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End-to-end command line algorithm

Use the main.go provided in this folder to run MIDAS algorithm from command line.

The file main.go just requires you to specify the data.csv file containing containing src, dst and timestamps.

You just have to run:

go run main.go -input <input-file> -<other-optional-arguments>

Complete details for the available arguments:

-alpha float
   Alpha: Temporal Decay Factor. Default is 0.6 (default 0.6)
-buckets int
   Number of buckets. Default is 769 (default 769)
-input string
   Input File. (Required)
   To run Midas instead of Midas-R.
-output string
   Output File. Default is scores.txt (default "scores.txt")
-rows int
   Number of rows/hash functions. Default is 2 (default 2)
   If graph is undirected.


To find the AUC for the scores.txt (or output file specified by you using -output argument), just run:

python auc.py

auc.py is also provided in this folder.

Example usage:

Suppose I have darpa_processed.csv file as my data file. Then to run MIDAS-R algorithm I will type:

go run main.go -input "darpa_processed.csv"  -rows 8 -buckets 512

To run MIDAS algorithm I will type:

go run main.go -input "darpa_processed.csv" -rows 8 -buckets 512 -norelations


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