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func Route

func Route(router RouteOut) (string, string, quickfix.MessageRoute)

Route returns the beginstring, message type, and MessageRoute for this Message type


type NoComplexEventDates

type NoComplexEventDates struct {

NoComplexEventDates is a repeating group element, Tag 1491

func (NoComplexEventDates) GetComplexEventEndDate

func (m NoComplexEventDates) GetComplexEventEndDate() (v time.Time, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetComplexEventEndDate gets ComplexEventEndDate, Tag 1493

func (NoComplexEventDates) GetComplexEventStartDate

func (m NoComplexEventDates) GetComplexEventStartDate() (v time.Time, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetComplexEventStartDate gets ComplexEventStartDate, Tag 1492

func (NoComplexEventDates) GetNoComplexEventTimes

GetNoComplexEventTimes gets NoComplexEventTimes, Tag 1494

func (NoComplexEventDates) HasComplexEventEndDate

func (m NoComplexEventDates) HasComplexEventEndDate() bool

HasComplexEventEndDate returns true if ComplexEventEndDate is present, Tag 1493

func (NoComplexEventDates) HasComplexEventStartDate

func (m NoComplexEventDates) HasComplexEventStartDate() bool

HasComplexEventStartDate returns true if ComplexEventStartDate is present, Tag 1492

func (NoComplexEventDates) HasNoComplexEventTimes

func (m NoComplexEventDates) HasNoComplexEventTimes() bool

HasNoComplexEventTimes returns true if NoComplexEventTimes is present, Tag 1494

func (NoComplexEventDates) SetComplexEventEndDate

func (m NoComplexEventDates) SetComplexEventEndDate(v time.Time)

SetComplexEventEndDate sets ComplexEventEndDate, Tag 1493

func (NoComplexEventDates) SetComplexEventStartDate

func (m NoComplexEventDates) SetComplexEventStartDate(v time.Time)

SetComplexEventStartDate sets ComplexEventStartDate, Tag 1492

func (NoComplexEventDates) SetNoComplexEventTimes

func (m NoComplexEventDates) SetNoComplexEventTimes(f NoComplexEventTimesRepeatingGroup)

SetNoComplexEventTimes sets NoComplexEventTimes, Tag 1494

type NoComplexEventDatesRepeatingGroup

type NoComplexEventDatesRepeatingGroup struct {

NoComplexEventDatesRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 1491

func NewNoComplexEventDatesRepeatingGroup

func NewNoComplexEventDatesRepeatingGroup() NoComplexEventDatesRepeatingGroup

NewNoComplexEventDatesRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoComplexEventDatesRepeatingGroup

func (NoComplexEventDatesRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoComplexEventDates to this group

func (NoComplexEventDatesRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoComplexEventDates in the NoComplexEventDatesRepeatinGroup

type NoComplexEventTimes

type NoComplexEventTimes struct {

NoComplexEventTimes is a repeating group element, Tag 1494

func (NoComplexEventTimes) GetComplexEventEndTime

func (m NoComplexEventTimes) GetComplexEventEndTime() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetComplexEventEndTime gets ComplexEventEndTime, Tag 1496

func (NoComplexEventTimes) GetComplexEventStartTime

func (m NoComplexEventTimes) GetComplexEventStartTime() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetComplexEventStartTime gets ComplexEventStartTime, Tag 1495

func (NoComplexEventTimes) HasComplexEventEndTime

func (m NoComplexEventTimes) HasComplexEventEndTime() bool

HasComplexEventEndTime returns true if ComplexEventEndTime is present, Tag 1496

func (NoComplexEventTimes) HasComplexEventStartTime

func (m NoComplexEventTimes) HasComplexEventStartTime() bool

HasComplexEventStartTime returns true if ComplexEventStartTime is present, Tag 1495

func (NoComplexEventTimes) SetComplexEventEndTime

func (m NoComplexEventTimes) SetComplexEventEndTime(v string)

SetComplexEventEndTime sets ComplexEventEndTime, Tag 1496

func (NoComplexEventTimes) SetComplexEventStartTime

func (m NoComplexEventTimes) SetComplexEventStartTime(v string)

SetComplexEventStartTime sets ComplexEventStartTime, Tag 1495

type NoComplexEventTimesRepeatingGroup

type NoComplexEventTimesRepeatingGroup struct {

NoComplexEventTimesRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 1494

func NewNoComplexEventTimesRepeatingGroup

func NewNoComplexEventTimesRepeatingGroup() NoComplexEventTimesRepeatingGroup

NewNoComplexEventTimesRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoComplexEventTimesRepeatingGroup

func (NoComplexEventTimesRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoComplexEventTimes to this group

func (NoComplexEventTimesRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoComplexEventTimes in the NoComplexEventTimesRepeatinGroup

type NoComplexEvents

type NoComplexEvents struct {

NoComplexEvents is a repeating group element, Tag 1483

func (NoComplexEvents) GetComplexEventCondition

func (m NoComplexEvents) GetComplexEventCondition() (v enum.ComplexEventCondition, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetComplexEventCondition gets ComplexEventCondition, Tag 1490

func (NoComplexEvents) GetComplexEventPrice

func (m NoComplexEvents) GetComplexEventPrice() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetComplexEventPrice gets ComplexEventPrice, Tag 1486

func (NoComplexEvents) GetComplexEventPriceBoundaryMethod

func (m NoComplexEvents) GetComplexEventPriceBoundaryMethod() (v enum.ComplexEventPriceBoundaryMethod, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetComplexEventPriceBoundaryMethod gets ComplexEventPriceBoundaryMethod, Tag 1487

func (NoComplexEvents) GetComplexEventPriceBoundaryPrecision

func (m NoComplexEvents) GetComplexEventPriceBoundaryPrecision() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetComplexEventPriceBoundaryPrecision gets ComplexEventPriceBoundaryPrecision, Tag 1488

func (NoComplexEvents) GetComplexEventPriceTimeType

func (m NoComplexEvents) GetComplexEventPriceTimeType() (v enum.ComplexEventPriceTimeType, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetComplexEventPriceTimeType gets ComplexEventPriceTimeType, Tag 1489

func (NoComplexEvents) GetComplexEventType

func (m NoComplexEvents) GetComplexEventType() (v enum.ComplexEventType, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetComplexEventType gets ComplexEventType, Tag 1484

func (NoComplexEvents) GetComplexOptPayoutAmount

func (m NoComplexEvents) GetComplexOptPayoutAmount() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetComplexOptPayoutAmount gets ComplexOptPayoutAmount, Tag 1485

func (NoComplexEvents) GetNoComplexEventDates

GetNoComplexEventDates gets NoComplexEventDates, Tag 1491

func (NoComplexEvents) HasComplexEventCondition

func (m NoComplexEvents) HasComplexEventCondition() bool

HasComplexEventCondition returns true if ComplexEventCondition is present, Tag 1490

func (NoComplexEvents) HasComplexEventPrice

func (m NoComplexEvents) HasComplexEventPrice() bool

HasComplexEventPrice returns true if ComplexEventPrice is present, Tag 1486

func (NoComplexEvents) HasComplexEventPriceBoundaryMethod

func (m NoComplexEvents) HasComplexEventPriceBoundaryMethod() bool

HasComplexEventPriceBoundaryMethod returns true if ComplexEventPriceBoundaryMethod is present, Tag 1487

func (NoComplexEvents) HasComplexEventPriceBoundaryPrecision

func (m NoComplexEvents) HasComplexEventPriceBoundaryPrecision() bool

HasComplexEventPriceBoundaryPrecision returns true if ComplexEventPriceBoundaryPrecision is present, Tag 1488

func (NoComplexEvents) HasComplexEventPriceTimeType

func (m NoComplexEvents) HasComplexEventPriceTimeType() bool

HasComplexEventPriceTimeType returns true if ComplexEventPriceTimeType is present, Tag 1489

func (NoComplexEvents) HasComplexEventType

func (m NoComplexEvents) HasComplexEventType() bool

HasComplexEventType returns true if ComplexEventType is present, Tag 1484

func (NoComplexEvents) HasComplexOptPayoutAmount

func (m NoComplexEvents) HasComplexOptPayoutAmount() bool

HasComplexOptPayoutAmount returns true if ComplexOptPayoutAmount is present, Tag 1485

func (NoComplexEvents) HasNoComplexEventDates

func (m NoComplexEvents) HasNoComplexEventDates() bool

HasNoComplexEventDates returns true if NoComplexEventDates is present, Tag 1491

func (NoComplexEvents) SetComplexEventCondition

func (m NoComplexEvents) SetComplexEventCondition(v enum.ComplexEventCondition)

SetComplexEventCondition sets ComplexEventCondition, Tag 1490

func (NoComplexEvents) SetComplexEventPrice

func (m NoComplexEvents) SetComplexEventPrice(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetComplexEventPrice sets ComplexEventPrice, Tag 1486

func (NoComplexEvents) SetComplexEventPriceBoundaryMethod

func (m NoComplexEvents) SetComplexEventPriceBoundaryMethod(v enum.ComplexEventPriceBoundaryMethod)

SetComplexEventPriceBoundaryMethod sets ComplexEventPriceBoundaryMethod, Tag 1487

func (NoComplexEvents) SetComplexEventPriceBoundaryPrecision

func (m NoComplexEvents) SetComplexEventPriceBoundaryPrecision(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetComplexEventPriceBoundaryPrecision sets ComplexEventPriceBoundaryPrecision, Tag 1488

func (NoComplexEvents) SetComplexEventPriceTimeType

func (m NoComplexEvents) SetComplexEventPriceTimeType(v enum.ComplexEventPriceTimeType)

SetComplexEventPriceTimeType sets ComplexEventPriceTimeType, Tag 1489

func (NoComplexEvents) SetComplexEventType

func (m NoComplexEvents) SetComplexEventType(v enum.ComplexEventType)

SetComplexEventType sets ComplexEventType, Tag 1484

func (NoComplexEvents) SetComplexOptPayoutAmount

func (m NoComplexEvents) SetComplexOptPayoutAmount(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetComplexOptPayoutAmount sets ComplexOptPayoutAmount, Tag 1485

func (NoComplexEvents) SetNoComplexEventDates

func (m NoComplexEvents) SetNoComplexEventDates(f NoComplexEventDatesRepeatingGroup)

