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func MakePath

func MakePath(index string, doc_type string, id string) (string, error)

Create path out of index, doc_type and id that is used for querying Elasticsearch

func UrlEncode

func UrlEncode(params map[string]string) string

Encode parameters in url


type Connection

type Connection struct {
	Url      string
	Username string
	Password string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type ConnectionPool

type ConnectionPool struct {
	Connections []*Connection

	// options
	Dead_timeout time.Duration
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*ConnectionPool) GetConnection

func (pool *ConnectionPool) GetConnection() *Connection

func (*ConnectionPool) MarkDead

func (pool *ConnectionPool) MarkDead(conn *Connection) error

If a connection fails, it will be marked as dead and put on timeout. timeout = default_timeout * 2 ** (fail_count - 1) When the timeout is over, the connection will be resurrected and returned to the live pool

func (*ConnectionPool) MarkLive

func (pool *ConnectionPool) MarkLive(conn *Connection) error

A connection that has been previously marked as dead and succeeds will be marked as live and the dead_count is set to zero

func (*ConnectionPool) SelectRoundRobin

func (pool *ConnectionPool) SelectRoundRobin() *Connection

func (*ConnectionPool) SetConnections

func (pool *ConnectionPool) SetConnections(urls []string, username string, password string) error

func (*ConnectionPool) SetDeadTimeout

func (pool *ConnectionPool) SetDeadTimeout(timeout int)

type Elasticsearch

type Elasticsearch struct {
	MaxRetries int
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewElasticsearch

func NewElasticsearch(urls []string, username string, password string) *Elasticsearch

Create a connection to Elasticsearch

func (*Elasticsearch) Bulk

func (es *Elasticsearch) Bulk(index string, doc_type string,
	params map[string]string, body chan interface{}) (*QueryResult, error)

Perform many index/delete operations in a single API call. Implements: http://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/docs-bulk.html

func (*Elasticsearch) BulkRequest

func (es *Elasticsearch) BulkRequest(method string, path string,
	params map[string]string, body chan interface{}) ([]byte, error)

Create a HTTP request containing a bunch of operations and send them to Elasticsearch. The request is retransmitted up to max_retries before returning an error.

func (*Elasticsearch) CreateIndex

func (es *Elasticsearch) CreateIndex(index string) (*QueryResult, error)

Adds a typed JSON document in a specific index, making it searchable. Implements: <http://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/docs-index_.html>

func (*Elasticsearch) Delete

func (es *Elasticsearch) Delete(index string, doc_type string, id string, params map[string]string) (*QueryResult, error)

Deletes a typed JSON document from a specific index based on its id. Implements: http://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/docs-delete.html

func (*Elasticsearch) Index

func (es *Elasticsearch) Index(index string, doc_type string, id string,
	params map[string]string, body interface{}) (*QueryResult, error)

Index adds or updates a typed JSON document in a specified index, making it searchable. In case id is empty, a new id is created over a HTTP POST request. Otherwise, a HTTP PUT request is issued. Implements: http://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/docs-index_.html

func (*Elasticsearch) PerformRequest

func (es *Elasticsearch) PerformRequest(conn *Connection, req *http.Request) ([]byte, bool, error)

Perform the actual request. If the operation was successful, mark it as live and return the response. If it fails, mark it as dead for a period of time. It returns the response, if it should retry sending the request and the error

func (*Elasticsearch) Refresh

func (es *Elasticsearch) Refresh(index string) (*QueryResult, error)

Refresh an index. Call this after doing inserts or creating/deleting indexes in unit tests.

func (*Elasticsearch) Request

func (es *Elasticsearch) Request(method string, path string,
	params map[string]string, body interface{}) ([]byte, error)

Create an HTTP request and send it to Elasticsearch. The request is retransmitted max_retries before returning an error.

func (*Elasticsearch) SearchUri

func (es *Elasticsearch) SearchUri(index string, doc_type string, params map[string]string) (*SearchResults, error)

A search request can be executed purely using a URI by providing request parameters. Implements: http://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/search-uri-request.html

func (*Elasticsearch) SetMaxRetries

func (es *Elasticsearch) SetMaxRetries(max_retries int)

type ElasticsearchOutput

type ElasticsearchOutput struct {
	Index          string
	TopologyExpire int
	Conn           *Elasticsearch
	FlushInterval  time.Duration
	BulkMaxSize    int

	TopologyMap map[string]string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*ElasticsearchOutput) EnableTTL

func (out *ElasticsearchOutput) EnableTTL() error

Enable using ttl as paramters in a server-ip doc type

func (*ElasticsearchOutput) GetNameByIP

func (out *ElasticsearchOutput) GetNameByIP(ip string) string

Get the name of a shipper by its IP address from the local topology map

func (*ElasticsearchOutput) Init

func (out *ElasticsearchOutput) Init(config outputs.MothershipConfig, topology_expire int) error

Initialize Elasticsearch as output

func (*ElasticsearchOutput) InsertBulkMessage

func (out *ElasticsearchOutput) InsertBulkMessage(bulkChannel chan interface{})

Insert a list of events in the bulkChannel

func (*ElasticsearchOutput) PublishEvent

func (out *ElasticsearchOutput) PublishEvent(ts time.Time, event common.MapStr) error

Publish an event by adding it to the queue of events.

func (*ElasticsearchOutput) PublishIPs

func (out *ElasticsearchOutput) PublishIPs(name string, localAddrs []string) error

Each shipper publishes a list of IPs together with its name to Elasticsearch

func (*ElasticsearchOutput) SendMessagesGoroutine

func (out *ElasticsearchOutput) SendMessagesGoroutine()

Goroutine that sends one or multiple events to Elasticsearch. If the flush_interval > 0, then the events are sent in batches. Otherwise, one by one.

func (*ElasticsearchOutput) UpdateLocalTopologyMap

func (out *ElasticsearchOutput) UpdateLocalTopologyMap()

Update the local topology map

type EventMsg

type EventMsg struct {
	Ts    time.Time
	Event common.MapStr

type Hits

type Hits struct {
	Total int
	Hits  []json.RawMessage `json:"hits"`

type PublishedTopology

type PublishedTopology struct {
	Name string
	IPs  string

type QueryResult

type QueryResult struct {
	Ok      bool            `json:"ok"`
	Index   string          `json:"_index"`
	Type    string          `json:"_type"`
	Id      string          `json:"_id"`
	Source  json.RawMessage `json:"_source"`
	Version int             `json:"_version"`
	Found   bool            `json:"found"`
	Exists  bool            `json:"exists"`
	Created bool            `json:"created"`
	Matches []string        `json:"matches"`

func ReadQueryResult

func ReadQueryResult(obj []byte) (*QueryResult, error)

func (QueryResult) String

func (r QueryResult) String() string

type SearchResults

type SearchResults struct {
	Took   int                        `json:"took"`
	Shards json.RawMessage            `json:"_shards"`
	Hits   Hits                       `json:"hits"`
	Aggs   map[string]json.RawMessage `json:"aggregations"`

func ReadSearchResult

func ReadSearchResult(obj []byte) (*SearchResults, error)

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