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const (
	DEV  string = "development"
	PROD string = "production"
	TEST string = "test"


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var (
	// App settings.
	Env        string = DEV
	InstanceId string
	AppUrl     string
	AppSubUrl  string

	// build
	BuildVersion string
	BuildCommit  string
	BuildStamp   int64

	// Paths
	LogsPath string
	HomePath string
	DataPath string

	// Log settings.
	LogModes   []string
	LogConfigs []util.DynMap

	// Http server options
	Protocol           Scheme
	Domain             string
	HttpAddr, HttpPort string
	SshPort            int
	CertFile, KeyFile  string
	RouterLogging      bool
	StaticRootPath     string
	EnableGzip         bool
	EnforceDomain      bool

	// Http auth
	AdminKey string

	// Global setting objects.
	Cfg          *ini.File
	ConfRootPath string
	IsWindows    bool

	//Raintank Graphite Backend
	GraphiteUrl      string
	ElasticsearchUrl string

	AlertingEnabled             bool
	AlertingHandler             string
	TickQueueSize               int
	InternalJobQueueSize        int
	PreAMQPJobQueueSize         int
	ExecutorLRUSize             int
	EnableScheduler             bool
	Executors                   int
	WriteIndividualAlertResults bool
	AlertingInspect             bool

	StatsdEnabled   bool
	StatsdAddr      string
	StatsdType      string
	ProfileHeapMB   int
	ProfileHeapWait int
	ProfileHeapDir  string

	// SMTP email settings
	Smtp SmtpSettings

	Quota QuotaSettings


func LogConfigurationInfo

func LogConfigurationInfo()

func NewConfigContext

func NewConfigContext(args *CommandLineArgs) error

func ToAbsUrl

func ToAbsUrl(relativeUrl string) string


type CommandLineArgs

type CommandLineArgs struct {
	Config   string
	HomePath string
	Args     []string

type GlobalQuota

type GlobalQuota struct {
	Endpoint  int64 `target:"endpoint"`
	Collector int64 `target:"collector"`

func (*GlobalQuota) ToMap

func (q *GlobalQuota) ToMap() map[string]int64

type OrgQuota

type OrgQuota struct {
	Endpoint  int64 `target:"endpoint"`
	Collector int64 `target:"collector"`

func (*OrgQuota) ToMap

func (q *OrgQuota) ToMap() map[string]int64

type QuotaSettings

type QuotaSettings struct {
	Enabled bool
	Org     *OrgQuota
	Global  *GlobalQuota

type Scheme

type Scheme string
const (
	HTTP  Scheme = "http"
	HTTPS Scheme = "https"

type SmtpSettings

type SmtpSettings struct {
	Enabled     bool
	Host        string
	User        string
	Password    string
	CertFile    string
	KeyFile     string
	FromAddress string
	SkipVerify  bool

	SendWelcomeEmailOnSignUp bool
	TemplatesPattern         string

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