SetNoComplexEventDates sets NoComplexEventDates, Tag 1491

type NoComplexEventsRepeatingGroup

type NoComplexEventsRepeatingGroup struct {

NoComplexEventsRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 1483

func NewNoComplexEventsRepeatingGroup

func NewNoComplexEventsRepeatingGroup() NoComplexEventsRepeatingGroup

NewNoComplexEventsRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoComplexEventsRepeatingGroup

func (NoComplexEventsRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoComplexEvents to this group

func (NoComplexEventsRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoComplexEvents in the NoComplexEventsRepeatinGroup

type NoEvents

type NoEvents struct {

NoEvents is a repeating group element, Tag 864

func (NoEvents) GetEventDate

func (m NoEvents) GetEventDate() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEventDate gets EventDate, Tag 866

func (NoEvents) GetEventPx

func (m NoEvents) GetEventPx() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEventPx gets EventPx, Tag 867

func (NoEvents) GetEventText

func (m NoEvents) GetEventText() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEventText gets EventText, Tag 868

func (NoEvents) GetEventTime

func (m NoEvents) GetEventTime() (v time.Time, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEventTime gets EventTime, Tag 1145

func (NoEvents) GetEventType

func (m NoEvents) GetEventType() (v enum.EventType, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEventType gets EventType, Tag 865

func (NoEvents) HasEventDate

func (m NoEvents) HasEventDate() bool

HasEventDate returns true if EventDate is present, Tag 866

func (NoEvents) HasEventPx

func (m NoEvents) HasEventPx() bool

HasEventPx returns true if EventPx is present, Tag 867

func (NoEvents) HasEventText

func (m NoEvents) HasEventText() bool

HasEventText returns true if EventText is present, Tag 868

func (NoEvents) HasEventTime

func (m NoEvents) HasEventTime() bool

HasEventTime returns true if EventTime is present, Tag 1145

func (NoEvents) HasEventType

func (m NoEvents) HasEventType() bool

HasEventType returns true if EventType is present, Tag 865

func (NoEvents) SetEventDate

func (m NoEvents) SetEventDate(v string)

SetEventDate sets EventDate, Tag 866

func (NoEvents) SetEventPx

func (m NoEvents) SetEventPx(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetEventPx sets EventPx, Tag 867

func (NoEvents) SetEventText

func (m NoEvents) SetEventText(v string)

SetEventText sets EventText, Tag 868

func (NoEvents) SetEventTime

func (m NoEvents) SetEventTime(v time.Time)

SetEventTime sets EventTime, Tag 1145

func (NoEvents) SetEventType

func (m NoEvents) SetEventType(v enum.EventType)

SetEventType sets EventType, Tag 865

type NoEventsRepeatingGroup

type NoEventsRepeatingGroup struct {

NoEventsRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 864

func NewNoEventsRepeatingGroup

func NewNoEventsRepeatingGroup() NoEventsRepeatingGroup

NewNoEventsRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoEventsRepeatingGroup

func (NoEventsRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoEvents to this group

func (NoEventsRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoEvents in the NoEventsRepeatinGroup

type NoExecInstRules

type NoExecInstRules struct {

NoExecInstRules is a repeating group element, Tag 1232

func (NoExecInstRules) GetExecInstValue

func (m NoExecInstRules) GetExecInstValue() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetExecInstValue gets ExecInstValue, Tag 1308

func (NoExecInstRules) HasExecInstValue

func (m NoExecInstRules) HasExecInstValue() bool

HasExecInstValue returns true if ExecInstValue is present, Tag 1308

func (NoExecInstRules) SetExecInstValue

func (m NoExecInstRules) SetExecInstValue(v string)

SetExecInstValue sets ExecInstValue, Tag 1308

type NoExecInstRulesRepeatingGroup

type NoExecInstRulesRepeatingGroup struct {

NoExecInstRulesRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 1232

func NewNoExecInstRulesRepeatingGroup

func NewNoExecInstRulesRepeatingGroup() NoExecInstRulesRepeatingGroup

NewNoExecInstRulesRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoExecInstRulesRepeatingGroup

func (NoExecInstRulesRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoExecInstRules to this group

func (NoExecInstRulesRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoExecInstRules in the NoExecInstRulesRepeatinGroup

type NoInstrAttrib

type NoInstrAttrib struct {

NoInstrAttrib is a repeating group element, Tag 870

func (NoInstrAttrib) GetInstrAttribType

func (m NoInstrAttrib) GetInstrAttribType() (v enum.InstrAttribType, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetInstrAttribType gets InstrAttribType, Tag 871

func (NoInstrAttrib) GetInstrAttribValue

func (m NoInstrAttrib) GetInstrAttribValue() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetInstrAttribValue gets InstrAttribValue, Tag 872

func (NoInstrAttrib) HasInstrAttribType

func (m NoInstrAttrib) HasInstrAttribType() bool

HasInstrAttribType returns true if InstrAttribType is present, Tag 871

func (NoInstrAttrib) HasInstrAttribValue

func (m NoInstrAttrib) HasInstrAttribValue() bool

HasInstrAttribValue returns true if InstrAttribValue is present, Tag 872

func (NoInstrAttrib) SetInstrAttribType

func (m NoInstrAttrib) SetInstrAttribType(v enum.InstrAttribType)

SetInstrAttribType sets InstrAttribType, Tag 871

func (NoInstrAttrib) SetInstrAttribValue

func (m NoInstrAttrib) SetInstrAttribValue(v string)

SetInstrAttribValue sets InstrAttribValue, Tag 872

type NoInstrAttribRepeatingGroup

type NoInstrAttribRepeatingGroup struct {

NoInstrAttribRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 870

func NewNoInstrAttribRepeatingGroup

func NewNoInstrAttribRepeatingGroup() NoInstrAttribRepeatingGroup

NewNoInstrAttribRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoInstrAttribRepeatingGroup

func (NoInstrAttribRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoInstrAttrib to this group

func (NoInstrAttribRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoInstrAttrib in the NoInstrAttribRepeatinGroup

type NoInstrumentParties

type NoInstrumentParties struct {

NoInstrumentParties is a repeating group element, Tag 1018

func (NoInstrumentParties) GetInstrumentPartyID

func (m NoInstrumentParties) GetInstrumentPartyID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetInstrumentPartyID gets InstrumentPartyID, Tag 1019

func (NoInstrumentParties) GetInstrumentPartyIDSource

func (m NoInstrumentParties) GetInstrumentPartyIDSource() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetInstrumentPartyIDSource gets InstrumentPartyIDSource, Tag 1050

func (NoInstrumentParties) GetInstrumentPartyRole

func (m NoInstrumentParties) GetInstrumentPartyRole() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetInstrumentPartyRole gets InstrumentPartyRole, Tag 1051

func (NoInstrumentParties) GetNoInstrumentPartySubIDs

GetNoInstrumentPartySubIDs gets NoInstrumentPartySubIDs, Tag 1052

func (NoInstrumentParties) HasInstrumentPartyID

func (m NoInstrumentParties) HasInstrumentPartyID() bool

HasInstrumentPartyID returns true if InstrumentPartyID is present, Tag 1019

func (NoInstrumentParties) HasInstrumentPartyIDSource

func (m NoInstrumentParties) HasInstrumentPartyIDSource() bool

HasInstrumentPartyIDSource returns true if InstrumentPartyIDSource is present, Tag 1050

func (NoInstrumentParties) HasInstrumentPartyRole

func (m NoInstrumentParties) HasInstrumentPartyRole() bool

HasInstrumentPartyRole returns true if InstrumentPartyRole is present, Tag 1051

func (NoInstrumentParties) HasNoInstrumentPartySubIDs

func (m NoInstrumentParties) HasNoInstrumentPartySubIDs() bool

HasNoInstrumentPartySubIDs returns true if NoInstrumentPartySubIDs is present, Tag 1052

func (NoInstrumentParties) SetInstrumentPartyID

func (m NoInstrumentParties) SetInstrumentPartyID(v string)

SetInstrumentPartyID sets InstrumentPartyID, Tag 1019

func (NoInstrumentParties) SetInstrumentPartyIDSource

func (m NoInstrumentParties) SetInstrumentPartyIDSource(v string)

SetInstrumentPartyIDSource sets InstrumentPartyIDSource, Tag 1050

func (NoInstrumentParties) SetInstrumentPartyRole

func (m NoInstrumentParties) SetInstrumentPartyRole(v int)

SetInstrumentPartyRole sets InstrumentPartyRole, Tag 1051

func (NoInstrumentParties) SetNoInstrumentPartySubIDs

func (m NoInstrumentParties) SetNoInstrumentPartySubIDs(f NoInstrumentPartySubIDsRepeatingGroup)

SetNoInstrumentPartySubIDs sets NoInstrumentPartySubIDs, Tag 1052

type NoInstrumentPartiesRepeatingGroup

type NoInstrumentPartiesRepeatingGroup struct {

NoInstrumentPartiesRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 1018

func NewNoInstrumentPartiesRepeatingGroup

func NewNoInstrumentPartiesRepeatingGroup() NoInstrumentPartiesRepeatingGroup

NewNoInstrumentPartiesRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoInstrumentPartiesRepeatingGroup

func (NoInstrumentPartiesRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoInstrumentParties to this group

func (NoInstrumentPartiesRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoInstrumentParties in the NoInstrumentPartiesRepeatinGroup

type NoInstrumentPartySubIDs

type NoInstrumentPartySubIDs struct {

NoInstrumentPartySubIDs is a repeating group element, Tag 1052

func (NoInstrumentPartySubIDs) GetInstrumentPartySubID

func (m NoInstrumentPartySubIDs) GetInstrumentPartySubID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetInstrumentPartySubID gets InstrumentPartySubID, Tag 1053

func (NoInstrumentPartySubIDs) GetInstrumentPartySubIDType

func (m NoInstrumentPartySubIDs) GetInstrumentPartySubIDType() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetInstrumentPartySubIDType gets InstrumentPartySubIDType, Tag 1054

func (NoInstrumentPartySubIDs) HasInstrumentPartySubID

func (m NoInstrumentPartySubIDs) HasInstrumentPartySubID() bool

HasInstrumentPartySubID returns true if InstrumentPartySubID is present, Tag 1053

func (NoInstrumentPartySubIDs) HasInstrumentPartySubIDType

func (m NoInstrumentPartySubIDs) HasInstrumentPartySubIDType() bool

HasInstrumentPartySubIDType returns true if InstrumentPartySubIDType is present, Tag 1054

func (NoInstrumentPartySubIDs) SetInstrumentPartySubID

func (m NoInstrumentPartySubIDs) SetInstrumentPartySubID(v string)

SetInstrumentPartySubID sets InstrumentPartySubID, Tag 1053

func (NoInstrumentPartySubIDs) SetInstrumentPartySubIDType

func (m NoInstrumentPartySubIDs) SetInstrumentPartySubIDType(v int)

