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func Create

    Create requests the creation of a server from the given block device mapping.


    type BlockDevice

    type BlockDevice struct {
    	// BootIndex [optional] is the boot index. It defaults to 0.
    	BootIndex int `json:"boot_index"`
    	// DeleteOnTermination [optional] specifies whether or not to delete the attached volume
    	// when the server is deleted. Defaults to `false`.
    	DeleteOnTermination bool `json:"delete_on_termination"`
    	// DestinationType [optional] is the type that gets created. Possible values are "volume"
    	// and "local".
    	DestinationType string `json:"destination_type"`
    	// SourceType [required] must be one of: "volume", "snapshot", "image".
    	SourceType SourceType `json:"source_type"`
    	// UUID [required] is the unique identifier for the volume, snapshot, or image (see above)
    	UUID string `json:"uuid"`
    	// VolumeSize [optional] is the size of the volume to create (in gigabytes).
    	VolumeSize int `json:"volume_size"`

      BlockDevice is a structure with options for booting a server instance from a volume. The volume may be created from an image, snapshot, or another volume.

      type CreateOptsExt

      type CreateOptsExt struct {
      	BlockDevice []BlockDevice `json:"block_device_mapping_v2,omitempty"`

        CreateOptsExt is a structure that extends the server `CreateOpts` structure by allowing for a block device mapping.

        func (CreateOptsExt) ToServerCreateMap

        func (opts CreateOptsExt) ToServerCreateMap() (map[string]interface{}, error)

          ToServerCreateMap adds the block device mapping option to the base server creation options.

          type CreateResult

          type CreateResult struct {

            CreateResult temporarily contains the response from a Create call.

            type SourceType

            type SourceType string

              SourceType represents the type of medium being used to create the volume.

              const (
              	Volume   SourceType = "volume"
              	Snapshot SourceType = "snapshot"
              	Image    SourceType = "image"