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func NewMsgServerImpl

func NewMsgServerImpl(keeper Keeper) types.MsgServer

NewMsgServerImpl returns an implementation of the MsgServer interface for the provided Keeper.

func NewQuerier

func NewQuerier(k Keeper, legacyQuerierCdc *codec.LegacyAmino) sdk.Querier

creates a querier for legacy rest endpoints


type Keeper

type Keeper struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewKeeper

func NewKeeper(
	cdc codec.Marshaler,
	storeKey sdk.StoreKey,
	params paramtypes.Subspace,
	bankKeeper types.BankKeeper,
) Keeper

func (Keeper) Burn

func (k Keeper) Burn(ctx sdk.Context, owner string, amount sdk.Coin) error


func (Keeper) ClearCurrencies

func (k Keeper) ClearCurrencies(ctx sdk.Context)

ClearCurrencies clears all currencies

func (Keeper) CurrencyMintable

func (k Keeper) CurrencyMintable(ctx sdk.Context, denom string) bool


func (Keeper) GetCurrencies

func (k Keeper) GetCurrencies(ctx sdk.Context) types.Currencies

GetCurrencies returns all supported currency denom list

func (Keeper) GetCurrency

func (k Keeper) GetCurrency(ctx sdk.Context, denom string) types.Currency

GetCurrency returns an information of a currency

func (*Keeper) GetParamSequence

func (k *Keeper) GetParamSequence(ctx sdk.Context) (seq int64)

GetParamSequence returns the parameter sequence

func (*Keeper) GetParams

func (k *Keeper) GetParams(ctx sdk.Context) (params types.Params)

func (Keeper) GetSequence

func (k Keeper) GetSequence(ctx sdk.Context) int64

GetSequence returns a sequence number of current state

func (Keeper) Logger

func (k Keeper) Logger(ctx sdk.Context) log.Logger

func (Keeper) Mint

func (k Keeper) Mint(ctx sdk.Context, recv string, amount sdk.Coin) error


func (*Keeper) Mintable

func (k *Keeper) Mintable(ctx sdk.Context) (mintable bool)

Mintable returns the treasury module's minting/burning is enabled or not

func (Keeper) Owner

func (k Keeper) Owner(ctx sdk.Context, denom string) string


func (Keeper) SetCurrencies

func (k Keeper) SetCurrencies(ctx sdk.Context, currencies types.Currencies)

SetCurrencies stores all supported currency denom list

func (Keeper) SetCurrency

func (k Keeper) SetCurrency(ctx sdk.Context, currency types.Currency)

SetCurrency stores an item of a currency

func (*Keeper) SetParams

func (k *Keeper) SetParams(ctx sdk.Context, params types.Params)

func (Keeper) SetSequence

func (k Keeper) SetSequence(ctx sdk.Context, seq types.Sequence)

SetSequence stores a sequence number of current state

func (*Keeper) Store

func (k *Keeper) Store(ctx sdk.Context) sdk.KVStore

type Querier

type Querier struct {

func (Querier) Currencies

Currencies queries all supported currency denom list

func (Querier) Currency

Currency queries an information of a currency

func (Querier) MaxAtoloSupply added in v0.2.7

MaxAtoloSupply queries maximum mintable amount of atolo

func (Querier) Params

Params queries the parameters of treasury

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