SetInstrumentPartySubIDType sets InstrumentPartySubIDType, Tag 1054

type NoInstrumentPartySubIDsRepeatingGroup

type NoInstrumentPartySubIDsRepeatingGroup struct {

NoInstrumentPartySubIDsRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 1052

func NewNoInstrumentPartySubIDsRepeatingGroup

func NewNoInstrumentPartySubIDsRepeatingGroup() NoInstrumentPartySubIDsRepeatingGroup

NewNoInstrumentPartySubIDsRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoInstrumentPartySubIDsRepeatingGroup

func (NoInstrumentPartySubIDsRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoInstrumentPartySubIDs to this group

func (NoInstrumentPartySubIDsRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoInstrumentPartySubIDs in the NoInstrumentPartySubIDsRepeatinGroup

type NoLegSecurityAltID

type NoLegSecurityAltID struct {

NoLegSecurityAltID is a repeating group element, Tag 604

func (NoLegSecurityAltID) GetLegSecurityAltID

func (m NoLegSecurityAltID) GetLegSecurityAltID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegSecurityAltID gets LegSecurityAltID, Tag 605

func (NoLegSecurityAltID) GetLegSecurityAltIDSource

func (m NoLegSecurityAltID) GetLegSecurityAltIDSource() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegSecurityAltIDSource gets LegSecurityAltIDSource, Tag 606

func (NoLegSecurityAltID) HasLegSecurityAltID

func (m NoLegSecurityAltID) HasLegSecurityAltID() bool

HasLegSecurityAltID returns true if LegSecurityAltID is present, Tag 605

func (NoLegSecurityAltID) HasLegSecurityAltIDSource

func (m NoLegSecurityAltID) HasLegSecurityAltIDSource() bool

HasLegSecurityAltIDSource returns true if LegSecurityAltIDSource is present, Tag 606

func (NoLegSecurityAltID) SetLegSecurityAltID

func (m NoLegSecurityAltID) SetLegSecurityAltID(v string)

SetLegSecurityAltID sets LegSecurityAltID, Tag 605

func (NoLegSecurityAltID) SetLegSecurityAltIDSource

func (m NoLegSecurityAltID) SetLegSecurityAltIDSource(v string)

SetLegSecurityAltIDSource sets LegSecurityAltIDSource, Tag 606

type NoLegSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup

type NoLegSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup struct {

NoLegSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 604

func NewNoLegSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup

func NewNoLegSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup() NoLegSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup

NewNoLegSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoLegSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup

func (NoLegSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoLegSecurityAltID to this group

func (NoLegSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoLegSecurityAltID in the NoLegSecurityAltIDRepeatinGroup

type NoLegs

type NoLegs struct {

NoLegs is a repeating group element, Tag 555

func (NoLegs) GetEncodedLegIssuer

func (m NoLegs) GetEncodedLegIssuer() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEncodedLegIssuer gets EncodedLegIssuer, Tag 619

func (NoLegs) GetEncodedLegIssuerLen

func (m NoLegs) GetEncodedLegIssuerLen() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEncodedLegIssuerLen gets EncodedLegIssuerLen, Tag 618

func (NoLegs) GetEncodedLegSecurityDesc

func (m NoLegs) GetEncodedLegSecurityDesc() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEncodedLegSecurityDesc gets EncodedLegSecurityDesc, Tag 622

func (NoLegs) GetEncodedLegSecurityDescLen

func (m NoLegs) GetEncodedLegSecurityDescLen() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEncodedLegSecurityDescLen gets EncodedLegSecurityDescLen, Tag 621

func (NoLegs) GetLegCFICode

func (m NoLegs) GetLegCFICode() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegCFICode gets LegCFICode, Tag 608

func (NoLegs) GetLegContractMultiplier

func (m NoLegs) GetLegContractMultiplier() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegContractMultiplier gets LegContractMultiplier, Tag 614

func (NoLegs) GetLegContractMultiplierUnit

func (m NoLegs) GetLegContractMultiplierUnit() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegContractMultiplierUnit gets LegContractMultiplierUnit, Tag 1436

func (NoLegs) GetLegContractSettlMonth

func (m NoLegs) GetLegContractSettlMonth() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegContractSettlMonth gets LegContractSettlMonth, Tag 955

func (NoLegs) GetLegCountryOfIssue

func (m NoLegs) GetLegCountryOfIssue() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegCountryOfIssue gets LegCountryOfIssue, Tag 596

func (NoLegs) GetLegCouponPaymentDate

func (m NoLegs) GetLegCouponPaymentDate() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegCouponPaymentDate gets LegCouponPaymentDate, Tag 248

func (NoLegs) GetLegCouponRate

func (m NoLegs) GetLegCouponRate() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegCouponRate gets LegCouponRate, Tag 615

func (NoLegs) GetLegCreditRating

func (m NoLegs) GetLegCreditRating() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegCreditRating gets LegCreditRating, Tag 257

func (NoLegs) GetLegCurrency

func (m NoLegs) GetLegCurrency() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegCurrency gets LegCurrency, Tag 556

func (NoLegs) GetLegDatedDate

func (m NoLegs) GetLegDatedDate() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegDatedDate gets LegDatedDate, Tag 739

func (NoLegs) GetLegExerciseStyle

func (m NoLegs) GetLegExerciseStyle() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegExerciseStyle gets LegExerciseStyle, Tag 1420

func (NoLegs) GetLegFactor

func (m NoLegs) GetLegFactor() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegFactor gets LegFactor, Tag 253

func (NoLegs) GetLegFlowScheduleType

func (m NoLegs) GetLegFlowScheduleType() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegFlowScheduleType gets LegFlowScheduleType, Tag 1440

func (NoLegs) GetLegInstrRegistry

func (m NoLegs) GetLegInstrRegistry() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegInstrRegistry gets LegInstrRegistry, Tag 599

func (NoLegs) GetLegInterestAccrualDate

func (m NoLegs) GetLegInterestAccrualDate() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegInterestAccrualDate gets LegInterestAccrualDate, Tag 956

func (NoLegs) GetLegIssueDate

func (m NoLegs) GetLegIssueDate() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegIssueDate gets LegIssueDate, Tag 249

func (NoLegs) GetLegIssuer

func (m NoLegs) GetLegIssuer() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegIssuer gets LegIssuer, Tag 617

func (NoLegs) GetLegLocaleOfIssue

func (m NoLegs) GetLegLocaleOfIssue() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegLocaleOfIssue gets LegLocaleOfIssue, Tag 598

func (NoLegs) GetLegMaturityDate

func (m NoLegs) GetLegMaturityDate() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegMaturityDate gets LegMaturityDate, Tag 611

func (NoLegs) GetLegMaturityMonthYear

func (m NoLegs) GetLegMaturityMonthYear() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegMaturityMonthYear gets LegMaturityMonthYear, Tag 610

func (NoLegs) GetLegMaturityTime

func (m NoLegs) GetLegMaturityTime() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegMaturityTime gets LegMaturityTime, Tag 1212

func (NoLegs) GetLegOptAttribute

func (m NoLegs) GetLegOptAttribute() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegOptAttribute gets LegOptAttribute, Tag 613

func (NoLegs) GetLegOptionRatio

func (m NoLegs) GetLegOptionRatio() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegOptionRatio gets LegOptionRatio, Tag 1017

func (NoLegs) GetLegPool

func (m NoLegs) GetLegPool() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegPool gets LegPool, Tag 740

func (NoLegs) GetLegPrice

func (m NoLegs) GetLegPrice() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegPrice gets LegPrice, Tag 566

func (NoLegs) GetLegPriceUnitOfMeasure

func (m NoLegs) GetLegPriceUnitOfMeasure() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegPriceUnitOfMeasure gets LegPriceUnitOfMeasure, Tag 1421

func (NoLegs) GetLegPriceUnitOfMeasureQty

func (m NoLegs) GetLegPriceUnitOfMeasureQty() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegPriceUnitOfMeasureQty gets LegPriceUnitOfMeasureQty, Tag 1422

func (NoLegs) GetLegProduct

func (m NoLegs) GetLegProduct() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegProduct gets LegProduct, Tag 607

func (NoLegs) GetLegPutOrCall

func (m NoLegs) GetLegPutOrCall() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegPutOrCall gets LegPutOrCall, Tag 1358

func (NoLegs) GetLegRatioQty

func (m NoLegs) GetLegRatioQty() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegRatioQty gets LegRatioQty, Tag 623

func (NoLegs) GetLegRedemptionDate

func (m NoLegs) GetLegRedemptionDate() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegRedemptionDate gets LegRedemptionDate, Tag 254

func (NoLegs) GetLegRepoCollateralSecurityType

func (m NoLegs) GetLegRepoCollateralSecurityType() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegRepoCollateralSecurityType gets LegRepoCollateralSecurityType, Tag 250

func (NoLegs) GetLegRepurchaseRate

func (m NoLegs) GetLegRepurchaseRate() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegRepurchaseRate gets LegRepurchaseRate, Tag 252

func (NoLegs) GetLegRepurchaseTerm

func (m NoLegs) GetLegRepurchaseTerm() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegRepurchaseTerm gets LegRepurchaseTerm, Tag 251

func (NoLegs) GetLegSecurityDesc

func (m NoLegs) GetLegSecurityDesc() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegSecurityDesc gets LegSecurityDesc, Tag 620

func (NoLegs) GetLegSecurityExchange

func (m NoLegs) GetLegSecurityExchange() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegSecurityExchange gets LegSecurityExchange, Tag 616

func (NoLegs) GetLegSecurityID

func (m NoLegs) GetLegSecurityID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegSecurityID gets LegSecurityID, Tag 602

func (NoLegs) GetLegSecurityIDSource

func (m NoLegs) GetLegSecurityIDSource() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegSecurityIDSource gets LegSecurityIDSource, Tag 603

func (NoLegs) GetLegSecuritySubType

func (m NoLegs) GetLegSecuritySubType() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegSecuritySubType gets LegSecuritySubType, Tag 764

func (NoLegs) GetLegSecurityType

func (m NoLegs) GetLegSecurityType() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegSecurityType gets LegSecurityType, Tag 609

func (NoLegs) GetLegSide

func (m NoLegs) GetLegSide() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegSide gets LegSide, Tag 624

func (NoLegs) GetLegStateOrProvinceOfIssue

func (m NoLegs) GetLegStateOrProvinceOfIssue() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegStateOrProvinceOfIssue gets LegStateOrProvinceOfIssue, Tag 597

func (NoLegs) GetLegStrikeCurrency

func (m NoLegs) GetLegStrikeCurrency() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegStrikeCurrency gets LegStrikeCurrency, Tag 942

func (NoLegs) GetLegStrikePrice

func (m NoLegs) GetLegStrikePrice() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegStrikePrice gets LegStrikePrice, Tag 612

