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func DiskStatsCopy

func DiskStatsCopy(blkio_stats []cgroups.BlkioStatEntry) (stat []info.PerDiskStats)

func DiskStatsCopy0 added in v0.5.2

func DiskStatsCopy0(major, minor uint64) *info.PerDiskStats

func DiskStatsCopy1 added in v0.5.2

func DiskStatsCopy1(disk_stat map[DiskKey]*info.PerDiskStats) []info.PerDiskStats

func DockerStateDir added in v0.4.4

func DockerStateDir(dockerRoot string) string

func Exists added in v0.4.4

func Exists(dockerRoot, dockerRun, containerID string) bool

Gets whether the specified container exists.

func GetProcesses added in v0.5.2

func GetProcesses(cgroupManager cgroups.Manager) ([]int, error)

func GetStats

func GetStats(cgroupManager cgroups.Manager, networkInterfaces []string) (*info.ContainerStats, error)

Get cgroup and networking stats of the specified container

func ReadConfig added in v0.4.4

func ReadConfig(dockerRoot, dockerRun, containerID string) (*configs.Config, error)

TODO(vmarmol): Deprecate over time as old Dockers are phased out.


type CgroupSubsystems

type CgroupSubsystems struct {
	// Cgroup subsystem mounts.
	// e.g.: "/sys/fs/cgroup/cpu" -> ["cpu", "cpuacct"]
	Mounts []cgroups.Mount

	// Cgroup subsystem to their mount location.
	// e.g.: "cpu" -> "/sys/fs/cgroup/cpu"
	MountPoints map[string]string

func GetCgroupSubsystems

func GetCgroupSubsystems() (CgroupSubsystems, error)

Get information about the cgroup subsystems.

type DiskKey added in v0.5.2

type DiskKey struct {
	Major uint64
	Minor uint64

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