Package tenants provides information and interaction with the tenants API resource for the OpenStack Identity service.

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    func List

    func List(client *gophercloud.ServiceClient, opts *ListOpts) pagination.Pager

      List enumerates the Tenants to which the current token has access.


      type ListOpts

      type ListOpts struct {
      	// Marker is the ID of the last Tenant on the previous page.
      	Marker string `q:"marker"`
      	// Limit specifies the page size.
      	Limit int `q:"limit"`

        ListOpts filters the Tenants that are returned by the List call.

        type Tenant

        type Tenant struct {
        	// ID is a unique identifier for this tenant.
        	ID string `mapstructure:"id"`
        	// Name is a friendlier user-facing name for this tenant.
        	Name string `mapstructure:"name"`
        	// Description is a human-readable explanation of this Tenant's purpose.
        	Description string `mapstructure:"description"`
        	// Enabled indicates whether or not a tenant is active.
        	Enabled bool `mapstructure:"enabled"`

          Tenant is a grouping of users in the identity service.

          func ExtractTenants

          func ExtractTenants(page pagination.Page) ([]Tenant, error)

            ExtractTenants returns a slice of Tenants contained in a single page of results.

            type TenantPage

            type TenantPage struct {

              TenantPage is a single page of Tenant results.

              func (TenantPage) IsEmpty

              func (page TenantPage) IsEmpty() (bool, error)

                IsEmpty determines whether or not a page of Tenants contains any results.

                func (TenantPage) NextPageURL

                func (page TenantPage) NextPageURL() (string, error)

                  NextPageURL extracts the "next" link from the tenants_links section of the result.