Package objects provides information and interaction with the Object API resource for the Rackspace Cloud Files service.



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    func Copy

    func Copy(c *gophercloud.ServiceClient, containerName, objectName string, opts os.CopyOptsBuilder) os.CopyResult

      Copy is a function that copies one object to another.

      func Create

      func Create(c *gophercloud.ServiceClient, containerName, objectName string, content io.Reader, opts os.CreateOptsBuilder) os.CreateResult

        Create is a function that creates a new object or replaces an existing object.

        func Delete

        func Delete(c *gophercloud.ServiceClient, containerName, objectName string, opts os.DeleteOptsBuilder) os.DeleteResult

          Delete is a function that deletes an object.

          func Download

          func Download(c *gophercloud.ServiceClient, containerName, objectName string, opts os.DownloadOptsBuilder) os.DownloadResult

            Download is a function that retrieves the content and metadata for an object. To extract just the content, pass the DownloadResult response to the ExtractContent function.

            func ExtractInfo

            func ExtractInfo(page pagination.Page) ([]os.Object, error)

              ExtractInfo is a function that takes a page of objects and returns their full information.

              func ExtractNames

              func ExtractNames(page pagination.Page) ([]string, error)

                ExtractNames is a function that takes a page of objects and returns only their names.

                func Get

                func Get(c *gophercloud.ServiceClient, containerName, objectName string, opts os.GetOptsBuilder) os.GetResult

                  Get is a function that retrieves the metadata of an object. To extract just the custom metadata, pass the GetResult response to the ExtractMetadata function.

                  func List

                  func List(c *gophercloud.ServiceClient, containerName string, opts os.ListOptsBuilder) pagination.Pager

                    List is a function that retrieves objects in the container as well as container metadata. It returns a pager which can be iterated with the EachPage function.

                    func Update

                    func Update(c *gophercloud.ServiceClient, containerName, objectName string, opts os.UpdateOptsBuilder) os.UpdateResult

                      Update is a function that creates, updates, or deletes an object's metadata.


                      type CopyOpts

                      type CopyOpts struct {
                      	Metadata           map[string]string
                      	ContentDisposition string `h:"Content-Disposition"`
                      	ContentEncoding    string `h:"Content-Encoding"`
                      	ContentLength      int    `h:"Content-Length"`
                      	ContentType        string `h:"Content-Type"`
                      	CopyFrom           string `h:"X-Copy_From"`
                      	Destination        string `h:"Destination"`
                      	DetectContentType  bool   `h:"X-Detect-Content-Type"`

                        CopyOpts is a structure that holds parameters for copying one object to another.

                        func (CopyOpts) ToObjectCopyMap

                        func (opts CopyOpts) ToObjectCopyMap() (map[string]string, error)

                          ToObjectCopyMap formats a CopyOpts into a map of headers.

                          Source Files