Package v1 contains the v1 api and client models.



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    func DeleteDeployment

    func DeleteDeployment(c echo.Context, stateRepo git.Repo, deploymentService deployment.Service) error

    func GetApp

    func GetApp(c echo.Context, apps core.AppRepository) error

    func GetAppStatus

    func GetAppStatus(c echo.Context, appService app.Service, statusService deploymentstatus.Service) error

    func GetEnvironmentConfig

    func GetEnvironmentConfig(c echo.Context, environmentService environment.Service) error

    func GetNamespaces

    func GetNamespaces(c echo.Context, namespaces core.NamespaceRepository) error

    func GetSecrets

    func GetSecrets(c echo.Context, secrets core.SecretMetaRepository, environmentService environment.Service) error

    func ListApps

    func ListApps(c echo.Context, appRepo core.AppRepository) error

    func ListEnvironments

    func ListEnvironments(c echo.Context, environmentRepository core.EnvironmentRepository) error

    func PostApp

    func PostApp(c echo.Context, appService app.Service) error

    func PostDeployment

    func PostDeployment(c echo.Context, stateRepo git.Repo, appService app.Service, deploymentService deployment.Service, environmentService environment.Service) error

      TODO: Refactor and add unit test coverage

      func PostEnvironmentPing

      func PostEnvironmentPing(c echo.Context, environmentService environment.Service) error

        TODO: Once RBAC is implemented this should be limited to the controller.

        func PostNamespace

        func PostNamespace(c echo.Context, namespaceService namespace.Service, repo git.Repo) error

        func PostValidateAppConfig

        func PostValidateAppConfig(c echo.Context, appService app.Service, environmentService environment.Service) error

        func PutDeploymentStatus

        func PutDeploymentStatus(c echo.Context, deployments core.DeploymentRepository) error

        func PutEnvironmentConfig

        func PutEnvironmentConfig(c echo.Context, environmentService environment.Service) error

        func PutRollout

        func PutRollout(c echo.Context, rolloutService rollout.Service, environmentService environment.Service, stateRepo git.Repo) error

        func PutSecret

        func PutSecret(c echo.Context, stateRepo git.Repo, secretService secret.Service, environmentService environment.Service) error

        func RegisterRoutes

        func RegisterRoutes(e *echo.Echo, repo git.Repo, db *sql.DB)


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