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func Route

func Route(router RouteOut) (string, string, quickfix.MessageRoute)

Route returns the beginstring, message type, and MessageRoute for this Message type


type MarketDefinition

type MarketDefinition struct {
	Message *quickfix.Message

MarketDefinition is the fix50sp1 MarketDefinition type, MsgType = BU

func FromMessage

func FromMessage(m *quickfix.Message) MarketDefinition

FromMessage creates a MarketDefinition from a quickfix.Message instance

func New

func New(marketreportid field.MarketReportIDField, marketid field.MarketIDField) (m MarketDefinition)

New returns a MarketDefinition initialized with the required fields for MarketDefinition

func (MarketDefinition) GetApplID

func (m MarketDefinition) GetApplID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetApplID gets ApplID, Tag 1180

func (MarketDefinition) GetApplLastSeqNum

func (m MarketDefinition) GetApplLastSeqNum() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetApplLastSeqNum gets ApplLastSeqNum, Tag 1350

func (MarketDefinition) GetApplResendFlag

func (m MarketDefinition) GetApplResendFlag() (v bool, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetApplResendFlag gets ApplResendFlag, Tag 1352

func (MarketDefinition) GetApplSeqNum

func (m MarketDefinition) GetApplSeqNum() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetApplSeqNum gets ApplSeqNum, Tag 1181

func (MarketDefinition) GetCurrency

func (m MarketDefinition) GetCurrency() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetCurrency gets Currency, Tag 15

func (MarketDefinition) GetEncodedMktSegmDesc

func (m MarketDefinition) GetEncodedMktSegmDesc() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEncodedMktSegmDesc gets EncodedMktSegmDesc, Tag 1398

func (MarketDefinition) GetEncodedMktSegmDescLen

func (m MarketDefinition) GetEncodedMktSegmDescLen() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEncodedMktSegmDescLen gets EncodedMktSegmDescLen, Tag 1397

func (MarketDefinition) GetEncodedText

func (m MarketDefinition) GetEncodedText() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEncodedText gets EncodedText, Tag 355

func (MarketDefinition) GetEncodedTextLen

func (m MarketDefinition) GetEncodedTextLen() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEncodedTextLen gets EncodedTextLen, Tag 354

func (MarketDefinition) GetExpirationCycle

func (m MarketDefinition) GetExpirationCycle() (v enum.ExpirationCycle, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetExpirationCycle gets ExpirationCycle, Tag 827

func (MarketDefinition) GetHighLimitPrice

func (m MarketDefinition) GetHighLimitPrice() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetHighLimitPrice gets HighLimitPrice, Tag 1149

func (MarketDefinition) GetImpliedMarketIndicator

func (m MarketDefinition) GetImpliedMarketIndicator() (v enum.ImpliedMarketIndicator, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetImpliedMarketIndicator gets ImpliedMarketIndicator, Tag 1144

func (MarketDefinition) GetLowLimitPrice

func (m MarketDefinition) GetLowLimitPrice() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLowLimitPrice gets LowLimitPrice, Tag 1148

func (MarketDefinition) GetMarketID

func (m MarketDefinition) GetMarketID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMarketID gets MarketID, Tag 1301

func (MarketDefinition) GetMarketReportID

func (m MarketDefinition) GetMarketReportID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMarketReportID gets MarketReportID, Tag 1394

func (MarketDefinition) GetMarketReqID

func (m MarketDefinition) GetMarketReqID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMarketReqID gets MarketReqID, Tag 1393

func (MarketDefinition) GetMarketSegmentDesc

func (m MarketDefinition) GetMarketSegmentDesc() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMarketSegmentDesc gets MarketSegmentDesc, Tag 1396

func (MarketDefinition) GetMarketSegmentID

func (m MarketDefinition) GetMarketSegmentID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMarketSegmentID gets MarketSegmentID, Tag 1300

func (MarketDefinition) GetMaxPriceVariation

func (m MarketDefinition) GetMaxPriceVariation() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMaxPriceVariation gets MaxPriceVariation, Tag 1143

func (MarketDefinition) GetMaxTradeVol

func (m MarketDefinition) GetMaxTradeVol() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMaxTradeVol gets MaxTradeVol, Tag 1140

