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type Fib

type Fib struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewFib

func NewFib() *Fib

func (*Fib) Next

func (this *Fib) Next() int

func (*Fib) Sequence

func (this *Fib) Sequence(length int) []int

type Point2

type Point2 struct {
	X, Y int

Point2 implements the gospec.Equality interface, so it can be compared for equality in GoSpec specs.

If the type can be used as a value, like in this case, then extra care is needed when writing the Equals method because the other object can be a value or a pointer to a value.

func (Point2) Equals

func (this Point2) Equals(other interface{}) bool

type Point3

type Point3 struct {
	X, Y, Z int

Point3 also implements the gospec.Equality interface, but unlike with Point2, here we assume that Point3 will not be used as a value. That makes the Equals method somewhat simpler.

func (*Point3) Equals

func (this *Point3) Equals(other interface{}) bool

type Stack

type Stack struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewStack

func NewStack() *Stack

func (*Stack) Empty

func (this *Stack) Empty() bool

func (*Stack) Pop

func (this *Stack) Pop() interface{}

func (*Stack) Push

func (this *Stack) Push(obj interface{})

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