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const (
	ProtocolHTTP  = "http"
	ProtocolHTTPS = "https"
	ProtocolTLS   = "tls"


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type Certificate

type Certificate struct {
	ID         string
	Contents   string
	PrivateKey string

Certificate represents a pub/private key pair. It is identified by ID which will become the file name. A CA certificate will not have a PrivateKey set.

type Endpoint

type Endpoint struct {
	ID         string
	IP         string
	Port       string
	TargetName string

Endpoint is an internal representation of a k8s endpoint.

type ServiceAliasConfig added in v0.2.2

type ServiceAliasConfig struct {
	// Host is a required host name ie. www.example.com
	Host string
	// Path is an optional path ie. www.example.com/myservice where "myservice" is the path
	Path string
	// TLSTermination is the termination policy for this backend and drives the mapping files and router configuration
	TLSTermination routeapi.TLSTerminationType
	// Certificates used for securing this backend.  Keyed by the cert id
	Certificates map[string]Certificate
	// Indicates the status of configuration that needs to be persisted.  Right now this only
	// includes the certificates and is not an indicator of being written to the underlying
	// router implementation
	Status ServiceAliasConfigStatus

ServiceAliasConfig is a route for a service. Uniquely identified by host + path.

type ServiceAliasConfigStatus added in v0.5.1

type ServiceAliasConfigStatus string
const (
	// ServiceAliasConfigStatusSaved indicates that the necessary files for this config have
	// been persisted to disk.
	ServiceAliasConfigStatusSaved ServiceAliasConfigStatus = "saved"

type ServiceUnit added in v0.2.2

type ServiceUnit struct {
	// Name corresponds to a service name & namespace.  Uniquely identifies the ServiceUnit
	Name string
	// EndpointTable are endpoints that back the service, this translates into a final backend
	// implementation for routers.
	EndpointTable []Endpoint
	// ServiceAliasConfigs is a collection of unique routes that support this service, keyed by host + path
	ServiceAliasConfigs map[string]ServiceAliasConfig

ServiceUnit is an encapsulation of a service, the endpoints that back that service, and the routes that point to the service. This is the data that drives the creation of the router configuration files

func (ServiceUnit) TemplateSafeName added in v0.4.1

func (s ServiceUnit) TemplateSafeName() string

TemplateSafeName provides a name that can be used in the template that does not contain restricted characters like / which is used to concat namespace and name in the service unit key

type TemplatePlugin

type TemplatePlugin struct {
	Router router

TemplatePlugin implements the router.Plugin interface to provide a template based, backend-agnostic router.

func NewTemplatePlugin

func NewTemplatePlugin(cfg TemplatePluginConfig) (*TemplatePlugin, error)

NewTemplatePlugin creates a new TemplatePlugin.

func (*TemplatePlugin) HandleEndpoints

func (p *TemplatePlugin) HandleEndpoints(eventType watch.EventType, endpoints *kapi.Endpoints) error

HandleEndpoints processes watch events on the Endpoints resource.

func (*TemplatePlugin) HandleRoute

func (p *TemplatePlugin) HandleRoute(eventType watch.EventType, route *routeapi.Route) error

HandleRoute processes watch events on the Route resource.

type TemplatePluginConfig added in v0.6.1

type TemplatePluginConfig struct {
	TemplatePath       string
	ReloadScriptPath   string
	DefaultCertificate string
	StatsPort          int
	StatsUsername      string
	StatsPassword      string
	PeerService        ktypes.NamespacedName

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