func (NoLegs) GetLegSymbol

func (m NoLegs) GetLegSymbol() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegSymbol gets LegSymbol, Tag 600

func (NoLegs) GetLegSymbolSfx

func (m NoLegs) GetLegSymbolSfx() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegSymbolSfx gets LegSymbolSfx, Tag 601

func (NoLegs) GetLegTimeUnit

func (m NoLegs) GetLegTimeUnit() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegTimeUnit gets LegTimeUnit, Tag 1001

func (NoLegs) GetLegUnitOfMeasure

func (m NoLegs) GetLegUnitOfMeasure() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegUnitOfMeasure gets LegUnitOfMeasure, Tag 999

func (NoLegs) GetLegUnitOfMeasureQty

func (m NoLegs) GetLegUnitOfMeasureQty() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLegUnitOfMeasureQty gets LegUnitOfMeasureQty, Tag 1224

func (NoLegs) GetNoLegSecurityAltID

GetNoLegSecurityAltID gets NoLegSecurityAltID, Tag 604

func (NoLegs) HasEncodedLegIssuer

func (m NoLegs) HasEncodedLegIssuer() bool

HasEncodedLegIssuer returns true if EncodedLegIssuer is present, Tag 619

func (NoLegs) HasEncodedLegIssuerLen

func (m NoLegs) HasEncodedLegIssuerLen() bool

HasEncodedLegIssuerLen returns true if EncodedLegIssuerLen is present, Tag 618

func (NoLegs) HasEncodedLegSecurityDesc

func (m NoLegs) HasEncodedLegSecurityDesc() bool

HasEncodedLegSecurityDesc returns true if EncodedLegSecurityDesc is present, Tag 622

func (NoLegs) HasEncodedLegSecurityDescLen

func (m NoLegs) HasEncodedLegSecurityDescLen() bool

HasEncodedLegSecurityDescLen returns true if EncodedLegSecurityDescLen is present, Tag 621

func (NoLegs) HasLegCFICode

func (m NoLegs) HasLegCFICode() bool

HasLegCFICode returns true if LegCFICode is present, Tag 608

func (NoLegs) HasLegContractMultiplier

func (m NoLegs) HasLegContractMultiplier() bool

HasLegContractMultiplier returns true if LegContractMultiplier is present, Tag 614

func (NoLegs) HasLegContractMultiplierUnit

func (m NoLegs) HasLegContractMultiplierUnit() bool

HasLegContractMultiplierUnit returns true if LegContractMultiplierUnit is present, Tag 1436

func (NoLegs) HasLegContractSettlMonth

func (m NoLegs) HasLegContractSettlMonth() bool

HasLegContractSettlMonth returns true if LegContractSettlMonth is present, Tag 955

func (NoLegs) HasLegCountryOfIssue

func (m NoLegs) HasLegCountryOfIssue() bool

HasLegCountryOfIssue returns true if LegCountryOfIssue is present, Tag 596

func (NoLegs) HasLegCouponPaymentDate

func (m NoLegs) HasLegCouponPaymentDate() bool

HasLegCouponPaymentDate returns true if LegCouponPaymentDate is present, Tag 248

func (NoLegs) HasLegCouponRate

func (m NoLegs) HasLegCouponRate() bool

HasLegCouponRate returns true if LegCouponRate is present, Tag 615

func (NoLegs) HasLegCreditRating

func (m NoLegs) HasLegCreditRating() bool

HasLegCreditRating returns true if LegCreditRating is present, Tag 257

func (NoLegs) HasLegCurrency

func (m NoLegs) HasLegCurrency() bool

HasLegCurrency returns true if LegCurrency is present, Tag 556

func (NoLegs) HasLegDatedDate

func (m NoLegs) HasLegDatedDate() bool

HasLegDatedDate returns true if LegDatedDate is present, Tag 739

func (NoLegs) HasLegExerciseStyle

func (m NoLegs) HasLegExerciseStyle() bool

HasLegExerciseStyle returns true if LegExerciseStyle is present, Tag 1420

func (NoLegs) HasLegFactor

func (m NoLegs) HasLegFactor() bool

HasLegFactor returns true if LegFactor is present, Tag 253

func (NoLegs) HasLegFlowScheduleType

func (m NoLegs) HasLegFlowScheduleType() bool

HasLegFlowScheduleType returns true if LegFlowScheduleType is present, Tag 1440

func (NoLegs) HasLegInstrRegistry

func (m NoLegs) HasLegInstrRegistry() bool

HasLegInstrRegistry returns true if LegInstrRegistry is present, Tag 599

func (NoLegs) HasLegInterestAccrualDate

func (m NoLegs) HasLegInterestAccrualDate() bool

HasLegInterestAccrualDate returns true if LegInterestAccrualDate is present, Tag 956

func (NoLegs) HasLegIssueDate

func (m NoLegs) HasLegIssueDate() bool

HasLegIssueDate returns true if LegIssueDate is present, Tag 249

func (NoLegs) HasLegIssuer

func (m NoLegs) HasLegIssuer() bool

HasLegIssuer returns true if LegIssuer is present, Tag 617

func (NoLegs) HasLegLocaleOfIssue

func (m NoLegs) HasLegLocaleOfIssue() bool

HasLegLocaleOfIssue returns true if LegLocaleOfIssue is present, Tag 598

func (NoLegs) HasLegMaturityDate

func (m NoLegs) HasLegMaturityDate() bool

HasLegMaturityDate returns true if LegMaturityDate is present, Tag 611

func (NoLegs) HasLegMaturityMonthYear

func (m NoLegs) HasLegMaturityMonthYear() bool

HasLegMaturityMonthYear returns true if LegMaturityMonthYear is present, Tag 610

func (NoLegs) HasLegMaturityTime

func (m NoLegs) HasLegMaturityTime() bool

HasLegMaturityTime returns true if LegMaturityTime is present, Tag 1212

func (NoLegs) HasLegOptAttribute

func (m NoLegs) HasLegOptAttribute() bool

HasLegOptAttribute returns true if LegOptAttribute is present, Tag 613

func (NoLegs) HasLegOptionRatio

func (m NoLegs) HasLegOptionRatio() bool

HasLegOptionRatio returns true if LegOptionRatio is present, Tag 1017

func (NoLegs) HasLegPool

func (m NoLegs) HasLegPool() bool

HasLegPool returns true if LegPool is present, Tag 740

func (NoLegs) HasLegPrice

func (m NoLegs) HasLegPrice() bool

HasLegPrice returns true if LegPrice is present, Tag 566

func (NoLegs) HasLegPriceUnitOfMeasure

func (m NoLegs) HasLegPriceUnitOfMeasure() bool

HasLegPriceUnitOfMeasure returns true if LegPriceUnitOfMeasure is present, Tag 1421

func (NoLegs) HasLegPriceUnitOfMeasureQty

func (m NoLegs) HasLegPriceUnitOfMeasureQty() bool

HasLegPriceUnitOfMeasureQty returns true if LegPriceUnitOfMeasureQty is present, Tag 1422

func (NoLegs) HasLegProduct

func (m NoLegs) HasLegProduct() bool

HasLegProduct returns true if LegProduct is present, Tag 607

func (NoLegs) HasLegPutOrCall

func (m NoLegs) HasLegPutOrCall() bool

HasLegPutOrCall returns true if LegPutOrCall is present, Tag 1358

func (NoLegs) HasLegRatioQty

func (m NoLegs) HasLegRatioQty() bool

HasLegRatioQty returns true if LegRatioQty is present, Tag 623

func (NoLegs) HasLegRedemptionDate

func (m NoLegs) HasLegRedemptionDate() bool

HasLegRedemptionDate returns true if LegRedemptionDate is present, Tag 254

func (NoLegs) HasLegRepoCollateralSecurityType

func (m NoLegs) HasLegRepoCollateralSecurityType() bool

HasLegRepoCollateralSecurityType returns true if LegRepoCollateralSecurityType is present, Tag 250

func (NoLegs) HasLegRepurchaseRate

func (m NoLegs) HasLegRepurchaseRate() bool

HasLegRepurchaseRate returns true if LegRepurchaseRate is present, Tag 252

func (NoLegs) HasLegRepurchaseTerm

func (m NoLegs) HasLegRepurchaseTerm() bool

HasLegRepurchaseTerm returns true if LegRepurchaseTerm is present, Tag 251

func (NoLegs) HasLegSecurityDesc

func (m NoLegs) HasLegSecurityDesc() bool

HasLegSecurityDesc returns true if LegSecurityDesc is present, Tag 620

func (NoLegs) HasLegSecurityExchange

func (m NoLegs) HasLegSecurityExchange() bool

HasLegSecurityExchange returns true if LegSecurityExchange is present, Tag 616

func (NoLegs) HasLegSecurityID

func (m NoLegs) HasLegSecurityID() bool

HasLegSecurityID returns true if LegSecurityID is present, Tag 602

func (NoLegs) HasLegSecurityIDSource

func (m NoLegs) HasLegSecurityIDSource() bool

HasLegSecurityIDSource returns true if LegSecurityIDSource is present, Tag 603

func (NoLegs) HasLegSecuritySubType

func (m NoLegs) HasLegSecuritySubType() bool

HasLegSecuritySubType returns true if LegSecuritySubType is present, Tag 764

func (NoLegs) HasLegSecurityType

func (m NoLegs) HasLegSecurityType() bool

HasLegSecurityType returns true if LegSecurityType is present, Tag 609

func (NoLegs) HasLegSide

func (m NoLegs) HasLegSide() bool

HasLegSide returns true if LegSide is present, Tag 624

func (NoLegs) HasLegStateOrProvinceOfIssue

func (m NoLegs) HasLegStateOrProvinceOfIssue() bool

HasLegStateOrProvinceOfIssue returns true if LegStateOrProvinceOfIssue is present, Tag 597

func (NoLegs) HasLegStrikeCurrency

func (m NoLegs) HasLegStrikeCurrency() bool

HasLegStrikeCurrency returns true if LegStrikeCurrency is present, Tag 942

func (NoLegs) HasLegStrikePrice

func (m NoLegs) HasLegStrikePrice() bool

HasLegStrikePrice returns true if LegStrikePrice is present, Tag 612

func (NoLegs) HasLegSymbol

func (m NoLegs) HasLegSymbol() bool

HasLegSymbol returns true if LegSymbol is present, Tag 600

func (NoLegs) HasLegSymbolSfx

func (m NoLegs) HasLegSymbolSfx() bool

HasLegSymbolSfx returns true if LegSymbolSfx is present, Tag 601

func (NoLegs) HasLegTimeUnit

func (m NoLegs) HasLegTimeUnit() bool

HasLegTimeUnit returns true if LegTimeUnit is present, Tag 1001

func (NoLegs) HasLegUnitOfMeasure

func (m NoLegs) HasLegUnitOfMeasure() bool

HasLegUnitOfMeasure returns true if LegUnitOfMeasure is present, Tag 999

func (NoLegs) HasLegUnitOfMeasureQty

func (m NoLegs) HasLegUnitOfMeasureQty() bool

HasLegUnitOfMeasureQty returns true if LegUnitOfMeasureQty is present, Tag 1224

func (NoLegs) HasNoLegSecurityAltID

func (m NoLegs) HasNoLegSecurityAltID() bool

HasNoLegSecurityAltID returns true if NoLegSecurityAltID is present, Tag 604

func (NoLegs) SetEncodedLegIssuer

func (m NoLegs) SetEncodedLegIssuer(v string)

