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func BackendConnectionDec

func BackendConnectionDec(address string)

BackendConnectionDec dec 1

func BackendConnectionInc

func BackendConnectionInc(address string)

BackendConnectionInc add 1

func BackendDec

func BackendDec(btype string)

BackendDec dec 1

func BackendInc

func BackendInc(btype string)

BackendInc add 1

func BackendSet added in v1.1.4

func BackendSet(btype string, v float64)

BackendSet set backend num.

func ClientConnectionDec

func ClientConnectionDec(user string)

ClientConnectionDec dec 1

func ClientConnectionInc

func ClientConnectionInc(user string)

ClientConnectionInc add 1

func DiskUsageSet

func DiskUsageSet(v float64)

DiskUsageSet set usage of disk

func PeerNumDec added in v1.0.2

func PeerNumDec()

PeerNumDec dec 1

func PeerNumInc added in v1.0.2

func PeerNumInc()

PeerNumInc add 1

func PeerNumSet added in v1.0.2

func PeerNumSet(v float64)

PeerNumSet set value

func QueryTotalCounterInc

func QueryTotalCounterInc(command string, result string)

QueryTotalCounterInc add 1

func SlowQueryTotalCounterInc

func SlowQueryTotalCounterInc(command string, result string)

SlowQueryTotalCounterInc add 1

func Start

func Start(log *xlog.Log, conf *config.Config)

Start monitor


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