func (MarketDefinition) GetMinTradeVol

func (m MarketDefinition) GetMinTradeVol() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMinTradeVol gets MinTradeVol, Tag 562

func (MarketDefinition) GetMultilegModel

func (m MarketDefinition) GetMultilegModel() (v enum.MultilegModel, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMultilegModel gets MultilegModel, Tag 1377

func (MarketDefinition) GetMultilegPriceMethod

func (m MarketDefinition) GetMultilegPriceMethod() (v enum.MultilegPriceMethod, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMultilegPriceMethod gets MultilegPriceMethod, Tag 1378

func (MarketDefinition) GetNoExecInstRules

GetNoExecInstRules gets NoExecInstRules, Tag 1232

func (MarketDefinition) GetNoLotTypeRules

GetNoLotTypeRules gets NoLotTypeRules, Tag 1234

func (MarketDefinition) GetNoOrdTypeRules

GetNoOrdTypeRules gets NoOrdTypeRules, Tag 1237

func (MarketDefinition) GetNoTickRules

GetNoTickRules gets NoTickRules, Tag 1205

func (MarketDefinition) GetNoTimeInForceRules

GetNoTimeInForceRules gets NoTimeInForceRules, Tag 1239

func (MarketDefinition) GetParentMktSegmID

func (m MarketDefinition) GetParentMktSegmID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetParentMktSegmID gets ParentMktSegmID, Tag 1325

func (MarketDefinition) GetPriceLimitType

func (m MarketDefinition) GetPriceLimitType() (v enum.PriceLimitType, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetPriceLimitType gets PriceLimitType, Tag 1306

func (MarketDefinition) GetPriceType

func (m MarketDefinition) GetPriceType() (v enum.PriceType, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetPriceType gets PriceType, Tag 423

func (MarketDefinition) GetRoundLot

func (m MarketDefinition) GetRoundLot() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetRoundLot gets RoundLot, Tag 561

func (MarketDefinition) GetText

func (m MarketDefinition) GetText() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetText gets Text, Tag 58

func (MarketDefinition) GetTradingCurrency

func (m MarketDefinition) GetTradingCurrency() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetTradingCurrency gets TradingCurrency, Tag 1245

func (MarketDefinition) GetTradingReferencePrice

func (m MarketDefinition) GetTradingReferencePrice() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetTradingReferencePrice gets TradingReferencePrice, Tag 1150

func (MarketDefinition) GetTransactTime

func (m MarketDefinition) GetTransactTime() (v time.Time, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetTransactTime gets TransactTime, Tag 60

func (MarketDefinition) HasApplID

func (m MarketDefinition) HasApplID() bool

HasApplID returns true if ApplID is present, Tag 1180

func (MarketDefinition) HasApplLastSeqNum

func (m MarketDefinition) HasApplLastSeqNum() bool

HasApplLastSeqNum returns true if ApplLastSeqNum is present, Tag 1350

func (MarketDefinition) HasApplResendFlag

func (m MarketDefinition) HasApplResendFlag() bool

HasApplResendFlag returns true if ApplResendFlag is present, Tag 1352

func (MarketDefinition) HasApplSeqNum

func (m MarketDefinition) HasApplSeqNum() bool

HasApplSeqNum returns true if ApplSeqNum is present, Tag 1181

func (MarketDefinition) HasCurrency

func (m MarketDefinition) HasCurrency() bool

HasCurrency returns true if Currency is present, Tag 15

func (MarketDefinition) HasEncodedMktSegmDesc

func (m MarketDefinition) HasEncodedMktSegmDesc() bool

HasEncodedMktSegmDesc returns true if EncodedMktSegmDesc is present, Tag 1398

func (MarketDefinition) HasEncodedMktSegmDescLen

func (m MarketDefinition) HasEncodedMktSegmDescLen() bool

HasEncodedMktSegmDescLen returns true if EncodedMktSegmDescLen is present, Tag 1397