SetEncodedLegIssuer sets EncodedLegIssuer, Tag 619

func (NoLegs) SetEncodedLegIssuerLen

func (m NoLegs) SetEncodedLegIssuerLen(v int)

SetEncodedLegIssuerLen sets EncodedLegIssuerLen, Tag 618

func (NoLegs) SetEncodedLegSecurityDesc

func (m NoLegs) SetEncodedLegSecurityDesc(v string)

SetEncodedLegSecurityDesc sets EncodedLegSecurityDesc, Tag 622

func (NoLegs) SetEncodedLegSecurityDescLen

func (m NoLegs) SetEncodedLegSecurityDescLen(v int)

SetEncodedLegSecurityDescLen sets EncodedLegSecurityDescLen, Tag 621

func (NoLegs) SetLegCFICode

func (m NoLegs) SetLegCFICode(v string)

SetLegCFICode sets LegCFICode, Tag 608

func (NoLegs) SetLegContractMultiplier

func (m NoLegs) SetLegContractMultiplier(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetLegContractMultiplier sets LegContractMultiplier, Tag 614

func (NoLegs) SetLegContractMultiplierUnit

func (m NoLegs) SetLegContractMultiplierUnit(v int)

SetLegContractMultiplierUnit sets LegContractMultiplierUnit, Tag 1436

func (NoLegs) SetLegContractSettlMonth

func (m NoLegs) SetLegContractSettlMonth(v string)

SetLegContractSettlMonth sets LegContractSettlMonth, Tag 955

func (NoLegs) SetLegCountryOfIssue

func (m NoLegs) SetLegCountryOfIssue(v string)

SetLegCountryOfIssue sets LegCountryOfIssue, Tag 596

func (NoLegs) SetLegCouponPaymentDate

func (m NoLegs) SetLegCouponPaymentDate(v string)

SetLegCouponPaymentDate sets LegCouponPaymentDate, Tag 248

func (NoLegs) SetLegCouponRate

func (m NoLegs) SetLegCouponRate(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetLegCouponRate sets LegCouponRate, Tag 615

func (NoLegs) SetLegCreditRating

func (m NoLegs) SetLegCreditRating(v string)

SetLegCreditRating sets LegCreditRating, Tag 257

func (NoLegs) SetLegCurrency

func (m NoLegs) SetLegCurrency(v string)

SetLegCurrency sets LegCurrency, Tag 556

func (NoLegs) SetLegDatedDate

func (m NoLegs) SetLegDatedDate(v string)

SetLegDatedDate sets LegDatedDate, Tag 739

func (NoLegs) SetLegExerciseStyle

func (m NoLegs) SetLegExerciseStyle(v int)

SetLegExerciseStyle sets LegExerciseStyle, Tag 1420

func (NoLegs) SetLegFactor

func (m NoLegs) SetLegFactor(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetLegFactor sets LegFactor, Tag 253

func (NoLegs) SetLegFlowScheduleType

func (m NoLegs) SetLegFlowScheduleType(v int)

SetLegFlowScheduleType sets LegFlowScheduleType, Tag 1440

func (NoLegs) SetLegInstrRegistry

func (m NoLegs) SetLegInstrRegistry(v string)

SetLegInstrRegistry sets LegInstrRegistry, Tag 599

func (NoLegs) SetLegInterestAccrualDate

func (m NoLegs) SetLegInterestAccrualDate(v string)

SetLegInterestAccrualDate sets LegInterestAccrualDate, Tag 956

func (NoLegs) SetLegIssueDate

func (m NoLegs) SetLegIssueDate(v string)

SetLegIssueDate sets LegIssueDate, Tag 249

func (NoLegs) SetLegIssuer

func (m NoLegs) SetLegIssuer(v string)

SetLegIssuer sets LegIssuer, Tag 617

func (NoLegs) SetLegLocaleOfIssue

func (m NoLegs) SetLegLocaleOfIssue(v string)

SetLegLocaleOfIssue sets LegLocaleOfIssue, Tag 598

func (NoLegs) SetLegMaturityDate

func (m NoLegs) SetLegMaturityDate(v string)

SetLegMaturityDate sets LegMaturityDate, Tag 611

func (NoLegs) SetLegMaturityMonthYear

func (m NoLegs) SetLegMaturityMonthYear(v string)

SetLegMaturityMonthYear sets LegMaturityMonthYear, Tag 610

func (NoLegs) SetLegMaturityTime

func (m NoLegs) SetLegMaturityTime(v string)

SetLegMaturityTime sets LegMaturityTime, Tag 1212

func (NoLegs) SetLegOptAttribute

func (m NoLegs) SetLegOptAttribute(v string)

SetLegOptAttribute sets LegOptAttribute, Tag 613

func (NoLegs) SetLegOptionRatio

func (m NoLegs) SetLegOptionRatio(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetLegOptionRatio sets LegOptionRatio, Tag 1017

func (NoLegs) SetLegPool

func (m NoLegs) SetLegPool(v string)

SetLegPool sets LegPool, Tag 740

func (NoLegs) SetLegPrice

func (m NoLegs) SetLegPrice(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetLegPrice sets LegPrice, Tag 566

func (NoLegs) SetLegPriceUnitOfMeasure

func (m NoLegs) SetLegPriceUnitOfMeasure(v string)

SetLegPriceUnitOfMeasure sets LegPriceUnitOfMeasure, Tag 1421

func (NoLegs) SetLegPriceUnitOfMeasureQty

func (m NoLegs) SetLegPriceUnitOfMeasureQty(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetLegPriceUnitOfMeasureQty sets LegPriceUnitOfMeasureQty, Tag 1422

func (NoLegs) SetLegProduct

func (m NoLegs) SetLegProduct(v int)

SetLegProduct sets LegProduct, Tag 607

func (NoLegs) SetLegPutOrCall

func (m NoLegs) SetLegPutOrCall(v int)

SetLegPutOrCall sets LegPutOrCall, Tag 1358

func (NoLegs) SetLegRatioQty

func (m NoLegs) SetLegRatioQty(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetLegRatioQty sets LegRatioQty, Tag 623

func (NoLegs) SetLegRedemptionDate

func (m NoLegs) SetLegRedemptionDate(v string)

SetLegRedemptionDate sets LegRedemptionDate, Tag 254

func (NoLegs) SetLegRepoCollateralSecurityType

func (m NoLegs) SetLegRepoCollateralSecurityType(v int)

SetLegRepoCollateralSecurityType sets LegRepoCollateralSecurityType, Tag 250

func (NoLegs) SetLegRepurchaseRate

func (m NoLegs) SetLegRepurchaseRate(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetLegRepurchaseRate sets LegRepurchaseRate, Tag 252

func (NoLegs) SetLegRepurchaseTerm

func (m NoLegs) SetLegRepurchaseTerm(v int)

SetLegRepurchaseTerm sets LegRepurchaseTerm, Tag 251

func (NoLegs) SetLegSecurityDesc

func (m NoLegs) SetLegSecurityDesc(v string)

SetLegSecurityDesc sets LegSecurityDesc, Tag 620

func (NoLegs) SetLegSecurityExchange

func (m NoLegs) SetLegSecurityExchange(v string)

SetLegSecurityExchange sets LegSecurityExchange, Tag 616

func (NoLegs) SetLegSecurityID

func (m NoLegs) SetLegSecurityID(v string)

SetLegSecurityID sets LegSecurityID, Tag 602

func (NoLegs) SetLegSecurityIDSource

func (m NoLegs) SetLegSecurityIDSource(v string)

SetLegSecurityIDSource sets LegSecurityIDSource, Tag 603

func (NoLegs) SetLegSecuritySubType

func (m NoLegs) SetLegSecuritySubType(v string)

SetLegSecuritySubType sets LegSecuritySubType, Tag 764

func (NoLegs) SetLegSecurityType

func (m NoLegs) SetLegSecurityType(v string)

SetLegSecurityType sets LegSecurityType, Tag 609

func (NoLegs) SetLegSide

func (m NoLegs) SetLegSide(v string)

SetLegSide sets LegSide, Tag 624

func (NoLegs) SetLegStateOrProvinceOfIssue

func (m NoLegs) SetLegStateOrProvinceOfIssue(v string)

SetLegStateOrProvinceOfIssue sets LegStateOrProvinceOfIssue, Tag 597

func (NoLegs) SetLegStrikeCurrency

func (m NoLegs) SetLegStrikeCurrency(v string)

SetLegStrikeCurrency sets LegStrikeCurrency, Tag 942

func (NoLegs) SetLegStrikePrice

func (m NoLegs) SetLegStrikePrice(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetLegStrikePrice sets LegStrikePrice, Tag 612

func (NoLegs) SetLegSymbol

func (m NoLegs) SetLegSymbol(v string)

SetLegSymbol sets LegSymbol, Tag 600

func (NoLegs) SetLegSymbolSfx

func (m NoLegs) SetLegSymbolSfx(v string)

SetLegSymbolSfx sets LegSymbolSfx, Tag 601

func (NoLegs) SetLegTimeUnit

func (m NoLegs) SetLegTimeUnit(v string)

SetLegTimeUnit sets LegTimeUnit, Tag 1001

func (NoLegs) SetLegUnitOfMeasure

func (m NoLegs) SetLegUnitOfMeasure(v string)

SetLegUnitOfMeasure sets LegUnitOfMeasure, Tag 999

func (NoLegs) SetLegUnitOfMeasureQty

func (m NoLegs) SetLegUnitOfMeasureQty(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetLegUnitOfMeasureQty sets LegUnitOfMeasureQty, Tag 1224

func (NoLegs) SetNoLegSecurityAltID

func (m NoLegs) SetNoLegSecurityAltID(f NoLegSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup)

