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const (
	ArrayKey = "{ARRAY}"
	MapKey   = "{MAP}"


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func Capitalize

func Capitalize(s string) string

func Chan

func Chan(c <-chan map[string]interface{}, f func(map[string]interface{}) map[string]interface{}) chan map[string]interface{}

func EncodeToMap

func EncodeToMap(obj interface{}) (map[string]interface{}, error)

func IsAPIObjectEmpty

func IsAPIObjectEmpty(v interface{}) bool

func LowerTitle

func LowerTitle(input string) string

func Singular

func Singular(value interface{}) interface{}

func ToBool

func ToBool(value interface{}) bool

func ToFloat

func ToFloat(value interface{}) (float64, error)

func ToFullReference

func ToFullReference(path, typeName string) string

func ToInterfaceSlice

func ToInterfaceSlice(obj interface{}) []interface{}

func ToJSONKey

func ToJSONKey(str string) string

func ToMapInterface

func ToMapInterface(obj interface{}) map[string]interface{}

func ToMapSlice

func ToMapSlice(obj interface{}) []map[string]interface{}

func ToNumber

func ToNumber(value interface{}) (int64, error)

func ToObj

func ToObj(data interface{}, into interface{}) error

func ToReference

func ToReference(typeName string) string

func ToString

func ToString(value interface{}) string

func ToStringNoTrim

func ToStringNoTrim(value interface{}) string

func ToStringSlice

func ToStringSlice(data interface{}) []string

func ToTimestamp

func ToTimestamp(value interface{}) (int64, error)

func ToValuesSlice

func ToValuesSlice(value string) []string

func ToYAMLKey

func ToYAMLKey(str string) string

func Transform

func Transform(data map[string]interface{}, path []string, transformer TransformerFunc)

func Uncapitalize

func Uncapitalize(s string) string


type TransformerFunc

type TransformerFunc func(input interface{}) interface{}


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