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type BrokerOAuthConfig

type BrokerOAuthConfig struct {
	ClientID     string
	ClientSecret string
	Scope        string

type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewClient

func NewClient(ctx context.Context, config Config, globalAccountID, instanceID, subAccountID string, oAuthCfg BrokerOAuthConfig, log logrus.FieldLogger) *Client

func (*Client) AwaitOperationSucceeded

func (c *Client) AwaitOperationSucceeded(operationID string, timeout time.Duration) error

func (*Client) ClusterName

func (c *Client) ClusterName() string

func (*Client) DeprovisionRuntime

func (c *Client) DeprovisionRuntime() (string, error)

func (*Client) FetchDashboardURL

func (c *Client) FetchDashboardURL() (string, error)

func (*Client) GlobalAccountID

func (c *Client) GlobalAccountID() string

func (*Client) InstanceID

func (c *Client) InstanceID() string

func (*Client) ProvisionRuntime

func (c *Client) ProvisionRuntime(kymaVersion string) (string, error)

ProvisionRuntime requests Runtime provisioning in KEB kymaVersion is optional, if it is empty, the default KEB version will be used

func (*Client) SubAccountID

func (c *Client) SubAccountID() string

type Config

type Config struct {
	ClientName   string
	TokenURL     string
	URL          string
	ProvisionGCP bool

type OrchestrationResponse

type OrchestrationResponse struct {
	OrchestrationID string
	State           string

type Runtime

type Runtime struct {
	RuntimeID         string `json:"runtimeId"`
	ServiceInstanceID string `json:"serviceInstanceId"`

type RuntimeTarget

type RuntimeTarget struct {
	RuntimeID string `json:"runtimeId,omitempty"`

type Target

type Target struct {
	Include []RuntimeTarget `json:"include"`

type UpgradeClient

type UpgradeClient struct {
	URL string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewUpgradeClient

func NewUpgradeClient(ctx context.Context, oAuthConfig BrokerOAuthConfig, config Config, log logrus.FieldLogger) *UpgradeClient

func (*UpgradeClient) AwaitOperationFinished

func (c *UpgradeClient) AwaitOperationFinished(orchestrationID string, timeout time.Duration) error

func (*UpgradeClient) FetchRuntimeID

func (c *UpgradeClient) FetchRuntimeID(instanceID string) (string, error)

func (*UpgradeClient) UpgradeRuntime

func (c *UpgradeClient) UpgradeRuntime(runtimeID string) (string, error)

type UpgradeRuntimeRequest

type UpgradeRuntimeRequest struct {
	Targets Target `json:"targets"`

type UpgradeRuntimeResponse

type UpgradeRuntimeResponse struct {
	OrchestrationID string `json:"orchestration_id"`

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