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type DiskUsage

type DiskUsage struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DiskUsage contains usage data and provides user-friendly access methods

func NewDiskUsage

func NewDiskUsage(volumePath string) *DiskUsage

NewDiskUsages returns an object holding the disk usage of volumePath or nil in case of error (invalid path, etc)

func (*DiskUsage) Available

func (du *DiskUsage) Available() uint64

Available return total available bytes on file system to an unprivileged user

func (*DiskUsage) Free

func (du *DiskUsage) Free() uint64

Free returns total free bytes on file system

func (*DiskUsage) Size

func (du *DiskUsage) Size() uint64

Size returns total size of the file system

func (*DiskUsage) Usage

func (du *DiskUsage) Usage() float32

Usage returns percentage of use on the file system

func (*DiskUsage) Used

func (du *DiskUsage) Used() uint64

Used returns total bytes used in file system

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