SetNoLegSecurityAltID sets NoLegSecurityAltID, Tag 604

type NoLegsRepeatingGroup

type NoLegsRepeatingGroup struct {

NoLegsRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 555

func NewNoLegsRepeatingGroup

func NewNoLegsRepeatingGroup() NoLegsRepeatingGroup

NewNoLegsRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoLegsRepeatingGroup

func (NoLegsRepeatingGroup) Add

func (m NoLegsRepeatingGroup) Add() NoLegs

Add create and append a new NoLegs to this group

func (NoLegsRepeatingGroup) Get

func (m NoLegsRepeatingGroup) Get(i int) NoLegs

Get returns the ith NoLegs in the NoLegsRepeatinGroup

type NoLotTypeRules

type NoLotTypeRules struct {

NoLotTypeRules is a repeating group element, Tag 1234

func (NoLotTypeRules) GetLotType

func (m NoLotTypeRules) GetLotType() (v enum.LotType, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLotType gets LotType, Tag 1093

func (NoLotTypeRules) GetMinLotSize

func (m NoLotTypeRules) GetMinLotSize() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMinLotSize gets MinLotSize, Tag 1231

func (NoLotTypeRules) HasLotType

func (m NoLotTypeRules) HasLotType() bool

HasLotType returns true if LotType is present, Tag 1093

func (NoLotTypeRules) HasMinLotSize

func (m NoLotTypeRules) HasMinLotSize() bool

HasMinLotSize returns true if MinLotSize is present, Tag 1231

func (NoLotTypeRules) SetLotType

func (m NoLotTypeRules) SetLotType(v enum.LotType)

SetLotType sets LotType, Tag 1093

func (NoLotTypeRules) SetMinLotSize

func (m NoLotTypeRules) SetMinLotSize(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetMinLotSize sets MinLotSize, Tag 1231

type NoLotTypeRulesRepeatingGroup

type NoLotTypeRulesRepeatingGroup struct {

NoLotTypeRulesRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 1234

func NewNoLotTypeRulesRepeatingGroup

func NewNoLotTypeRulesRepeatingGroup() NoLotTypeRulesRepeatingGroup

NewNoLotTypeRulesRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoLotTypeRulesRepeatingGroup

func (NoLotTypeRulesRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoLotTypeRules to this group

func (NoLotTypeRulesRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoLotTypeRules in the NoLotTypeRulesRepeatinGroup

type NoMDFeedTypes

type NoMDFeedTypes struct {

NoMDFeedTypes is a repeating group element, Tag 1141

func (NoMDFeedTypes) GetMDBookType

func (m NoMDFeedTypes) GetMDBookType() (v enum.MDBookType, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMDBookType gets MDBookType, Tag 1021

func (NoMDFeedTypes) GetMDFeedType

func (m NoMDFeedTypes) GetMDFeedType() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMDFeedType gets MDFeedType, Tag 1022

func (NoMDFeedTypes) GetMarketDepth

func (m NoMDFeedTypes) GetMarketDepth() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMarketDepth gets MarketDepth, Tag 264

func (NoMDFeedTypes) HasMDBookType

func (m NoMDFeedTypes) HasMDBookType() bool

HasMDBookType returns true if MDBookType is present, Tag 1021

func (NoMDFeedTypes) HasMDFeedType

func (m NoMDFeedTypes) HasMDFeedType() bool

HasMDFeedType returns true if MDFeedType is present, Tag 1022

func (NoMDFeedTypes) HasMarketDepth

func (m NoMDFeedTypes) HasMarketDepth() bool

HasMarketDepth returns true if MarketDepth is present, Tag 264

func (NoMDFeedTypes) SetMDBookType

func (m NoMDFeedTypes) SetMDBookType(v enum.MDBookType)

SetMDBookType sets MDBookType, Tag 1021

func (NoMDFeedTypes) SetMDFeedType

func (m NoMDFeedTypes) SetMDFeedType(v string)

SetMDFeedType sets MDFeedType, Tag 1022

func (NoMDFeedTypes) SetMarketDepth

func (m NoMDFeedTypes) SetMarketDepth(v int)

SetMarketDepth sets MarketDepth, Tag 264

type NoMDFeedTypesRepeatingGroup

type NoMDFeedTypesRepeatingGroup struct {

NoMDFeedTypesRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 1141

func NewNoMDFeedTypesRepeatingGroup

func NewNoMDFeedTypesRepeatingGroup() NoMDFeedTypesRepeatingGroup

NewNoMDFeedTypesRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoMDFeedTypesRepeatingGroup

func (NoMDFeedTypesRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoMDFeedTypes to this group

func (NoMDFeedTypesRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoMDFeedTypes in the NoMDFeedTypesRepeatinGroup

type NoMarketSegments

type NoMarketSegments struct {

NoMarketSegments is a repeating group element, Tag 1310

func (NoMarketSegments) GetExpirationCycle

func (m NoMarketSegments) GetExpirationCycle() (v enum.ExpirationCycle, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetExpirationCycle gets ExpirationCycle, Tag 827

func (NoMarketSegments) GetHighLimitPrice

func (m NoMarketSegments) GetHighLimitPrice() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetHighLimitPrice gets HighLimitPrice, Tag 1149

func (NoMarketSegments) GetImpliedMarketIndicator

func (m NoMarketSegments) GetImpliedMarketIndicator() (v enum.ImpliedMarketIndicator, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetImpliedMarketIndicator gets ImpliedMarketIndicator, Tag 1144

func (NoMarketSegments) GetLowLimitPrice

func (m NoMarketSegments) GetLowLimitPrice() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetLowLimitPrice gets LowLimitPrice, Tag 1148

func (NoMarketSegments) GetMarketID

func (m NoMarketSegments) GetMarketID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMarketID gets MarketID, Tag 1301

func (NoMarketSegments) GetMarketSegmentID

func (m NoMarketSegments) GetMarketSegmentID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMarketSegmentID gets MarketSegmentID, Tag 1300

func (NoMarketSegments) GetMaxPriceVariation

func (m NoMarketSegments) GetMaxPriceVariation() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMaxPriceVariation gets MaxPriceVariation, Tag 1143

func (NoMarketSegments) GetMaxTradeVol

func (m NoMarketSegments) GetMaxTradeVol() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMaxTradeVol gets MaxTradeVol, Tag 1140

func (NoMarketSegments) GetMinTradeVol

func (m NoMarketSegments) GetMinTradeVol() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMinTradeVol gets MinTradeVol, Tag 562

func (NoMarketSegments) GetMultilegModel

func (m NoMarketSegments) GetMultilegModel() (v enum.MultilegModel, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMultilegModel gets MultilegModel, Tag 1377

func (NoMarketSegments) GetMultilegPriceMethod

func (m NoMarketSegments) GetMultilegPriceMethod() (v enum.MultilegPriceMethod, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMultilegPriceMethod gets MultilegPriceMethod, Tag 1378

func (NoMarketSegments) GetNoLotTypeRules

GetNoLotTypeRules gets NoLotTypeRules, Tag 1234

func (NoMarketSegments) GetNoNestedInstrAttrib

GetNoNestedInstrAttrib gets NoNestedInstrAttrib, Tag 1312

func (NoMarketSegments) GetNoStrikeRules

GetNoStrikeRules gets NoStrikeRules, Tag 1201

func (NoMarketSegments) GetNoTickRules

GetNoTickRules gets NoTickRules, Tag 1205

func (NoMarketSegments) GetNoTradingSessionRules

GetNoTradingSessionRules gets NoTradingSessionRules, Tag 1309

func (NoMarketSegments) GetPriceLimitType

func (m NoMarketSegments) GetPriceLimitType() (v enum.PriceLimitType, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetPriceLimitType gets PriceLimitType, Tag 1306

func (NoMarketSegments) GetPriceType

func (m NoMarketSegments) GetPriceType() (v enum.PriceType, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetPriceType gets PriceType, Tag 423

func (NoMarketSegments) GetRoundLot

func (m NoMarketSegments) GetRoundLot() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetRoundLot gets RoundLot, Tag 561

func (NoMarketSegments) GetTradingCurrency

func (m NoMarketSegments) GetTradingCurrency() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetTradingCurrency gets TradingCurrency, Tag 1245

func (NoMarketSegments) GetTradingReferencePrice

func (m NoMarketSegments) GetTradingReferencePrice() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetTradingReferencePrice gets TradingReferencePrice, Tag 1150

func (NoMarketSegments) HasExpirationCycle

func (m NoMarketSegments) HasExpirationCycle() bool

HasExpirationCycle returns true if ExpirationCycle is present, Tag 827

func (NoMarketSegments) HasHighLimitPrice

func (m NoMarketSegments) HasHighLimitPrice() bool

HasHighLimitPrice returns true if HighLimitPrice is present, Tag 1149

func (NoMarketSegments) HasImpliedMarketIndicator

func (m NoMarketSegments) HasImpliedMarketIndicator() bool

HasImpliedMarketIndicator returns true if ImpliedMarketIndicator is present, Tag 1144

func (NoMarketSegments) HasLowLimitPrice

func (m NoMarketSegments) HasLowLimitPrice() bool

HasLowLimitPrice returns true if LowLimitPrice is present, Tag 1148

func (NoMarketSegments) HasMarketID

func (m NoMarketSegments) HasMarketID() bool

HasMarketID returns true if MarketID is present, Tag 1301

func (NoMarketSegments) HasMarketSegmentID

func (m NoMarketSegments) HasMarketSegmentID() bool

HasMarketSegmentID returns true if MarketSegmentID is present, Tag 1300

func (NoMarketSegments) HasMaxPriceVariation

func (m NoMarketSegments) HasMaxPriceVariation() bool

HasMaxPriceVariation returns true if MaxPriceVariation is present, Tag 1143

func (NoMarketSegments) HasMaxTradeVol

func (m NoMarketSegments) HasMaxTradeVol() bool

HasMaxTradeVol returns true if MaxTradeVol is present, Tag 1140

func (NoMarketSegments) HasMinTradeVol

func (m NoMarketSegments) HasMinTradeVol() bool

HasMinTradeVol returns true if MinTradeVol is present, Tag 562

func (NoMarketSegments) HasMultilegModel

func (m NoMarketSegments) HasMultilegModel() bool

HasMultilegModel returns true if MultilegModel is present, Tag 1377

func (NoMarketSegments) HasMultilegPriceMethod

func (m NoMarketSegments) HasMultilegPriceMethod() bool

HasMultilegPriceMethod returns true if MultilegPriceMethod is present, Tag 1378

func (NoMarketSegments) HasNoLotTypeRules

func (m NoMarketSegments) HasNoLotTypeRules() bool

HasNoLotTypeRules returns true if NoLotTypeRules is present, Tag 1234

func (NoMarketSegments) HasNoNestedInstrAttrib

func (m NoMarketSegments) HasNoNestedInstrAttrib() bool

HasNoNestedInstrAttrib returns true if NoNestedInstrAttrib is present, Tag 1312

func (NoMarketSegments) HasNoStrikeRules

func (m NoMarketSegments) HasNoStrikeRules() bool

HasNoStrikeRules returns true if NoStrikeRules is present, Tag 1201

func (NoMarketSegments) HasNoTickRules

func (m NoMarketSegments) HasNoTickRules() bool

HasNoTickRules returns true if NoTickRules is present, Tag 1205

func (NoMarketSegments) HasNoTradingSessionRules

func (m NoMarketSegments) HasNoTradingSessionRules() bool

HasNoTradingSessionRules returns true if NoTradingSessionRules is present, Tag 1309

