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var (
	FallbackLog *log.Logger


func Connect

func Connect(name, hostAndPort string) (err error)

func ConnectLocal

func ConnectLocal(name string) (err error)

func Debug

func Debug(m string)

func Disconnect

func Disconnect() error

func Info

func Info(m string)

func Notice

func Notice(m string)

func Warning

func Warning(m string)

func Warningf

func Warningf(m string, a ...interface{})


type Logger

type Logger struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewLogger

func NewLogger(id string) Logger

func (Logger) Alert

func (l Logger) Alert(m string)

func (Logger) Crit

func (l Logger) Crit(m string)

func (Logger) Critf

func (l Logger) Critf(m string, a ...interface{})

func (Logger) Debug

func (l Logger) Debug(m string)

func (Logger) Debugf

func (l Logger) Debugf(m string, a ...interface{})

func (Logger) Emerg

func (l Logger) Emerg(m string)

func (Logger) Error

func (l Logger) Error(e error)

func (Logger) Errorf

func (l Logger) Errorf(s string, a ...interface{})

func (Logger) Info

func (l Logger) Info(m string)

func (Logger) Infof

func (l Logger) Infof(s string, a ...interface{})

func (Logger) Notice

func (l Logger) Notice(m string)

func (Logger) Warning

func (l Logger) Warning(m string)

func (Logger) Warningf

func (l Logger) Warningf(m string, a ...interface{})

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