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Published: Jun 24, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:
Path Synopsis
accounting Package accounting providers an accounting and limiting reader
asyncreader Package asyncreader provides an asynchronous reader which reads independently of write
cache Package cache implements the Fs cache
config Package config reads, writes and edits the config file and deals with command line flags
config/configflags Package configflags defines the flags used by rclone.
config/configmap Package configmap provides an abstraction for reading and writing config
config/configstruct Package configstruct parses unstructured maps into structures
config/flags Package flags contains enhanced versions of spf13/pflag flag routines which will read from the environment also.
config/obscure Package obscure contains the Obscure and Reveal commands
dirtree Package dirtree contains the DirTree type which is used for building filesystem heirachies in memory.
filter Package filter controls the filtering of files
filter/filterflags Package filterflags implements command line flags to set up a filter
fserrors Package fserrors provides errors and error handling
fshttp Package fshttp contains the common http parts of the config, Transport and Client
fspath Package fspath contains routines for fspath manipulation
list Package list contains list functions
log Package log provides logging for rclone
log/logflags Package logflags implements command line flags to set up the log
march Package march traverses two directories in lock step
object Package object defines some useful Objects
operations Package operations does generic operations on filesystems and objects
rc Package rc implements a remote control server and registry for rclone To register your internal calls, call rc.Add(path, function).
rc/rcflags Package rcflags implements command line flags to set up the remote control
rc/rcserver Package rcserver implements the HTTP endpoint to serve the remote control
sync Package sync is the implementation of sync/copy/move
walk Package walk walks directories