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func Route

func Route(router RouteOut) (string, string, quickfix.MessageRoute)

Route returns the beginstring, message type, and MessageRoute for this Message type


type RouteOut

type RouteOut func(msg SequenceReset, sessionID quickfix.SessionID) quickfix.MessageRejectError

A RouteOut is the callback type that should be implemented for routing Message

type SequenceReset

type SequenceReset struct {
	Message *quickfix.Message

SequenceReset is the fixt11 SequenceReset type, MsgType = 4

func FromMessage

func FromMessage(m *quickfix.Message) SequenceReset

FromMessage creates a SequenceReset from a quickfix.Message instance

func New

func New(newseqno field.NewSeqNoField) (m SequenceReset)

New returns a SequenceReset initialized with the required fields for SequenceReset

func (SequenceReset) GetGapFillFlag

func (m SequenceReset) GetGapFillFlag() (v bool, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetGapFillFlag gets GapFillFlag, Tag 123

func (SequenceReset) GetNewSeqNo

func (m SequenceReset) GetNewSeqNo() (v int, err quickfix.MessageRejectError)

GetNewSeqNo gets NewSeqNo, Tag 36

func (SequenceReset) HasGapFillFlag

func (m SequenceReset) HasGapFillFlag() bool

HasGapFillFlag returns true if GapFillFlag is present, Tag 123

func (SequenceReset) HasNewSeqNo

func (m SequenceReset) HasNewSeqNo() bool

HasNewSeqNo returns true if NewSeqNo is present, Tag 36

func (SequenceReset) SetGapFillFlag

func (m SequenceReset) SetGapFillFlag(v bool)

SetGapFillFlag sets GapFillFlag, Tag 123

func (SequenceReset) SetNewSeqNo

func (m SequenceReset) SetNewSeqNo(v int)

SetNewSeqNo sets NewSeqNo, Tag 36

func (SequenceReset) ToMessage

func (m SequenceReset) ToMessage() *quickfix.Message

ToMessage returns a quickfix.Message instance