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Package vars contains basic types for manipulating Elvish variables.



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func IsBlackhole

func IsBlackhole(v Var) bool

IsBlackhole returns whether the variable is a blackhole variable.


type Var

type Var interface {
	Set(v interface{}) error
	Get() interface{}

Var represents an Elvish variable.

func FromGet

func FromGet(get func() interface{}) Var

FromGet makes a variable from a get callback. The variable is read-only.

func FromPtr

func FromPtr(p interface{}) Var

FromPtr creates a variable from a pointer. The variable is kept in sync with the value the pointer points to, using elvToGo and goToElv conversions when Get and Set.

func FromSetGet

func FromSetGet(set func(interface{}) error, get func() interface{}) Var

FromSetGet makes a variable from a set callback and a get callback.

func NewAnyWithInit

func NewAnyWithInit(v interface{}) Var

NewAnyWithInit creates a variable with an initial value. The variable created can be assigned values of any type.

func NewBlackhole

func NewBlackhole() Var

NewBlackhole returns a blackhole variable. Assignments to a blackhole variable will be discarded, and getting a blackhole variable always returns an empty string.

func NewEnv

func NewEnv(name string) Var

NewEnv returns an environment variable.

func NewRo

func NewRo(v interface{}) Var

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