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type STI

type STI struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

STI strategy executes the STI build. For more details about STI, visit

func New

func New(req *api.Config) (*STI, error)

New returns the instance of STI builder strategy for the given config. If the layeredBuilder parameter is specified, then the builder provided will be used for the case that the base Docker image does not have 'tar' or 'bash' installed.

func (*STI) Build

func (b *STI) Build(config *api.Config) (*api.Result, error)

Build processes a Request and returns a *api.Result and an error. An error represents a failure performing the build rather than a failure of the build itself. Callers should check the Success field of the result to determine whether a build succeeded or not.

func (*STI) Execute

func (b *STI) Execute(command string, config *api.Config) error

Execute runs the specified STI script in the builder image.

func (*STI) Exists

func (b *STI) Exists(config *api.Config) bool

Exists determines if the current build supports incremental workflow. It checks if the previous image exists in the system and if so, then it verifies that the save-artifacts script is present.

func (*STI) PostExecute

func (b *STI) PostExecute(containerID, location string) error

PostExecute allows to execute post-build actions after the Docker build finishes.

func (*STI) Prepare

func (b *STI) Prepare(config *api.Config) error

Prepare prepares the source code and tar for build

func (*STI) Save

func (b *STI) Save(config *api.Config) (err error)

Save extracts and restores the build artifacts from the previous build to a current build.

func (*STI) SetScripts

func (b *STI) SetScripts(required, optional []string)

SetScripts allows to override default required and optional scripts

type Usage

type Usage struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Usage display usage information about a particular build image

func NewUsage

func NewUsage(config *api.Config) (*Usage, error)

NewUsage creates a new instance of the default Usage implementation

func (*Usage) Show

func (u *Usage) Show() error

Show starts the builder container and invokes the usage script on it to print usage information for the script.

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