func (MarketDefinition) HasEncodedText

func (m MarketDefinition) HasEncodedText() bool

HasEncodedText returns true if EncodedText is present, Tag 355

func (MarketDefinition) HasEncodedTextLen

func (m MarketDefinition) HasEncodedTextLen() bool

HasEncodedTextLen returns true if EncodedTextLen is present, Tag 354

func (MarketDefinition) HasExpirationCycle

func (m MarketDefinition) HasExpirationCycle() bool

HasExpirationCycle returns true if ExpirationCycle is present, Tag 827

func (MarketDefinition) HasHighLimitPrice

func (m MarketDefinition) HasHighLimitPrice() bool

HasHighLimitPrice returns true if HighLimitPrice is present, Tag 1149

func (MarketDefinition) HasImpliedMarketIndicator

func (m MarketDefinition) HasImpliedMarketIndicator() bool

HasImpliedMarketIndicator returns true if ImpliedMarketIndicator is present, Tag 1144

func (MarketDefinition) HasLowLimitPrice

func (m MarketDefinition) HasLowLimitPrice() bool

HasLowLimitPrice returns true if LowLimitPrice is present, Tag 1148

func (MarketDefinition) HasMarketID

func (m MarketDefinition) HasMarketID() bool

HasMarketID returns true if MarketID is present, Tag 1301

func (MarketDefinition) HasMarketReportID

func (m MarketDefinition) HasMarketReportID() bool

HasMarketReportID returns true if MarketReportID is present, Tag 1394

func (MarketDefinition) HasMarketReqID

func (m MarketDefinition) HasMarketReqID() bool

HasMarketReqID returns true if MarketReqID is present, Tag 1393

func (MarketDefinition) HasMarketSegmentDesc

func (m MarketDefinition) HasMarketSegmentDesc() bool

HasMarketSegmentDesc returns true if MarketSegmentDesc is present, Tag 1396

func (MarketDefinition) HasMarketSegmentID

func (m MarketDefinition) HasMarketSegmentID() bool

HasMarketSegmentID returns true if MarketSegmentID is present, Tag 1300

func (MarketDefinition) HasMaxPriceVariation

func (m MarketDefinition) HasMaxPriceVariation() bool

HasMaxPriceVariation returns true if MaxPriceVariation is present, Tag 1143

func (MarketDefinition) HasMaxTradeVol

func (m MarketDefinition) HasMaxTradeVol() bool

HasMaxTradeVol returns true if MaxTradeVol is present, Tag 1140

func (MarketDefinition) HasMinTradeVol

func (m MarketDefinition) HasMinTradeVol() bool

HasMinTradeVol returns true if MinTradeVol is present, Tag 562

func (MarketDefinition) HasMultilegModel

func (m MarketDefinition) HasMultilegModel() bool

HasMultilegModel returns true if MultilegModel is present, Tag 1377

func (MarketDefinition) HasMultilegPriceMethod

func (m MarketDefinition) HasMultilegPriceMethod() bool

HasMultilegPriceMethod returns true if MultilegPriceMethod is present, Tag 1378

func (MarketDefinition) HasNoExecInstRules

func (m MarketDefinition) HasNoExecInstRules() bool

HasNoExecInstRules returns true if NoExecInstRules is present, Tag 1232

func (MarketDefinition) HasNoLotTypeRules

func (m MarketDefinition) HasNoLotTypeRules() bool

HasNoLotTypeRules returns true if NoLotTypeRules is present, Tag 1234

func (MarketDefinition) HasNoOrdTypeRules

func (m MarketDefinition) HasNoOrdTypeRules() bool

HasNoOrdTypeRules returns true if NoOrdTypeRules is present, Tag 1237

func (MarketDefinition) HasNoTickRules

func (m MarketDefinition) HasNoTickRules() bool

HasNoTickRules returns true if NoTickRules is present, Tag 1205

func (MarketDefinition) HasNoTimeInForceRules

func (m MarketDefinition) HasNoTimeInForceRules() bool

HasNoTimeInForceRules returns true if NoTimeInForceRules is present, Tag 1239

func (MarketDefinition) HasParentMktSegmID

