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const (
	SESS_KEY_APIKEY = "apikey_id" // used fror render requests with api keys


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func Auth

func Auth(options *AuthOptions) macaron.Handler

func GetContextHandler

func GetContextHandler() macaron.Handler

func Gziper

func Gziper() macaron.Handler

func Logger

func Logger() macaron.Handler

func Quota

func Quota(target string) macaron.Handler

func QuotaReached

func QuotaReached(c *Context, target string) (bool, error)

func RoleAuth

func RoleAuth(roles ...m.RoleType) macaron.Handler

func Sessioner

func Sessioner(options *session.Options) macaron.Handler

func UserFromGrafanaNetApiKey

func UserFromGrafanaNetApiKey(keyString string) (*m.SignedInUser, error)

func ValidateHostHeader

func ValidateHostHeader(domain string) macaron.Handler


type AuthOptions

type AuthOptions struct {
	ReqGrafanaAdmin bool
	ReqSignedIn     bool

type Context

type Context struct {

	Session SessionStore

	IsSignedIn     bool
	AllowAnonymous bool

func (*Context) Handle

func (ctx *Context) Handle(status int, title string, err error)

Handle handles and logs error by given status.

func (*Context) IsApiRequest

func (ctx *Context) IsApiRequest() bool

func (*Context) JsonApiErr

func (ctx *Context) JsonApiErr(status int, message string, err error)

func (*Context) JsonOK

func (ctx *Context) JsonOK(message string)

type SessionStore

type SessionStore interface {
	// Set sets value to given key in session.
	Set(interface{}, interface{}) error
	// Get gets value by given key in session.
	Get(interface{}) interface{}
	// ID returns current session ID.
	ID() string
	// Release releases session resource and save data to provider.
	Release() error
	// Destory deletes a session.
	Destory(*Context) error
	// init
	Start(*Context) error

func GetSession

func GetSession() SessionStore

type SessionWrapper

type SessionWrapper struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*SessionWrapper) Destory

func (s *SessionWrapper) Destory(c *Context) error

func (*SessionWrapper) Get

func (s *SessionWrapper) Get(k interface{}) interface{}

func (*SessionWrapper) ID

func (s *SessionWrapper) ID() string

func (*SessionWrapper) Release

func (s *SessionWrapper) Release() error

func (*SessionWrapper) Set

func (s *SessionWrapper) Set(k interface{}, v interface{}) error

func (*SessionWrapper) Start

func (s *SessionWrapper) Start(c *Context) error

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