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var AppRoot, _ = os.Getwd()

    AppRoot app root path

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    var FormatTime = func(date time.Time, format string, context *qor.Context) string {
    	return date.Format(format)

      FormatTime format time to string Overwrite the default logic with

      utils.FormatTime = func(time time.Time, format string, context *qor.Context) string {
          // ....
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      var GetDBFromRequest = func(req *http.Request) *gorm.DB {
      	db := req.Context().Value(ContextDBName)
      	if tx, ok := db.(*gorm.DB); ok {
      		return tx
      	return nil

        GetDBFromRequest get database from request

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        var GetLocale = func(context *qor.Context) string {
        	if locale := context.Request.Header.Get("Locale"); locale != "" {
        		return locale
        	if locale := context.Request.URL.Query().Get("locale"); locale != "" {
        		if context.Writer != nil {
        			context.Request.Header.Set("Locale", locale)
        			SetCookie(http.Cookie{Name: "locale", Value: locale, Expires: time.Now().AddDate(1, 0, 0)}, context)
        		return locale
        	if locale, err := context.Request.Cookie("locale"); err == nil {
        		return locale.Value
        	return ""

          GetLocale get locale from request, cookie, after get the locale, will write the locale to the cookie if possible Overwrite the default logic with

          utils.GetLocale = func(context *qor.Context) string {
              // ....
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          var HTMLSanitizer = bluemonday.UGCPolicy()

            HTMLSanitizer html sanitizer to avoid XSS

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            var ParseTime = func(timeStr string, context *qor.Context) (time.Time, error) {
            	return now.Parse(timeStr)

              ParseTime parse time from string Overwrite the default logic with

              utils.ParseTime = func(timeStr string, context *qor.Context) (time.Time, error) {
                  // ....


              func ExitWithMsg

              func ExitWithMsg(msg interface{}, value ...interface{})

                ExitWithMsg debug error messages and print stack

                func FileServer

                func FileServer(dir http.Dir) http.Handler

                  FileServer file server that disabled file listing

                  func GOPATH

                  func GOPATH() []string

                    GOPATH return GOPATH from env

                    func HumanizeString

                    func HumanizeString(str string) string

                      HumanizeString Humanize separates string based on capitalizd letters e.g. "OrderItem" -> "Order Item"

                      func Indirect

                      func Indirect(v reflect.Value) reflect.Value

                        Indirect returns last value that v points to

                        func JoinURL

                        func JoinURL(originalURL string, paths ...interface{}) (joinedURL string, err error)

                          JoinURL updates the path part of the request url.

                          JoinURL("", "admin") => ""
                          JoinURL("", "admin") => ""

                          func ModelType

                          func ModelType(value interface{}) reflect.Type

                            ModelType get value's model type

                            func NewValue

                            func NewValue(t reflect.Type) (v reflect.Value)

                              NewValue new struct value with reflect type

                              func ParamsMatch

                              func ParamsMatch(source string, pth string) (url.Values, string, bool)

                                ParamsMatch match string by param

                                func ParseTagOption

                                func ParseTagOption(str string) map[string]string

                                  ParseTagOption parse tag options to hash

                                  func PatchURL

                                  func PatchURL(originalURL string, params ...interface{}) (patchedURL string, err error)

                                    PatchURL updates the query part of the request url.

                                    PatchURL("","key","value") => ""

                                    func SafeJoin

                                    func SafeJoin(paths ...string) (string, error)

                                      SafeJoin safe join

                                      func SetCookie

                                      func SetCookie(cookie http.Cookie, context *qor.Context)

                                        SetCookie set cookie for context

                                        func SliceUniq

                                        func SliceUniq(s []string) []string

                                          SliceUniq removes duplicate values in given slice

                                          func SortFormKeys

                                          func SortFormKeys(strs []string)

                                            SortFormKeys sort form keys

                                            func Stringify

                                            func Stringify(object interface{}) string

                                              Stringify stringify any data, if it is a struct, will try to use its Name, Title, Code field, else will use its primary key

                                              func ToArray

                                              func ToArray(value interface{}) (values []string)

                                                ToArray get array from value, will ignore blank string to convert it to array

                                                func ToFloat

                                                func ToFloat(value interface{}) float64

                                                  ToFloat get float from value, if passed value is empty string, result will be 0

                                                  func ToInt

                                                  func ToInt(value interface{}) int64

                                                    ToInt get int from value, if passed value is empty string, result will be 0

                                                    func ToParamString

                                                    func ToParamString(str string) string

                                                      ToParamString replaces spaces and separates words (by uppercase letters) with underscores in a string, also downcase it e.g. ToParamString -> to_param_string, To ParamString -> to_param_string

                                                      func ToString

                                                      func ToString(value interface{}) string

                                                        ToString get string from value, if passed value is a slice, will use the first element

                                                        func ToUint

                                                        func ToUint(value interface{}) uint64

                                                          ToUint get uint from value, if passed value is empty string, result will be 0


                                                          type ClosingReadSeeker

                                                          type ClosingReadSeeker struct {

                                                            ClosingReadSeeker implement Closer interface for ReadSeeker

                                                            func (ClosingReadSeeker) Close

                                                            func (ClosingReadSeeker) Close() error

                                                              Close implement Closer interface for Buffer

                                                              type ContextKey

                                                              type ContextKey string

                                                                ContextKey defined type used for context's key

                                                                var ContextDBName ContextKey = "ContextDB"

                                                                  ContextDBName db name used for context