func (m MarketDefinition) HasParentMktSegmID() bool

HasParentMktSegmID returns true if ParentMktSegmID is present, Tag 1325

func (MarketDefinition) HasPriceLimitType

func (m MarketDefinition) HasPriceLimitType() bool

HasPriceLimitType returns true if PriceLimitType is present, Tag 1306

func (MarketDefinition) HasPriceType

func (m MarketDefinition) HasPriceType() bool

HasPriceType returns true if PriceType is present, Tag 423

func (MarketDefinition) HasRoundLot

func (m MarketDefinition) HasRoundLot() bool

HasRoundLot returns true if RoundLot is present, Tag 561

func (MarketDefinition) HasText

func (m MarketDefinition) HasText() bool

HasText returns true if Text is present, Tag 58

func (MarketDefinition) HasTradingCurrency

func (m MarketDefinition) HasTradingCurrency() bool

HasTradingCurrency returns true if TradingCurrency is present, Tag 1245

func (MarketDefinition) HasTradingReferencePrice

func (m MarketDefinition) HasTradingReferencePrice() bool

HasTradingReferencePrice returns true if TradingReferencePrice is present, Tag 1150

func (MarketDefinition) HasTransactTime

func (m MarketDefinition) HasTransactTime() bool

HasTransactTime returns true if TransactTime is present, Tag 60

func (MarketDefinition) SetApplID

func (m MarketDefinition) SetApplID(v string)

SetApplID sets ApplID, Tag 1180

func (MarketDefinition) SetApplLastSeqNum

func (m MarketDefinition) SetApplLastSeqNum(v int)

SetApplLastSeqNum sets ApplLastSeqNum, Tag 1350

func (MarketDefinition) SetApplResendFlag

func (m MarketDefinition) SetApplResendFlag(v bool)

SetApplResendFlag sets ApplResendFlag, Tag 1352

func (MarketDefinition) SetApplSeqNum

func (m MarketDefinition) SetApplSeqNum(v int)

SetApplSeqNum sets ApplSeqNum, Tag 1181

func (MarketDefinition) SetCurrency

func (m MarketDefinition) SetCurrency(v string)

SetCurrency sets Currency, Tag 15

func (MarketDefinition) SetEncodedMktSegmDesc

func (m MarketDefinition) SetEncodedMktSegmDesc(v string)

SetEncodedMktSegmDesc sets EncodedMktSegmDesc, Tag 1398

func (MarketDefinition) SetEncodedMktSegmDescLen

func (m MarketDefinition) SetEncodedMktSegmDescLen(v int)

SetEncodedMktSegmDescLen sets EncodedMktSegmDescLen, Tag 1397

func (MarketDefinition) SetEncodedText

func (m MarketDefinition) SetEncodedText(v string)

SetEncodedText sets EncodedText, Tag 355

func (MarketDefinition) SetEncodedTextLen

func (m MarketDefinition) SetEncodedTextLen(v int)

SetEncodedTextLen sets EncodedTextLen, Tag 354

func (MarketDefinition) SetExpirationCycle

func (m MarketDefinition) SetExpirationCycle(v enum.ExpirationCycle)

SetExpirationCycle sets ExpirationCycle, Tag 827

func (MarketDefinition) SetHighLimitPrice

func (m MarketDefinition) SetHighLimitPrice(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetHighLimitPrice sets HighLimitPrice, Tag 1149

func (MarketDefinition) SetImpliedMarketIndicator

func (m MarketDefinition) SetImpliedMarketIndicator(v enum.ImpliedMarketIndicator)

SetImpliedMarketIndicator sets ImpliedMarketIndicator, Tag 1144

func (MarketDefinition) SetLowLimitPrice

func (m MarketDefinition) SetLowLimitPrice(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetLowLimitPrice sets LowLimitPrice, Tag 1148

func (MarketDefinition) SetMarketID

func (m MarketDefinition) SetMarketID(v string)

SetMarketID sets MarketID, Tag 1301

func (MarketDefinition) SetMarketReportID

func (m MarketDefinition) SetMarketReportID(v string)

SetMarketReportID sets MarketReportID, Tag 1394

func (MarketDefinition) SetMarketReqID

func (m MarketDefinition) SetMarketReqID(v string)

