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const (
	DefaultRSABits = 2048


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func EncodeX509KeyPair

func EncodeX509KeyPair(cert tls.Certificate) ([]byte, []byte)

EncodeX509KeyPair encodes a TLS Certificate into its pem encoded format for storage

func EncodeX509KeyPairString added in v0.5.3

func EncodeX509KeyPairString(cert tls.Certificate) (string, string)

EncodeX509KeyPairString encodes a TLS Certificate into its pem encoded string format

func GenerateX509KeyPair

func GenerateX509KeyPair(opts CertOptions) (*tls.Certificate, error)

GenerateX509KeyPair generates a X509 key pair


type CertOptions

type CertOptions struct {
	// Hostnames and IPs to generate a certificate for
	Hosts []string
	// Name of organization in certificate
	Organization string
	// Creation date
	ValidFrom time.Time
	// Duration that certificate is valid for
	ValidFor time.Duration
	// whether this cert should be its own Certificate Authority
	IsCA bool
	// Size of RSA key to generate. Ignored if --ecdsa-curve is set
	RSABits int
	// ECDSA curve to use to generate a key. Valid values are P224, P256 (recommended), P384, P521
	ECDSACurve string

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