MEFSchemaLocationRoot      = "https://github.com/MEF-GIT/MEF-LSO-Sonata-SDK/blob/working-draft"
	MEFSchemaLocationSpecRoot  = MEFSchemaLocationRoot + "/payload_descriptions/ProductSpecDescription"
	MEFSchemaLocationSpecUNI   = MEFSchemaLocationSpecRoot + "/MEF_UNISpec_v3.json"
	MEFSchemaLocationSpecELine = MEFSchemaLocationSpecRoot + "/MEF_ELineSpec_v3.json"

	MEFProductOfferingUNI   = "LSO_Sonata_DataOnDemand_EthernetPort_UNI"
	MEFProductOfferingELine = "LSO_Sonata_DataOnDemand_EthernetConnection"


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type FindParams

type FindParams struct {
	Offset     string
	Limit      string
	ProjectID  string
	ExternalID string
	BuyerID    string
	SiteID     string
	State      string

	ProductSpecificationID string

type GetParams

type GetParams struct {
	ID string

type Orchestra

type Orchestra struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewOrchestra

func NewOrchestra() *Orchestra

func (*Orchestra) ExecInventoryFind

func (o *Orchestra) ExecInventoryFind(params *FindParams) error

func (*Orchestra) ExecOrderCreate

func (o *Orchestra) ExecOrderCreate(params *OrderParams) error

func (*Orchestra) ExecOrderFind

func (o *Orchestra) ExecOrderFind(params *FindParams) error

func (*Orchestra) ExecPOQCreate

func (o *Orchestra) ExecPOQCreate(params *OrderParams) error

func (*Orchestra) ExecPOQFind

func (o *Orchestra) ExecPOQFind(params *FindParams) error

func (*Orchestra) ExecQuoteCreate

func (o *Orchestra) ExecQuoteCreate(params *OrderParams) error

func (*Orchestra) ExecQuoteFind

func (o *Orchestra) ExecQuoteFind(params *FindParams) error

func (*Orchestra) ExecSiteFind

func (o *Orchestra) ExecSiteFind(params *FindParams) error

func (*Orchestra) Init

func (o *Orchestra) Init() error

type OrderParams

type OrderParams struct {
	OrderActivity string
	ItemAction    string
	ProductID     string

	ContractID string
	Buyer      *Partner
	Seller     *Partner

	ExternalID  string
	Description string
	ProjectID   string

	SrcSiteID    string
	SrcPortSpeed uint
	DstSiteID    string
	DstPortSpeed uint

	SrcPortID string
	SrcVlanID []uint
	DstPortID string
	DstVlanID []uint

	Bandwidth uint
	SVlanID   uint
	CosName   string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type Partner

type Partner struct {
	ID   string
	Name string

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