SetMarketReqID sets MarketReqID, Tag 1393

func (MarketDefinition) SetMarketSegmentDesc

func (m MarketDefinition) SetMarketSegmentDesc(v string)

SetMarketSegmentDesc sets MarketSegmentDesc, Tag 1396

func (MarketDefinition) SetMarketSegmentID

func (m MarketDefinition) SetMarketSegmentID(v string)

SetMarketSegmentID sets MarketSegmentID, Tag 1300

func (MarketDefinition) SetMaxPriceVariation

func (m MarketDefinition) SetMaxPriceVariation(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetMaxPriceVariation sets MaxPriceVariation, Tag 1143

func (MarketDefinition) SetMaxTradeVol

func (m MarketDefinition) SetMaxTradeVol(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetMaxTradeVol sets MaxTradeVol, Tag 1140

func (MarketDefinition) SetMinTradeVol

func (m MarketDefinition) SetMinTradeVol(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetMinTradeVol sets MinTradeVol, Tag 562

func (MarketDefinition) SetMultilegModel

func (m MarketDefinition) SetMultilegModel(v enum.MultilegModel)

SetMultilegModel sets MultilegModel, Tag 1377

func (MarketDefinition) SetMultilegPriceMethod

func (m MarketDefinition) SetMultilegPriceMethod(v enum.MultilegPriceMethod)

SetMultilegPriceMethod sets MultilegPriceMethod, Tag 1378

func (MarketDefinition) SetNoExecInstRules

func (m MarketDefinition) SetNoExecInstRules(f NoExecInstRulesRepeatingGroup)

SetNoExecInstRules sets NoExecInstRules, Tag 1232

func (MarketDefinition) SetNoLotTypeRules

func (m MarketDefinition) SetNoLotTypeRules(f NoLotTypeRulesRepeatingGroup)

SetNoLotTypeRules sets NoLotTypeRules, Tag 1234

func (MarketDefinition) SetNoOrdTypeRules

func (m MarketDefinition) SetNoOrdTypeRules(f NoOrdTypeRulesRepeatingGroup)

SetNoOrdTypeRules sets NoOrdTypeRules, Tag 1237

func (MarketDefinition) SetNoTickRules

func (m MarketDefinition) SetNoTickRules(f NoTickRulesRepeatingGroup)

SetNoTickRules sets NoTickRules, Tag 1205

func (MarketDefinition) SetNoTimeInForceRules

func (m MarketDefinition) SetNoTimeInForceRules(f NoTimeInForceRulesRepeatingGroup)

SetNoTimeInForceRules sets NoTimeInForceRules, Tag 1239

func (MarketDefinition) SetParentMktSegmID

func (m MarketDefinition) SetParentMktSegmID(v string)

SetParentMktSegmID sets ParentMktSegmID, Tag 1325

func (MarketDefinition) SetPriceLimitType

func (m MarketDefinition) SetPriceLimitType(v enum.PriceLimitType)

SetPriceLimitType sets PriceLimitType, Tag 1306

func (MarketDefinition) SetPriceType

func (m MarketDefinition) SetPriceType(v enum.PriceType)

SetPriceType sets PriceType, Tag 423

func (MarketDefinition) SetRoundLot

func (m MarketDefinition) SetRoundLot(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetRoundLot sets RoundLot, Tag 561

func (MarketDefinition) SetText

func (m MarketDefinition) SetText(v string)

SetText sets Text, Tag 58

func (MarketDefinition) SetTradingCurrency

func (m MarketDefinition) SetTradingCurrency(v string)

SetTradingCurrency sets TradingCurrency, Tag 1245

func (MarketDefinition) SetTradingReferencePrice

func (m MarketDefinition) SetTradingReferencePrice(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetTradingReferencePrice sets TradingReferencePrice, Tag 1150

func (MarketDefinition) SetTransactTime

func (m MarketDefinition) SetTransactTime(v time.Time)