func (NoMarketSegments) HasPriceLimitType

func (m NoMarketSegments) HasPriceLimitType() bool

HasPriceLimitType returns true if PriceLimitType is present, Tag 1306

func (NoMarketSegments) HasPriceType

func (m NoMarketSegments) HasPriceType() bool

HasPriceType returns true if PriceType is present, Tag 423

func (NoMarketSegments) HasRoundLot

func (m NoMarketSegments) HasRoundLot() bool

HasRoundLot returns true if RoundLot is present, Tag 561

func (NoMarketSegments) HasTradingCurrency

func (m NoMarketSegments) HasTradingCurrency() bool

HasTradingCurrency returns true if TradingCurrency is present, Tag 1245

func (NoMarketSegments) HasTradingReferencePrice

func (m NoMarketSegments) HasTradingReferencePrice() bool

HasTradingReferencePrice returns true if TradingReferencePrice is present, Tag 1150

func (NoMarketSegments) SetExpirationCycle

func (m NoMarketSegments) SetExpirationCycle(v enum.ExpirationCycle)

SetExpirationCycle sets ExpirationCycle, Tag 827

func (NoMarketSegments) SetHighLimitPrice

func (m NoMarketSegments) SetHighLimitPrice(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetHighLimitPrice sets HighLimitPrice, Tag 1149

func (NoMarketSegments) SetImpliedMarketIndicator

func (m NoMarketSegments) SetImpliedMarketIndicator(v enum.ImpliedMarketIndicator)

SetImpliedMarketIndicator sets ImpliedMarketIndicator, Tag 1144

func (NoMarketSegments) SetLowLimitPrice

func (m NoMarketSegments) SetLowLimitPrice(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetLowLimitPrice sets LowLimitPrice, Tag 1148

func (NoMarketSegments) SetMarketID

func (m NoMarketSegments) SetMarketID(v string)

SetMarketID sets MarketID, Tag 1301

func (NoMarketSegments) SetMarketSegmentID

func (m NoMarketSegments) SetMarketSegmentID(v string)

SetMarketSegmentID sets MarketSegmentID, Tag 1300

func (NoMarketSegments) SetMaxPriceVariation

func (m NoMarketSegments) SetMaxPriceVariation(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetMaxPriceVariation sets MaxPriceVariation, Tag 1143

func (NoMarketSegments) SetMaxTradeVol

func (m NoMarketSegments) SetMaxTradeVol(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetMaxTradeVol sets MaxTradeVol, Tag 1140

func (NoMarketSegments) SetMinTradeVol

func (m NoMarketSegments) SetMinTradeVol(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetMinTradeVol sets MinTradeVol, Tag 562

func (NoMarketSegments) SetMultilegModel

func (m NoMarketSegments) SetMultilegModel(v enum.MultilegModel)

SetMultilegModel sets MultilegModel, Tag 1377

func (NoMarketSegments) SetMultilegPriceMethod

func (m NoMarketSegments) SetMultilegPriceMethod(v enum.MultilegPriceMethod)

SetMultilegPriceMethod sets MultilegPriceMethod, Tag 1378

func (NoMarketSegments) SetNoLotTypeRules

func (m NoMarketSegments) SetNoLotTypeRules(f NoLotTypeRulesRepeatingGroup)

SetNoLotTypeRules sets NoLotTypeRules, Tag 1234

func (NoMarketSegments) SetNoNestedInstrAttrib

func (m NoMarketSegments) SetNoNestedInstrAttrib(f NoNestedInstrAttribRepeatingGroup)

SetNoNestedInstrAttrib sets NoNestedInstrAttrib, Tag 1312

func (NoMarketSegments) SetNoStrikeRules

func (m NoMarketSegments) SetNoStrikeRules(f NoStrikeRulesRepeatingGroup)

SetNoStrikeRules sets NoStrikeRules, Tag 1201

func (NoMarketSegments) SetNoTickRules

func (m NoMarketSegments) SetNoTickRules(f NoTickRulesRepeatingGroup)

SetNoTickRules sets NoTickRules, Tag 1205

func (NoMarketSegments) SetNoTradingSessionRules

func (m NoMarketSegments) SetNoTradingSessionRules(f NoTradingSessionRulesRepeatingGroup)

SetNoTradingSessionRules sets NoTradingSessionRules, Tag 1309

func (NoMarketSegments) SetPriceLimitType

func (m NoMarketSegments) SetPriceLimitType(v enum.PriceLimitType)

SetPriceLimitType sets PriceLimitType, Tag 1306

func (NoMarketSegments) SetPriceType

func (m NoMarketSegments) SetPriceType(v enum.PriceType)

SetPriceType sets PriceType, Tag 423

func (NoMarketSegments) SetRoundLot

func (m NoMarketSegments) SetRoundLot(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetRoundLot sets RoundLot, Tag 561

func (NoMarketSegments) SetTradingCurrency

func (m NoMarketSegments) SetTradingCurrency(v string)

SetTradingCurrency sets TradingCurrency, Tag 1245

func (NoMarketSegments) SetTradingReferencePrice

func (m NoMarketSegments) SetTradingReferencePrice(value decimal.Decimal, scale int32)

SetTradingReferencePrice sets TradingReferencePrice, Tag 1150

type NoMarketSegmentsRepeatingGroup

type NoMarketSegmentsRepeatingGroup struct {

NoMarketSegmentsRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 1310

func NewNoMarketSegmentsRepeatingGroup

func NewNoMarketSegmentsRepeatingGroup() NoMarketSegmentsRepeatingGroup

NewNoMarketSegmentsRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoMarketSegmentsRepeatingGroup

func (NoMarketSegmentsRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoMarketSegments to this group

func (NoMarketSegmentsRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoMarketSegments in the NoMarketSegmentsRepeatinGroup

type NoMatchRules

type NoMatchRules struct {

NoMatchRules is a repeating group element, Tag 1235

func (NoMatchRules) GetMatchAlgorithm

func (m NoMatchRules) GetMatchAlgorithm() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMatchAlgorithm gets MatchAlgorithm, Tag 1142

func (NoMatchRules) GetMatchType

func (m NoMatchRules) GetMatchType() (v enum.MatchType, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMatchType gets MatchType, Tag 574

func (NoMatchRules) HasMatchAlgorithm

func (m NoMatchRules) HasMatchAlgorithm() bool

HasMatchAlgorithm returns true if MatchAlgorithm is present, Tag 1142

func (NoMatchRules) HasMatchType

func (m NoMatchRules) HasMatchType() bool

HasMatchType returns true if MatchType is present, Tag 574

func (NoMatchRules) SetMatchAlgorithm

func (m NoMatchRules) SetMatchAlgorithm(v string)

SetMatchAlgorithm sets MatchAlgorithm, Tag 1142

func (NoMatchRules) SetMatchType

func (m NoMatchRules) SetMatchType(v enum.MatchType)

SetMatchType sets MatchType, Tag 574

type NoMatchRulesRepeatingGroup

type NoMatchRulesRepeatingGroup struct {

NoMatchRulesRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 1235

func NewNoMatchRulesRepeatingGroup

func NewNoMatchRulesRepeatingGroup() NoMatchRulesRepeatingGroup

NewNoMatchRulesRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoMatchRulesRepeatingGroup

func (NoMatchRulesRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoMatchRules to this group

func (NoMatchRulesRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoMatchRules in the NoMatchRulesRepeatinGroup

type NoMaturityRules

type NoMaturityRules struct {

NoMaturityRules is a repeating group element, Tag 1236

func (NoMaturityRules) GetEndMaturityMonthYear

func (m NoMaturityRules) GetEndMaturityMonthYear() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEndMaturityMonthYear gets EndMaturityMonthYear, Tag 1226

func (NoMaturityRules) GetMaturityMonthYearFormat

func (m NoMaturityRules) GetMaturityMonthYearFormat() (v enum.MaturityMonthYearFormat, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMaturityMonthYearFormat gets MaturityMonthYearFormat, Tag 1303

func (NoMaturityRules) GetMaturityMonthYearIncrement

func (m NoMaturityRules) GetMaturityMonthYearIncrement() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMaturityMonthYearIncrement gets MaturityMonthYearIncrement, Tag 1229

func (NoMaturityRules) GetMaturityMonthYearIncrementUnits

func (m NoMaturityRules) GetMaturityMonthYearIncrementUnits() (v enum.MaturityMonthYearIncrementUnits, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMaturityMonthYearIncrementUnits gets MaturityMonthYearIncrementUnits, Tag 1302

func (NoMaturityRules) GetMaturityRuleID

func (m NoMaturityRules) GetMaturityRuleID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetMaturityRuleID gets MaturityRuleID, Tag 1222

func (NoMaturityRules) GetStartMaturityMonthYear

func (m NoMaturityRules) GetStartMaturityMonthYear() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetStartMaturityMonthYear gets StartMaturityMonthYear, Tag 1241

func (NoMaturityRules) HasEndMaturityMonthYear

func (m NoMaturityRules) HasEndMaturityMonthYear() bool

HasEndMaturityMonthYear returns true if EndMaturityMonthYear is present, Tag 1226

func (NoMaturityRules) HasMaturityMonthYearFormat

func (m NoMaturityRules) HasMaturityMonthYearFormat() bool

HasMaturityMonthYearFormat returns true if MaturityMonthYearFormat is present, Tag 1303

func (NoMaturityRules) HasMaturityMonthYearIncrement

func (m NoMaturityRules) HasMaturityMonthYearIncrement() bool

HasMaturityMonthYearIncrement returns true if MaturityMonthYearIncrement is present, Tag 1229

func (NoMaturityRules) HasMaturityMonthYearIncrementUnits

func (m NoMaturityRules) HasMaturityMonthYearIncrementUnits() bool

HasMaturityMonthYearIncrementUnits returns true if MaturityMonthYearIncrementUnits is present, Tag 1302

func (NoMaturityRules) HasMaturityRuleID

func (m NoMaturityRules) HasMaturityRuleID() bool

HasMaturityRuleID returns true if MaturityRuleID is present, Tag 1222

func (NoMaturityRules) HasStartMaturityMonthYear

func (m NoMaturityRules) HasStartMaturityMonthYear() bool

HasStartMaturityMonthYear returns true if StartMaturityMonthYear is present, Tag 1241

func (NoMaturityRules) SetEndMaturityMonthYear

func (m NoMaturityRules) SetEndMaturityMonthYear(v string)

