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func CheckEvent

func CheckEvent(target string, statusCode int, retryOptions ...retry.Option) error

CheckEvent checks whether the subscriber has received the event or not

func CreateApplication

func CreateApplication(appConnectorInterface appconnectorclientset.Interface, name string, applicationOptions ...ApplicationOption) error

func CreateApplicationMapping

func CreateApplicationMapping(appBroker appbrokerclientset.Interface, name, namespace string) error

func CreateServiceInstance

func CreateServiceInstance(serviceCatalogInterface servicecatalogclientset.Interface, serviceId, namespace string) error

func CreateSubscriber

func CreateSubscriber(k8s k8s.Interface, name, namespace string, subscriberOptions ...SubscriberOption) error

func CreateSubscription

func CreateSubscription(dynamicClient dynamic.Interface, name, namespace string, subOptions ...SubOption) error

func SendEvent

func SendEvent(target, eventType, eventTypeVersion string) error

SendEvent sends event to the application gateway

func WaitForApplication

func WaitForApplication(appConnector appconnectorclientset.Interface, name string) error

func WaitForServiceInstance

func WaitForServiceInstance(serviceCatalog servicecatalogclientset.Interface, name, namespace string, retryOptions ...retry.Option) error

func WaitForSubscriber

func WaitForSubscriber(k8s k8s.Interface, name, namespace string) error

func WaitForSubscriptionReady

func WaitForSubscriptionReady(dynamicClient dynamic.Interface, name, namespace string, retryOptions ...retry.Option) error


type ApplicationOption

type ApplicationOption func(*appconnectorv1alpha1.Application)

func WithAccessLabel

func WithAccessLabel(label string) ApplicationOption

func WithEventService

func WithEventService(id string) ApplicationOption

type SubOption

type SubOption func(trigger *eventingv1alpha1.Subscription)

func WithFilter

func WithFilter(eventVersion, eventTypeRaw, appName string) SubOption

func WithSink

func WithSink(sink string) SubOption

type SubscriberOption

type SubscriberOption func(deployment *appsv1.Deployment)

func WithSubscriberImage

func WithSubscriberImage(image string) SubscriberOption

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