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Fuego is a Go client library for Google Firestore. It can be used in App Engine, Cloud Run, Google Cloud Functions and more.

It does not do anything crazy or magic – the purpose is to reduce the amount of boilerplate by hiding the ceremony that comes with interacting with Firestore.


While working on a project running on multiple services and serverless functions, I quickly realised that the amount of repetitive and boilerplate code related to Firestore increased exponentially.

I decided to extract this code in a thin layer on top of the Firestore admin client. That's how fuego came to life.



  • CRUD operations
  • Retrieving/Updating specific fields only
  • Simple Exists check
  • Write Batches
  • Batch processing (update field for all, delete all, etc.)
  • Better flexibility with Arrays and Maps (append/merge or override data)


go get
Set Up
import ""

func main() {
    fuegoClient := fuego.New(firestoreClient) // firestoreClient needs to be created beforehand.
    /// Your code here...

Bear in mind that the examples below are not including how to initialize Firebase and nor create the Firestore client. Check Firebase's documentation for more info.

type User struct {
    FirstName       string              `firestore:"FirstName"`
    LastName        string              `firestore:"LastName"`
    EmailAddress    string              `firestore:"EmailAddress"`
    Address         string              `firestore:"Address"`
    Tokens          map[string]string   `firestore:"Tokens"`

func main() {
    user := User{
        FirstName:      "John",
        LastName:       "Smith",
        EmailAddress:   "",
        Address:        []string{"123 Street", "2nd Building"},
        Tokens: map[string]string{
            "Android": "cHzDGYfl5G8vnNCd9xQsbZ:APA...",

    err := fuegoClient.Document("users", "jsmith").Create(ctx, user)
    if err != nil {
user := User{}
err := fuegoClient.Document("users", "jsmith").Retrieve(ctx, &user)
if err != nil {

fmt.Println("LastName: ", user.LastName) // prints: Smith

You also may want to only check if a given document exists without providing a struct:

// Note: false will be returned if an error occurs as well
value := fuegoClient.Document("users", "jsmith").Exists(ctx)
fmt.Println("Exists: ", value)

Please read the doc to see all the documents related operations.


Below the list of operations available for collections (read the doc for more details):

Operation Description Additional Information
Retrieve Retrieve all documents from a collection.
RetrieveWith Retrieve documents from a collection (if they meet the criteras). Uses firestore.Query.
SetForAll Set a field value for all documents in the collection Uses Write Batches.
DeleteAll Removes all documents from a collection. Uses Write Batches.

Please read the doc to see all the collections related operations.

Write Batches

Write Batches allow to group writes together to avoid multiple round trips. They are NOT transactions. More info here.

IMPORTANT: not all operations are compatible with Write Batches.


// All **supported** operations executed between here and commit will be batched.
fuegoClient.Document("users", "jsmith").Number("Age").Update(33)
fuegoClient.Document("users", "enorton").String("FirstName").Update("Eddy")
fuegoClient.Document("users", "jdoe").Boolean("Premium").Update(true)

wr, err := fuegoClient.CommitBatch(ctx)
if err != nil {

Integration Tests

  1. Start the Firestore emulator:
firebase emulators:start --only firestore
  1. Run the tests
go test . -v


  • Firebase:
  • Firestore:

More info here


Apache License Version 2.0



Package fuego provides the necessary to create a client.


Create a fuego client:

	fuegoClient := fuego.New(firestoreClient)
    /// Your code here...

Note: firestoreClient needs to be created beforehand.



This section is empty.


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var (
	// ErrBatchWriteNotStarted indicates that the a commit can't happen if the batch write hasn't been started.
	ErrBatchWriteNotStarted = errors.New("fuego: no batch write started")


This section is empty.


type Fuego

type Fuego struct {

	// FirestoreClient is a ptr to a firestore client.
	FirestoreClient *firestore.Client

	// WriteBatch is a ptr to a writebatch.
	// will be nil if not started with StartBatch() or cancelled with CancelBatch().
	WriteBatch *firestore.WriteBatch

    Fuego is a wrapper for the Firestore client. Contains the Firestore client.

    func New

    func New(fs *firestore.Client) *Fuego

      New creates and returns a Fuego wrapper.

      func (*Fuego) CancelBatch

      func (f *Fuego) CancelBatch()

        CancelBatch cancels an on-going write batch (if any).

        func (*Fuego) Collection

        func (f *Fuego) Collection(path string) *collection.FirestoreCollection

          Collection returns a new FirestoreCollection.

          func (*Fuego) CommitBatch

          func (f *Fuego) CommitBatch(ctx context.Context) ([]*firestore.WriteResult, error)

            CommitBatch commits the write batch previously started with StartBatch().

            func (*Fuego) Document

            func (f *Fuego) Document(path, documentID string) *document.FirestoreDocument

              Document returns a new FirestoreDocument.

              func (*Fuego) DocumentWithGeneratedID

              func (f *Fuego) DocumentWithGeneratedID(path string) *document.FirestoreDocument

                DocumentWithGeneratedID returns a new FirestoreDocument without ID.

                func (*Fuego) StartBatch

                func (f *Fuego) StartBatch()

                  StartBatch starts a write batch. Write operations that follow will be added to the batch and processed when CommitBatch is called.


                  Path Synopsis
                  Package collection provides generic methods to interact with Firestore collections.
                  Package collection provides generic methods to interact with Firestore collections.
                  Package document provides generic methods to interact with Firestore documents.
                  Package document provides generic methods to interact with Firestore documents.