SetEndMaturityMonthYear sets EndMaturityMonthYear, Tag 1226

func (NoMaturityRules) SetMaturityMonthYearFormat

func (m NoMaturityRules) SetMaturityMonthYearFormat(v enum.MaturityMonthYearFormat)

SetMaturityMonthYearFormat sets MaturityMonthYearFormat, Tag 1303

func (NoMaturityRules) SetMaturityMonthYearIncrement

func (m NoMaturityRules) SetMaturityMonthYearIncrement(v int)

SetMaturityMonthYearIncrement sets MaturityMonthYearIncrement, Tag 1229

func (NoMaturityRules) SetMaturityMonthYearIncrementUnits

func (m NoMaturityRules) SetMaturityMonthYearIncrementUnits(v enum.MaturityMonthYearIncrementUnits)

SetMaturityMonthYearIncrementUnits sets MaturityMonthYearIncrementUnits, Tag 1302

func (NoMaturityRules) SetMaturityRuleID

func (m NoMaturityRules) SetMaturityRuleID(v string)

SetMaturityRuleID sets MaturityRuleID, Tag 1222

func (NoMaturityRules) SetStartMaturityMonthYear

func (m NoMaturityRules) SetStartMaturityMonthYear(v string)

SetStartMaturityMonthYear sets StartMaturityMonthYear, Tag 1241

type NoMaturityRulesRepeatingGroup

type NoMaturityRulesRepeatingGroup struct {

NoMaturityRulesRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 1236

func NewNoMaturityRulesRepeatingGroup

func NewNoMaturityRulesRepeatingGroup() NoMaturityRulesRepeatingGroup

NewNoMaturityRulesRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoMaturityRulesRepeatingGroup

func (NoMaturityRulesRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoMaturityRules to this group

func (NoMaturityRulesRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoMaturityRules in the NoMaturityRulesRepeatinGroup

type NoNestedInstrAttrib

type NoNestedInstrAttrib struct {

NoNestedInstrAttrib is a repeating group element, Tag 1312

func (NoNestedInstrAttrib) GetNestedInstrAttribType

func (m NoNestedInstrAttrib) GetNestedInstrAttribType() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetNestedInstrAttribType gets NestedInstrAttribType, Tag 1210

func (NoNestedInstrAttrib) GetNestedInstrAttribValue

func (m NoNestedInstrAttrib) GetNestedInstrAttribValue() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetNestedInstrAttribValue gets NestedInstrAttribValue, Tag 1211

func (NoNestedInstrAttrib) HasNestedInstrAttribType

func (m NoNestedInstrAttrib) HasNestedInstrAttribType() bool

HasNestedInstrAttribType returns true if NestedInstrAttribType is present, Tag 1210

func (NoNestedInstrAttrib) HasNestedInstrAttribValue

func (m NoNestedInstrAttrib) HasNestedInstrAttribValue() bool

HasNestedInstrAttribValue returns true if NestedInstrAttribValue is present, Tag 1211

func (NoNestedInstrAttrib) SetNestedInstrAttribType

func (m NoNestedInstrAttrib) SetNestedInstrAttribType(v int)

SetNestedInstrAttribType sets NestedInstrAttribType, Tag 1210

func (NoNestedInstrAttrib) SetNestedInstrAttribValue

func (m NoNestedInstrAttrib) SetNestedInstrAttribValue(v string)

SetNestedInstrAttribValue sets NestedInstrAttribValue, Tag 1211

type NoNestedInstrAttribRepeatingGroup

type NoNestedInstrAttribRepeatingGroup struct {

NoNestedInstrAttribRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 1312

func NewNoNestedInstrAttribRepeatingGroup

func NewNoNestedInstrAttribRepeatingGroup() NoNestedInstrAttribRepeatingGroup

NewNoNestedInstrAttribRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoNestedInstrAttribRepeatingGroup

func (NoNestedInstrAttribRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoNestedInstrAttrib to this group

func (NoNestedInstrAttribRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoNestedInstrAttrib in the NoNestedInstrAttribRepeatinGroup

type NoOrdTypeRules

type NoOrdTypeRules struct {

NoOrdTypeRules is a repeating group element, Tag 1237

func (NoOrdTypeRules) GetOrdType

func (m NoOrdTypeRules) GetOrdType() (v enum.OrdType, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetOrdType gets OrdType, Tag 40

func (NoOrdTypeRules) HasOrdType

func (m NoOrdTypeRules) HasOrdType() bool

HasOrdType returns true if OrdType is present, Tag 40

func (NoOrdTypeRules) SetOrdType

func (m NoOrdTypeRules) SetOrdType(v enum.OrdType)

SetOrdType sets OrdType, Tag 40

type NoOrdTypeRulesRepeatingGroup

type NoOrdTypeRulesRepeatingGroup struct {

NoOrdTypeRulesRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 1237

func NewNoOrdTypeRulesRepeatingGroup

func NewNoOrdTypeRulesRepeatingGroup() NoOrdTypeRulesRepeatingGroup

NewNoOrdTypeRulesRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoOrdTypeRulesRepeatingGroup

func (NoOrdTypeRulesRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoOrdTypeRules to this group

func (NoOrdTypeRulesRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoOrdTypeRules in the NoOrdTypeRulesRepeatinGroup

type NoSecurityAltID

type NoSecurityAltID struct {

NoSecurityAltID is a repeating group element, Tag 454

func (NoSecurityAltID) GetSecurityAltID

func (m NoSecurityAltID) GetSecurityAltID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetSecurityAltID gets SecurityAltID, Tag 455

func (NoSecurityAltID) GetSecurityAltIDSource

func (m NoSecurityAltID) GetSecurityAltIDSource() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetSecurityAltIDSource gets SecurityAltIDSource, Tag 456

func (NoSecurityAltID) HasSecurityAltID

func (m NoSecurityAltID) HasSecurityAltID() bool

HasSecurityAltID returns true if SecurityAltID is present, Tag 455

func (NoSecurityAltID) HasSecurityAltIDSource

func (m NoSecurityAltID) HasSecurityAltIDSource() bool

HasSecurityAltIDSource returns true if SecurityAltIDSource is present, Tag 456

func (NoSecurityAltID) SetSecurityAltID

func (m NoSecurityAltID) SetSecurityAltID(v string)

SetSecurityAltID sets SecurityAltID, Tag 455

func (NoSecurityAltID) SetSecurityAltIDSource

func (m NoSecurityAltID) SetSecurityAltIDSource(v string)

SetSecurityAltIDSource sets SecurityAltIDSource, Tag 456

type NoSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup

type NoSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup struct {

NoSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 454

func NewNoSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup

func NewNoSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup() NoSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup

NewNoSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup

func (NoSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoSecurityAltID to this group

func (NoSecurityAltIDRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoSecurityAltID in the NoSecurityAltIDRepeatinGroup

type NoStipulations

type NoStipulations struct {

NoStipulations is a repeating group element, Tag 232

func (NoStipulations) GetStipulationType

func (m NoStipulations) GetStipulationType() (v enum.StipulationType, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetStipulationType gets StipulationType, Tag 233

func (NoStipulations) GetStipulationValue

func (m NoStipulations) GetStipulationValue() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetStipulationValue gets StipulationValue, Tag 234

func (NoStipulations) HasStipulationType

func (m NoStipulations) HasStipulationType() bool

HasStipulationType returns true if StipulationType is present, Tag 233

func (NoStipulations) HasStipulationValue

func (m NoStipulations) HasStipulationValue() bool

HasStipulationValue returns true if StipulationValue is present, Tag 234

func (NoStipulations) SetStipulationType

func (m NoStipulations) SetStipulationType(v enum.StipulationType)

SetStipulationType sets StipulationType, Tag 233

func (NoStipulations) SetStipulationValue

func (m NoStipulations) SetStipulationValue(v string)

SetStipulationValue sets StipulationValue, Tag 234

type NoStipulationsRepeatingGroup

type NoStipulationsRepeatingGroup struct {

NoStipulationsRepeatingGroup is a repeating group, Tag 232

func NewNoStipulationsRepeatingGroup

func NewNoStipulationsRepeatingGroup() NoStipulationsRepeatingGroup

NewNoStipulationsRepeatingGroup returns an initialized, NoStipulationsRepeatingGroup

func (NoStipulationsRepeatingGroup) Add

Add create and append a new NoStipulations to this group

func (NoStipulationsRepeatingGroup) Get

Get returns the ith NoStipulations in the NoStipulationsRepeatinGroup

type NoStrikeRules

type NoStrikeRules struct {

NoStrikeRules is a repeating group element, Tag 1201

func (NoStrikeRules) GetEndStrikePxRange

func (m NoStrikeRules) GetEndStrikePxRange() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetEndStrikePxRange gets EndStrikePxRange, Tag 1203

func (NoStrikeRules) GetNoMaturityRules

GetNoMaturityRules gets NoMaturityRules, Tag 1236

func (NoStrikeRules) GetStartStrikePxRange

func (m NoStrikeRules) GetStartStrikePxRange() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetStartStrikePxRange gets StartStrikePxRange, Tag 1202

func (NoStrikeRules) GetStrikeExerciseStyle

func (m NoStrikeRules) GetStrikeExerciseStyle() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetStrikeExerciseStyle gets StrikeExerciseStyle, Tag 1304

func (NoStrikeRules) GetStrikeIncrement

func (m NoStrikeRules) GetStrikeIncrement() (v decimal.Decimal, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetStrikeIncrement gets StrikeIncrement, Tag 1204

func (NoStrikeRules) GetStrikeRuleID

func (m NoStrikeRules) GetStrikeRuleID() (v string, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetStrikeRuleID gets StrikeRuleID, Tag 1223

func (NoStrikeRules) HasEndStrikePxRange

func (m NoStrikeRules) HasEndStrikePxRange() bool

HasEndStrikePxRange returns true if EndStrikePxRange is present, Tag 1203

func (NoStrikeRules) HasNoMaturityRules

func (m NoStrikeRules) HasNoMaturityRules() bool

HasNoMaturityRules returns true if NoMaturityRules is present, Tag 1236

func (NoStrikeRules) HasStartStrikePxRange

func (m NoStrikeRules) HasStartStrikePxRange()