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var (
	HasEngine bool

	DbCfg struct {
		Type, Host, Name, User, Pwd, Path, SslMode string

	UseSQLite3 bool


func AddCollector

func AddCollector(cmd *m.AddCollectorCommand) error

func AddCollectorSession

func AddCollectorSession(cmd *m.AddCollectorSessionCommand) error

func AddEndpoint

func AddEndpoint(cmd *m.AddEndpointCommand) error

func AddMonitor

func AddMonitor(cmd *m.AddMonitorCommand) error

func ClearCollectorSession

func ClearCollectorSession(cmd *m.ClearCollectorSessionCommand) error

func CopyPublicCollectorTags

func CopyPublicCollectorTags(orgId int64, sess *session) error

func DeleteCollector

func DeleteCollector(cmd *m.DeleteCollectorCommand) error

func DeleteCollectorSession

func DeleteCollectorSession(cmd *m.DeleteCollectorSessionCommand) error

func DeleteEndpoint

func DeleteEndpoint(cmd *m.DeleteEndpointCommand) error

func DeleteMonitor

func DeleteMonitor(cmd *m.DeleteMonitorCommand) error

func DeleteMonitorTransaction

func DeleteMonitorTransaction(cmd *m.DeleteMonitorCommand, sess *session) error

func GetAlertSchedulerValue

func GetAlertSchedulerValue(query *m.GetAlertSchedulerValueQuery) error

func GetAllEndpointTags

func GetAllEndpointTags(query *m.GetAllEndpointTagsQuery) error

func GetCollectorById

func GetCollectorById(query *m.GetCollectorByIdQuery) error

func GetCollectorByName

func GetCollectorByName(query *m.GetCollectorByNameQuery) error

func GetCollectorSessions

func GetCollectorSessions(query *m.GetCollectorSessionsQuery) error

func GetCollectorSessionsTransaction

func GetCollectorSessionsTransaction(query *m.GetCollectorSessionsQuery, sess *session) error

func GetCollectorTags

func GetCollectorTags(query *m.GetAllCollectorTagsQuery) error

func GetCollectors

func GetCollectors(query *m.GetCollectorsQuery) error

func GetEndpointById

func GetEndpointById(query *m.GetEndpointByIdQuery) error

func GetEndpointByIdTransaction

func GetEndpointByIdTransaction(query *m.GetEndpointByIdQuery, sess *session) error

func GetEndpoints

func GetEndpoints(query *m.GetEndpointsQuery) error

func GetGlobalQuotaByTarget

func GetGlobalQuotaByTarget(query *m.GetGlobalQuotaByTargetQuery) error

func GetMonitorById

func GetMonitorById(query *m.GetMonitorByIdQuery) error

func GetMonitorTypes

func GetMonitorTypes(query *m.GetMonitorTypesQuery) error

func GetMonitors

func GetMonitors(query *m.GetMonitorsQuery) error

func GetMonitorsForAlerts

func GetMonitorsForAlerts(query *m.GetMonitorsForAlertsQuery) error

GetMonitorsForAlerts finds monitors where ts % freq = offset.

func GetOrgQuotaByTarget

func GetOrgQuotaByTarget(query *m.GetOrgQuotaByTargetQuery) error

func GetOrgQuotas

func GetOrgQuotas(query *m.GetOrgQuotasQuery) error

func LoadConfig

func LoadConfig()

func NewEngine

func NewEngine()

func SetEngine

func SetEngine(engine *xorm.Engine, enableLog bool) (err error)

func UpdateAlertSchedulerValue

func UpdateAlertSchedulerValue(cmd *m.UpdateAlertSchedulerValueCommand) error

func UpdateCollector

func UpdateCollector(cmd *m.UpdateCollectorCommand) error

func UpdateEndpoint

func UpdateEndpoint(cmd *m.UpdateEndpointCommand) error

func UpdateMonitor

func UpdateMonitor(cmd *m.UpdateMonitorCommand) error

func UpdateMonitorState

func UpdateMonitorState(cmd *m.UpdateMonitorStateCommand) error

func UpdateOrgQuota

func UpdateOrgQuota(cmd *m.UpdateOrgQuotaCmd) error


type CollectorId

type CollectorId struct {
	CollectorId int64

type CollectorWithTag

type CollectorWithTag struct {
	Id            int64
	OrgId         int64
	Name          string
	Slug          string
	Tags          string
	Latitude      float64
	Longitude     float64
	Public        bool
	Created       time.Time
	Updated       time.Time
	Online        bool
	OnlineChange  time.Time
	Enabled       bool
	EnabledChange time.Time

type EndpointWithTag

type EndpointWithTag struct {
	Id      int64
	OrgId   int64
	Name    string
	Slug    string
	Tags    string
	Created time.Time
	Updated time.Time

type MonitorTypeWithSettingsDTO

type MonitorTypeWithSettingsDTO struct {
	Id           int64
	Name         string
	Variable     string
	Description  string
	Required     bool
	DataType     string
	Conditions   map[string]interface{}
	DefaultValue string

type MonitorWithCollectorDTO

type MonitorWithCollectorDTO struct {
	Id              int64
	EndpointId      int64
	OrgId           int64
	EndpointSlug    string
	MonitorTypeId   int64
	MonitorTypeName string
	CollectorIds    string
	CollectorTags   string
	TagCollectors   string
	State           m.CheckEvalResult
	StateChange     time.Time
	StateCheck      time.Time
	Settings        []*m.MonitorSettingDTO
	HealthSettings  *m.MonitorHealthSettingDTO //map[string]int //note: wish we could use m.MonitorHealthSettingDTO directly, but xorm doesn't unmarshal to structs?
	Frequency       int64
	Enabled         bool
	Offset          int64
	Updated         time.Time
	Created         time.Time


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