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type Route

type Route struct {

	// Host is an alias/DNS that points to the service. Required
	// Can be host or host:port
	// host and port are combined to follow the net/url URL struct
	Host string
	// Path that the router watches for, to route traffic for to the service. Optional
	Path string

	// ServiceName is the name of the service that this route points to
	ServiceName string

	//TLS provides the ability to configure certificates and termination for the route
	TLS *TLSConfig

Route encapsulates the inputs needed to connect an alias to endpoints.

func (*Route) IsAnAPIObject

func (*Route) IsAnAPIObject()

type RouteList

type RouteList struct {

	// Items is a list of routes
	Items []Route

RouteList is a collection of Routes.

func (*RouteList) IsAnAPIObject

func (*RouteList) IsAnAPIObject()

type RouterShard added in v0.4.2

type RouterShard struct {
	// ShardName uniquely identifies a router shard in the "set" of
	// routers used for routing traffic to the services.
	ShardName string

	// DNSSuffix for the shard ala: shard-1.v3.openshift.com
	DNSSuffix string

RouterShard has information of a routing shard and is used to generate host names and routing table entries when a routing shard is allocated for a specific route.

type TLSConfig added in v0.2.2

type TLSConfig struct {
	// Termination indicates termination type.  If termination type is not set, any termination config will be ignored
	Termination TLSTerminationType `json:"termination,omitempty"`

	// Certificate provides certificate contents
	Certificate string `json:"certificate,omitempty"`

	// Key provides key file contents
	Key string `json:"key,omitempty"`

	// CACertificate provides the cert authority certificate contents
	CACertificate string `json:"caCertificate,omitempty"`

	// DestinationCACertificate provides the contents of the ca certificate of the final destination.  When using reencrypt
	// termination this file should be provided in order to have routers use it for health checks on the secure connection
	DestinationCACertificate string `json:"destinationCACertificate,omitempty"`

TLSConfig defines config used to secure a route and provide termination

type TLSTerminationType added in v0.2.2

type TLSTerminationType string

TLSTerminationType dictates where the secure communication will stop

const (
	// TLSTerminationEdge terminate encryption at the edge router.
	TLSTerminationEdge TLSTerminationType = "edge"
	// TLSTerminationPassthrough terminate encryption at the destination, the destination is responsible for decrypting traffic
	TLSTerminationPassthrough TLSTerminationType = "passthrough"
	// TLSTerminationReencrypt terminate encryption at the edge router and re-encrypt it with a new certificate supplied by the destination
	TLSTerminationReencrypt TLSTerminationType = "reencrypt"


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