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Package pubkeypin provides primitives for x509 public key pinning in the style of RFC7469.



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func Hash

func Hash(certificate *x509.Certificate) string

Hash calculates the SHA-256 hash of the Subject Public Key Information (SPKI) object in an x509 certificate (in DER encoding). It returns the full hash as a hex encoded string (suitable for passing to Set.Allow).


type Set

type Set struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Set is a set of pinned x509 public keys.

func NewSet

func NewSet() *Set

NewSet returns a new, empty PubKeyPinSet

func (*Set) Allow

func (s *Set) Allow(pubKeyHashes ...string) error

Allow adds an allowed public key hash to the Set

func (*Set) Check

func (s *Set) Check(certificate *x509.Certificate) error

Check if a certificate matches one of the public keys in the set

func (*Set) Empty

func (s *Set) Empty() bool

Empty returns true if the Set contains no pinned public keys.

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