SetTransactTime sets TransactTime, Tag 60

func (MarketDefinition) ToMessage

func (m MarketDefinition) ToMessage() *quickfix.Message

ToMessage returns a quickfix.Message instance

type NoExecInstRules

type NoExecInstRules struct {

NoExecInstRules is a repeating group element, Tag 1232

func (NoExecInstRules) GetExecInstValue

func (m NoExecInstRules) GetExecInstValue() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetExecInstValue gets ExecInstValue, Tag 1308

func (NoExecInstRules) HasExecInstValue

func (m NoExecInstRules) HasExecInstValue() bool

HasExecInstValue returns true if ExecInstValue is present, Tag 1308

func (NoExecInstRules) SetExecInstValue

func (m NoExecInstRules) SetExecInstValue(v string)

SetExecInstValue sets ExecInstValue, Tag 1308

type NoExecInstRulesRepeatingGroup

type NoExecInstRulesRepeatingGroup struct {

NoExecInstRulesRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 1232

func NewNoExecInstRulesRepeatingGroup

func NewNoExecInstRulesRepeatingGroup() NoExecInstRulesRepeatingGroup

NewNoExecInstRulesRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoExecInstRulesRepeatingGroup

func (NoExecInstRulesRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoExecInstRules to this group

func (NoExecInstRulesRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoExecInstRules in the NoExecInstRulesRepeatinGroup

type NoLotTypeRules

type NoLotTypeRules struct {

NoLotTypeRules is a repeating group element, Tag 1234

func (NoLotTypeRules) GetLotType

func (m NoLotTypeRules) GetLotType() (v enum.LotType, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLotType gets LotType, Tag 1093

func (NoLotTypeRules) GetMinLotSize

func (m NoLotTypeRules) GetMinLotSize() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMinLotSize gets MinLotSize, Tag 1231

func (NoLotTypeRules) HasLotType

func (m NoLotTypeRules) HasLotType() bool

HasLotType returns true if LotType is present, Tag 1093

func (NoLotTypeRules) HasMinLotSize

func (m NoLotTypeRules) HasMinLotSize() bool

HasMinLotSize returns true if MinLotSize is present, Tag 1231

func (NoLotTypeRules) SetLotType

func (m NoLotTypeRules) SetLotType(v enum.LotType)

SetLotType sets LotType, Tag 1093

func (NoLotTypeRules) SetMinLotSize

func (m NoLotTypeRules) SetMinLotSize(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetMinLotSize sets MinLotSize, Tag 1231

type NoLotTypeRulesRepeatingGroup

type NoLotTypeRulesRepeatingGroup struct {

NoLotTypeRulesRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 1234

func NewNoLotTypeRulesRepeatingGroup

func NewNoLotTypeRulesRepeatingGroup() NoLotTypeRulesRepeatingGroup

NewNoLotTypeRulesRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoLotTypeRulesRepeatingGroup

func (NoLotTypeRulesRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoLotTypeRules to this group

func (NoLotTypeRulesRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoLotTypeRules in the NoLotTypeRulesRepeatinGroup

type NoOrdTypeRules

type NoOrdTypeRules struct {

NoOrdTypeRules is a repeating group element, Tag 1237

func (NoOrdTypeRules) GetOrdType

func (m NoOrdTypeRules) GetOrdType() (v enum.OrdType, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetOrdType gets OrdType, Tag 40

func (NoOrdTypeRules) HasOrdType

func (m NoOrdTypeRules) HasOrdType() bool

HasOrdType returns true if OrdType is present, Tag 40

func (NoOrdTypeRules) SetOrdType

func (m NoOrdTypeRules) SetOrdType(v enum.OrdType)

SetOrdType sets OrdType, Tag 40

type NoOrdTypeRulesRepeatingGroup

type NoOrdTypeRulesRepeatingGroup struct {

NoOrdTypeRulesRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 1237

func NewNoOrdTypeRulesRepeatingGroup

func NewNoOrdTypeRulesRepeatingGroup() NoOrdTypeRulesRepeatingGroup

NewNoOrdTypeRulesRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoOrdTypeRulesRepeatingGroup

func (NoOrdTypeRulesRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoOrdTypeRules to this group

func (NoOrdTypeRulesRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoOrdTypeRules in the NoOrdTypeRulesRepeatinGroup

