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const (
	// FinalizerName is the name of the finalizer written by this controller.
	FinalizerName = "extensions.gardener.cloud/operatingsystemconfigs"


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func Add

func Add(mgr manager.Manager, args AddArgs) error

Add adds an operatingsystemconfig controller to the given manager using the given AddArgs.

func DefaultPredicates

func DefaultPredicates(typeName string) []predicate.Predicate

DefaultPredicates returns the default predicates for an operatingsystemconfig reconciler.

func NewReconciler

func NewReconciler(actuator Actuator) reconcile.Reconciler

NewReconciler creates a new reconcile.Reconciler that reconciles OperatingSystemConfig resources of Gardener's `extensions.gardener.cloud` API group.

func SecretObjectMetaForConfig

func SecretObjectMetaForConfig(config *extensionsv1alpha1.OperatingSystemConfig) metav1.ObjectMeta

SecretObjectMetaForConfig returns the object meta structure that can be used inside the secret that shall contain the generated OSC output.

func SecretToOSCMapper

func SecretToOSCMapper(client client.Client, predicates []predicate.Predicate) handler.Mapper

SecretToOSCMapper returns a mapper that returns requests for OperatingSystemConfigs whose referenced secrets have been modified.

func TypePredicate

func TypePredicate(typeName string) predicate.Predicate

TypePredicate filters the incoming OperatingSystemConfigs for ones that have the same type as the given type.


type Actuator

type Actuator interface {
	// Reconcile the operating system config.
	Reconcile(context.Context, *extensionsv1alpha1.OperatingSystemConfig) ([]byte, *string, []string, error)
	// Delete the operating system config.
	Delete(context.Context, *extensionsv1alpha1.OperatingSystemConfig) error

Actuator acts upon OperatingSystemConfig resources.

type AddArgs

type AddArgs struct {
	// Actuator is an operatingsystemconfig actuator.
	Actuator Actuator
	// ControllerOptions are the controller options used for creating a controller.
	// The options.Reconciler is always overridden with a reconciler created from the
	// given actuator.
	ControllerOptions controller.Options
	// Predicates are the predicates to use.
	// If unset, GenerationChangedPredicate will be used.
	Predicates []predicate.Predicate

AddArgs are arguments for adding an operatingsystemconfig controller to a manager.

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