type NoTickRules

type NoTickRules struct {

NoTickRules is a repeating group element, Tag 1205

func (NoTickRules) GetEndTickPriceRange

func (m NoTickRules) GetEndTickPriceRange() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEndTickPriceRange gets EndTickPriceRange, Tag 1207

func (NoTickRules) GetStartTickPriceRange

func (m NoTickRules) GetStartTickPriceRange() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetStartTickPriceRange gets StartTickPriceRange, Tag 1206

func (NoTickRules) GetTickIncrement

func (m NoTickRules) GetTickIncrement() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetTickIncrement gets TickIncrement, Tag 1208

func (NoTickRules) GetTickRuleType

func (m NoTickRules) GetTickRuleType() (v enum.TickRuleType, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetTickRuleType gets TickRuleType, Tag 1209

func (NoTickRules) HasEndTickPriceRange

func (m NoTickRules) HasEndTickPriceRange() bool

HasEndTickPriceRange returns true if EndTickPriceRange is present, Tag 1207

func (NoTickRules) HasStartTickPriceRange

func (m NoTickRules) HasStartTickPriceRange() bool

HasStartTickPriceRange returns true if StartTickPriceRange is present, Tag 1206

func (NoTickRules) HasTickIncrement

func (m NoTickRules) HasTickIncrement() bool

HasTickIncrement returns true if TickIncrement is present, Tag 1208

func (NoTickRules) HasTickRuleType

func (m NoTickRules) HasTickRuleType() bool

HasTickRuleType returns true if TickRuleType is present, Tag 1209

func (NoTickRules) SetEndTickPriceRange

func (m NoTickRules) SetEndTickPriceRange(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetEndTickPriceRange sets EndTickPriceRange, Tag 1207

func (NoTickRules) SetStartTickPriceRange

func (m NoTickRules) SetStartTickPriceRange(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetStartTickPriceRange sets StartTickPriceRange, Tag 1206

func (NoTickRules) SetTickIncrement

func (m NoTickRules) SetTickIncrement(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetTickIncrement sets TickIncrement, Tag 1208

func (NoTickRules) SetTickRuleType

func (m NoTickRules) SetTickRuleType(v enum.TickRuleType)

SetTickRuleType sets TickRuleType, Tag 1209

type NoTickRulesRepeatingGroup

type NoTickRulesRepeatingGroup struct {

NoTickRulesRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 1205

func NewNoTickRulesRepeatingGroup

func NewNoTickRulesRepeatingGroup() NoTickRulesRepeatingGroup

NewNoTickRulesRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoTickRulesRepeatingGroup

func (NoTickRulesRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoTickRules to this group

func (NoTickRulesRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoTickRules in the NoTickRulesRepeatinGroup

type NoTimeInForceRules

type NoTimeInForceRules struct {

NoTimeInForceRules is a repeating group element, Tag 1239

func (NoTimeInForceRules) GetTimeInForce

func (m NoTimeInForceRules) GetTimeInForce() (v enum.TimeInForce, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetTimeInForce gets TimeInForce, Tag 59

func (NoTimeInForceRules) HasTimeInForce

func (m NoTimeInForceRules) HasTimeInForce() bool

HasTimeInForce returns true if TimeInForce is present, Tag 59

func (NoTimeInForceRules) SetTimeInForce

func (m NoTimeInForceRules) SetTimeInForce(v enum.TimeInForce)

SetTimeInForce sets TimeInForce, Tag 59

type NoTimeInForceRulesRepeatingGroup

type NoTimeInForceRulesRepeatingGroup struct {

NoTimeInForceRulesRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 1239

func NewNoTimeInForceRulesRepeatingGroup

func NewNoTimeInForceRulesRepeatingGroup() NoTimeInForceRulesRepeatingGroup

NewNoTimeInForceRulesRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoTimeInForceRulesRepeatingGroup

func (NoTimeInForceRulesRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoTimeInForceRules to this group

func (NoTimeInForceRulesRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoTimeInForceRules in the NoTimeInForceRulesRepeatinGroup

type RouteOut

type RouteOut func(msg MarketDefinition, sessionID quickfix.SessionID) quickfix.MessageRejectError

A RouteOut is the callback type that should be implemented for routing Message